Public Domain Fortune Review and Bonus

Public Domain Fortune Review and Bonus by Lee Cornell – Discover Step-By-Step the Easiest Ways to Tap Into a Fortune By Creating Your Own Money Making Products From the Public Domain

Public Domain Fortune REVIEW

Public Domain Fortune does exactly what is says it will do. The program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. Purchasers WILL get results! The front end price reflects professional quality content and is packed with meat. Internet marketers of any level can learn and profit from my course! Lee has been a ventriloquist nearly his whole life and picked the niche because it was a passion of his. His original one-page “Ventriloquism 101” website that sold the video has grown into a multi-page resource website for ventriloquists and performers. To date, Lee has made over $400,000 from that initial product! All thanks to public domain. Now he is going to show you exactly how he did it, step-by-step in his new Public Domain Fortune course. There is an unlimited supply of public domain materials that can be turned into money making products. Don’t think it’s possible? Lee will prove otherwise! Read Lee’s fascinating story and check out Public Domain Fortune here! And watch a cool video of Lee and his dummy (shhhh…I hear they don’t like to be called that) Nick Woodson explain everything. Discover exactly how Lee did it with his new course, Public Domain Fortune. He’ll show you step-by-step how he did it and you’ll easily be able to do the exact same thing. Public Domain materials (books, audios, videos, photos, music, government works, etc.) are publications which for one reason or another are no longer protected by copyright. That means you can take these materials and use them however you want! For free! And there are millions and millions of pages of content on thousands of topics that are there for you to create products from!

What would you say if I told you I’ve made over $400,000 from a website that started out as a single instructional VHS video which used public domain books from the early 1900’s to help me create the content. And it was an extremely small niche. My first ever product was a video on how to become a ventriloquist. That’s right. I taught people how to talk to puppets. I’ve been a ventriloquist since I was nine years old. As an adult, I decided I wanted to produce this instructional product and teach others this fascinating art. And, I used content from these two public domain books to help enhance the training. News Flash for Doubters! The human condition does not change! Do you think that there is nothing in the public domain that would be of interest to anyone today? Let me suggest that many of the things people are interested in learning about today are the exact subjects folks from the past sought information and training about. The course is made up of Lee’s Public Domain Fortune eBook (nearly 17,500 words), 16 professionally produced training videos, cheat sheets, a mind map and more! This course was over a year in the making! You may have heard you can’t make any money using public domain. You’ll think otherwise after taking this course! The big money in internet marketing is from selling your own information products. And that can be a hassle if you are intimidated on how to create your own from scratch. Why not leverage the millions and millions of pages of FREE TO USE public domain content as your own?

Public Domain Fortune Review

WATCH THE DEMO Public Domain Fortune HERE :

Public Domain Fortune Review and Bonus by Lee Cornell – Discover Step-By-Step the Easiest Ways to Tap Into a Fortune By Creating Your Own Money Making Products From the Public Domain

Public Domain Fortune Review


Public Domain Fortune FEATURE :

Public Domain Fortune OTO / Upsell :

  • Upsell 1 – ACCELERATOR Level Membership
  • Upsell 2 – ULTIMATE Level Membership

Public Domain Fortune Testimony

“Lee, THANK YOU so much. I just received my Vent 101 set today and at a quick glance I can tell the money I spent was well worth it. You have a great product and sell it at a fair price.” – Matthew Bobby, Westland, MI

“Hello Lee, I have purchased a couple of other training DVDs/CDs, but yours is so much better that I was caught by surprise! I’ve learned more already from your program than the others put together! A very professional presentation!” – Gary Lenon, Hershey, MI

“Hi Lee, Just a quick note to tell you how absolutely delighted I am with your course! Your easy going style and heartfelt support are a pleasure, and buying your course is one the absolute best investments I’ve made. Lee, if you’re ever available for private lessons I hope you’ll let me know. Once again kudos on a magnificent course!” – Peter Suslock, Stamford, CT

“Lee, I received your two DVDs. I can’t thank you enough. Your VENTRILOQUISM 101 is truthfully the BEST. The information, presentation and the production quality was OUTSTANDING. I would recommend it above any other DVD, VHS or books on the subject I have read.” – Dick Barry, San Clemente, CA, Professional Magician at the Hollywood Magic Castle

“Hi Lee, You are really an EXCELLENT teacher. I am absolutely fascinated by what I have learned from you just so far.” – David Barbara, Columbus, OH

“Lee has very still lips and his pronunciation is crisp and clear. This video is well thought out and produced so that even the youngest of potential ventriloquists can understand it.” – Dialogue Magazine, Vent World Assn. Vol.17, Number 3

“It’s very helpful to watch and hear Cornell, who is an accomplished ventriloquist indeed. His lips do not move. This package is a good way for you to explore the possibility of adding variety to your magic act. Recommended.” – The Linking Ring Magazine, International Brotherhood Of Magicians, Vol.79, Issue 5

“Lee, I really want to thank you for this awesome course. You can get a lot of ventriloquist items, which help you learn the tricks behind ventriloquism, but this one is by far the best one that I’ve encountered. And I want to recommend this course to everyone who wants to learn ventriloquism. Even if English is your second or third language, this video course is something you want to have!” – Bram van Oostenbrugge – Stellendam, the Netherlands

Do you think any of these modern, hot topics could be made into a money making information product?

This Is A Colored Section Title To Break Up Your Page

  • Health
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Fitness
  • Beauty Secrets
  • Skincare
  • Staying Young
  • Making Money
  • Hobbies
  • Foods, Cooking & Recipes
  • Historical People
  • Military
  • Anything “How To”
  • Golf
  • Sales Methods
  • Antiques
  • Attracting the Opposite Sex
  • Woodworking
  • Diet & Weight Loss
  • Martial Arts
  • Pets
  • Finance
  • Hair Care
  • Alternative Natural Health
  • Building Confidence
  • Finding a Job
  • Success in Business
  • Raising Children
  • Other Sports

ALL of these subjects can be found in the public domain!


What About the US Copyright Office?
Maybe you don’t realize that something doesn’t have to be old to be public domain. Nearly everything created by any branch of the US government is public domain and can be used for FREE since it was tax payer dollars that picked up the tab on these publications, photos, books, articles, audio recordings and more!

Unlimited Content!
There are literally millions and million of pages and resources such as books, reports, documents, maps, charts, recordings, videos, films, photos, music and more that you can use with no royalties or fees to create whatever type of product you want to sell.

Creating products is the absolute best way to have huge paydays online.

Why spend a ton of time starting from scratch and researching to make an information product when when you can use already created content published by professionals? It’s all there in the pubic domain and I’ll show you where to find all of the material you’ll ever need!

Here is what you’ll receive with Public Domain Fortune

Public Domain Fortune, with it’s nearly 17,500 words, guides you step-by-step, from helping you determine a money making niche, testing the market, where to find and endless supply of public domain materials, to showing you how to quickly create multiple products such as eBooks, videos and audios. Also discover the best ways to re-brand your completed product with new graphics. Other topics include creating a website easily to promote your item(s), how to team up with affiliates to super charge your sales, holding webinars using best platforms, and why having a membership site will take your earnings to a whole different level.

Public Domain Fortune Bonuses :

SUPER BONUS #1 – 16 Professionally Recorded Training Videos
In these videos I expand on the Public Domain Fortune book and show you live how to go from an idea to a completed product ready to sell. Nearly FOUR hours of video training broken down into small, bite sized pieces – in a logical order that will make sense to you. And, I promise to show you the “techno” stuff like creating eBooks, videos and audios (including exactly what type of technologies to use) in a super easy to understand way. No one likes to get stumped or hung up on the “how” when creating products and that won’t happen while watching these teaching videos.

SUPER BONUS #2 – Copyright Basics Guide
In this handy guide, you’ll learn exactly what “copyright” is all about, who can claim a copyright, what works are protected and why, as well as being able to determine quickly what is NOT protected. What are the copyright rules for things that are not books? What about other writings and articles? Photos? Audio recordings? Film clips? All of these questions and more will be answered and, after you finish this guide, you’ll know more about copyright and the pubic domain than 95% of the other people out there.

SUPER BONUS #3 – Guide to Searching the US Copyright
In this manual, you’ll learn exactly how to search the US Government online copyright catalog and get the results you want in your search. How to search by title, author, registration records and keywords. How to search by date, subject type and more. You can also see the most popular topics searched for. This fantastic publication will help you narrow in on ideas you have for possible public domain products.

SUPER BONUS #4 – US Government Copyright Terms & The Public Domain Cheatsheet
This tool is simple to understand and it gets right to the point. You’ll learn how copyrights of an original work line up with public domain usage and definitions of when something is no longer protected. Works including never published, never registered, registered or published in the US, registered or published outside of the US by foreign nationals or US citizens living abroad, sound recordings, architectural drawings and more. Use this information to determine precisely when you can use a work as public domain.

SUPER BONUS #5 – Public Domain Fortune Mindmap
When I began writing down how I wanted the finished version of Public Domain Fortune to look and what it would include, I drew each component out in a mind map. Look over my shoulder and see how I plotted the entire course out and how one component connected to the next. This mind map will be a valuable tool you can use as a template when you begin to create your own products. It will help you visualize your product and keep you focused and on track. The Public Domain course was a year in the making. I researched for months compiling the most recent information available on public domain in a way that is easy to understand. I’ll reveal everything to you I know about researching, creating and promoting a product, in multiple formats. Once you have released your first offering, you’ll easily be able to come up with other ideas for that same niche, or expand into other areas. There are no limits as to how far you can go with public domain! If you can follow instructions, I know you can do this!


There are a lot of training products on the market which offer a 30 day money back guarantee. I want you to have plenty of time to go through the materials and create your own public domain product. That’s why I’m giving you 60 days – two full months to get your product on the market. How fair is that? If you’re not happy with your results, or for any reason, I’ll refund your investment during the 60 day period.

GRAB Public Domain Fortune HERE :

Public Domain Fortune Review and Bonus by Lee Cornell – Discover Step-By-Step the Easiest Ways to Tap Into a Fortune By Creating Your Own Money Making Products From the Public Domain

Public Domain Fortune Bonuses

Public Domain Fortune REVIEW

Just checking in to see if you had taken a look at Public Domain Fortune yet. Lee Cornell’s new course can have you making money with public domain on nearly any subject imaginable. You can create eBooks, videos, audios, newsletters and much more using FREE content created by professional writers in their day. Re-release the original content as is, or tweak it a bit to bring it up to date and make a new product you can copyright! How is that possible? Public Domain Fortune will show you how. Guaranteed. The course uses Lee’s exact method he used to take an obscure niche like ventriloquism and, by using two books from the 1920’s, create a teaching course that is directly responsible for his making over $400,000 online to date. Once you see how easy it is to create a product (by following instructions and taking action), you will be able to repeat the process over and over. The special price for Public Domain Fortune goes up soon, so don’t miss out! You’ve probably read his story by now, but as a reminder, Lee wanted to create a product to teach people how to become a ventriloquist. It’s been a passion of his since he was 9 years old. When he decided to make a teaching video, he used a couple of old books from the 1920’s as his source material. The Ventriloquism 101 course was the result. He put it up for sale on an ugly single page website and began making money and growing a customer list. Fast forward, That one page website has grown into a massive multi-page resource for ventriloquists, comedians and entertainers. People seek Lee out for his knowledge. He gives workshops on comedy and ventriloquism at conventions (yes, there is actually an international ventriloquist convention every July where over 700 ventriloquists attend. It’s been going on for nearly 40 years). Lee has been been a performer at the event. Perhaps you’ve heard of Jeff Dunham (and Achmed, Walter, Peanut and Jose Jalapeno), Terry Fator (the winner of Season 3 of America’s Got Talent), Jay Johnson (star of the classic comedy TV show for it’s five year run – “Soap”).

Lee has become good friends with these and many other “pros” in the business. All due to that one little 60 minute video he created on ventriloquism using public domain. You can do exactly the same thing using Lee’s new course – Public Domain Fortune. Find a niche you are interested in, grab some free public domain content to create a variety of products, and start selling it. You’ll become an expert, too! Look, for ten bucks you can be on your way to learning step-by-step how to create an endless stream of products using FREE content from public domain books, articles, images, audios, videos, government works and on an on. Skip the Starbucks for a day and instead get started on your first publication! Start making some money on the internet for a change. The amount to date, $400,000, Lee has made because of a product he created ONCE ain’t nothing to sneeze at. You can do the exact same thing. If you’re already making cash on the web, public domain products will give you an additional income stream! Even Lee’s wooden headed friend is smart enough to figure that out. Click teh button now! Public Domain Fortune course is so cool. Lee helps you find public domain material that can be used for FREE that is truly “evergreen.” Think about it. The human condition does not change. There are thousands of topics that are timeless. Things like relations, health, fitness, making money, cooking, motivation, nature, photographs, famous people and on and on. Why not find a subject you are interested in and then find resources in the public domain to create a product to sell – literally forever? That’s what Lee did with his instructional video on how to be a ventriloquist. The way to learning ventriloquism really doesn’t change. So, by using a couple of books from the early 1900’s, Lee created a course once and has continued to sell it year after year. To the tune of over $400,000. Learn all of the steps to doing the same thing! For a limited time, you can snag Public Domain Fortune for less than lunch. But hurry, the price goes up in just a couple of days!

GET Public Domain Fortune HERE :

Public Domain Fortune Review and Bonus by Lee Cornell – Discover Step-By-Step the Easiest Ways to Tap Into a Fortune By Creating Your Own Money Making Products From the Public Domain

Public Domain Fortune Download

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