Focused Facebook Ads Review and Bonus

Focused Facebook Ads Review and Bonus by Lara Fabans – How I Went From Broke to Bank with Facebook Ads

Focused Facebook Ads REVIEW

Focused Facebook Ads is a system designed to get Facebook to help you find warm prospects who will be interested in what you’re offering. Focused Facebook Ads is a 74-page ebook that tells you exactly how to set up your Facebook page, how to set up the Business Manager, and how to create ads that engage. You don’t have to wade through a lot of history or other theory. There’s exact steps and a lot of images showing you precisely what to do. So you save a lot of time getting going to making more money. Focused Facebook Ads tells you exactly what you need to do, where to start, how to setup and run your ads for a few dollars, and then how to make adjustments to get better results. Focused Facebook Ads is a 70 page ebook that is full of information, worksheets, and screen shots so you know exactly what you should be doing. It’s pulled together from thousands of dollars of courses and hundreds of hours of my time (and I’m not cheap).

What’s in the course? I start with how to set up your Facebook fan page. Then we move through defining your ideal customer, and setting up your sales funnel. From there, I reveal to you a simple process for creating regular content on your site and getting your engaged FB fans going to your website. Then I demonstrate how to read the reports, and how to make adjustments to your ads when they’re not giving you the results you want. Any product and service can be advertised with this simple blueprint. It’s great for targeting consumers with your latest products. If you’re selling to another business, you can let them know of a new service that will save them money and time. Think about the ads you’ve seen when you’ve been on Facebook. (In fact, you may want to keep snapshots and take notes of ads that you think are good and bad. Then put together a manual of online advertising guidelines for the people running your ads.). Then as you grow your business, you will want to keep these customers interested in you. (sometimes called Top of Mind). It’s important to let them know of your new products and services. You would do that through a combination of email marketing and Focused Facebook ads.

Focused Facebook Ads Review

WATCH THE DEMO Focused Facebook Ads HERE :

Focused Facebook Ads Review and Bonus by Lara Fabans – How I Went From Broke to Bank with Facebook Ads

Focused Facebook Ads Review


Focused Facebook Ads FEATURE :

Focused Facebook Ads OTO / Upsell :

  • Upsell 1 – Power Tool Videos
  • Upsell 2 – Mastermind Facebook

Why Choose Facebook Ads Over the Other Guys?

Facebook has over 2 BILLION active users every day?
And that’s not counting the fake accounts.

Instagram has over 800 million active users every day?
And 25 million businesses are on Instagram.

Over 3 million businesses advertise on Facebook regularly
An interesting side bit is that 70% of these businesses are outside the United States.

Facebook is continuing to enhance their ads
For example, P.F. Chang’s used Facebook ads to find more foodies which lowered their cost per click by 73%. And you get the same tools they do.

Focused Facebook Ads Testimony

I love how this really leads me through what I need to do with practical tips. It’s a clear blueprint, and will be bringing in more people to my business soon. – Deb W

I can finally see how Facebook ads will help me build up my business. I’ve been following Lara’s roadmap to find more customers and spy on my competition. – John G

It was eye opening to me. You pointed out some things I should have been thinking about but wasn’t. Like when you said that the goal isn’t to get as many likes on a FB page. – Glenda V

Whether you’re brand new to Facebook ads or a seasoned veteran looking to improve your conversion rate, “Focused Facebook Ads” will provide a helping hand in getting your online lead generation to the next level. Her writing is clear and to the point but does not skip any steps, making it easy to follow and understand. Down to earth, practical tips enables the reader to focus easily on the next task or two at hand without feeling overwhelmed. This tidy ebook will not just tell you what to do, but lay out the pitfalls of taking a bad shortcut or using the wrong tool. You’ll get the pros and cons so that you can make better advertising decisions for your business. On a scale of 1 to 10, this booklet is easily a 12. – Mary P-H

You Will Feel Like a Real Business Owner

  • You will know what to do if your ads aren’t performing.
  • You will know how to copy an ad while retaining the social proof (the Likes, Shares and Comments).
  • You will know why you don’t want to pay someone to get a bunch of likes on your Facebook page.
  • You will know how to run your own split tests so Facebook doesn’t eat up your money.

When you treat your business like a real business, you have repeatable tasks and systems. There are best practices like:

  • Creating an Avatar
  • Testing your product, price, and promotion
  • Finding out how your customer found you
  • Finding ways to follow-up

Focused Facebook Ads Bonuses :

BONUS: Over the Shoulder Video
A 15 minute video showing me setting up a campaign. And I discuss the whole Focused FB Ads blueprint while we’re going through it. You can watch this and then read the ebook, or read the ebook and watch the video. Or both! It should answer all of your questions about what to do next to get more customers to your site.

BONUS: Audio Version of the EBook
I invested the money to have my ebook professionally read just for you. I know some people like to play the audio because it helps them learn better. I want to give you every opportunity to master this information.

Top Notch Support
With my background in technical support, I am committed to providing you with timely support that answers your questions accurately.

How Will Focused FB Ads Help Me?

Set Up Your Marketing Systems

Identify Your Ideal Target Audience
You want to get the right message to the right person at the right time. I show you how to get these new paying customers.

Create the Right Message
I show you the best way to create and test your ads to get the best paying customers who want what you’re offering.

Get Your Marketing Funnel
If you don’t have one set up, you will when you’re finished with Focused Facebook Ads. You’ll know why it’s essential, and how to test every part. And when you’re done, you’ll have predictable cash flow to take to the bank.

Get Focused Facebook Ads with LASER Targeting

Custom Audiences
What are they and how do you set them up? And why would you want them? (So you can create better ads just for them to make them really want to learn more about your product or service)

Be Sure You’re Targeting the Right Audience
I explain what Relevance is and how to make adjustments to find the best audience for your product. (This helps Facebook help you…for free)

Bring them Back for More
The best customer is a repeat customer, don’t you agree? I tell you how to keep them coming back putting more money in your pocket.

By saying YES today, you will discover:

  • how to set up a sales funnel
  • how to find your target audience
  • how to run successful Facebook ads for dollars a day
  • how to bring customers back to your site
  • how to improve your Facebook ads performance
  • how to read your performance reports

GRAB Focused Facebook Ads HERE :

Focused Facebook Ads Review and Bonus by Lara Fabans – How I Went From Broke to Bank with Facebook Ads

Focused Facebook Ads Bonuses

Focused Facebook Ads REVIEW

You’re probably wondering if there’s anything else besides the ebook. Let me assure you that there is. Lara had the ebook professional recorded, so you can listen to it while you’re doing the tasks. I also got out of her that she did a video overview where she walks you through all of the steps of getting things set up and running. It’s an over the shoulder video. You will definitely want to watch it when you buy it. Lara talks. A lot. And she lets slip even more tips while she’s going through the system. She also wrote two additional chapters on some recent changes that Facebook added in. And again, they’re laser focused to show you exactly what you need to do. You will want to get it now at this low price. She’s offering double the usual 30-day guarantee so you’re completely safe in checking it out. Get your copy of Focused Facebook Ads now at this special price. Can you imagine what you’ll do after a month or two when you have a lot more money in the bank instead of a shocking bill from your failed ads.

Have you checked out Focused Facebook Ads yet? Paid traffic is a great way to send people to your offer and test it out. If you only rely on organic traffic, it could take months before you find out you underpriced your ebook, and that people aren’t interested in one upsell but they love another. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money testing it out, either. If you want to learn how to create a customer profile, develop a sales funnel, and then let Facebook drive the perfect customer to you, you will want to get Focused Facebook Ads. You will also find out common mistakes that people make and how to avoid them. Plus you’ll learn how to keep bringing people back to your website. But time is running out on this as the MASSIVE DISCOUNT ends TONIGHT. So check it out before the price goes up. This is your last chance to pick up Focused Facebook Ads for the introductory price. It will go up when the launch is over. You still have a few hours left, so pick it up while you can. Remember, there’s a 60-day no questions money back guarantee so you can’t lose.

GET Focused Facebook Ads HERE :

Focused Facebook Ads Review and Bonus by Lara Fabans – How I Went From Broke to Bank with Facebook Ads

Focused Facebook Ads Download

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