Local Funnel Builder Review and Bonus

Local Funnel Builder Review and Bonus by Dave Cisneros – Point… Click… And Have Killer, White-Hot Lead Gen Funnels For Your Offline Clients Super Quick

Local Funnel Builder REVIEW

Local Funnel Builder is powerful, online, web-based software that’s extremely easy to use which will allow you to instantly build high-converting lead gen funnels for your offline clients while collecting residual income checks for setting them up with email marketing. There’s no need to download anything, and you don’t need to be a tech-savvy offline consultant in order to use Local Funnel Builder. In fact, I’ve made it SO easy for you to use it that…you’ll literally laugh. If you want to create lead gen funnels for your offline clients and make easy profit, this is the PERFECT tool for you! In a nutshell, this is an Online Browser Based Software that builds a really nice lead page with a ton of functionality for building quick Lead Give-Away Funnels for Local Businesses. This package includes 5 niche packs. This product is a great way to land new offline clients. It’s an easy to use online software that will help you build a local lead give-away funnel for local businesses.

One thing that local businesses do not do is build email lists, this will help you offer a service that is outside the box. You can set up a local funnel and give away a free report using this system. It even includes 5 local niche packs that you can use to get started right away. I want you to get there early and get the good price, that is why I am letting you know about this today. The price is starting low, and is on an Early Bird Special for the first day, but soon will be rising with every sale, so get there as soon as you can to check it out. Dave explains everything about it on the sales page, but there are two things that I really love about this marketing package. You will NEVER be embarrased to approach a local business again. By asking them if they want a give away funnel to build a customer list, you will earn their business for a lifetime. If you are on the fence about grabbing this because you think this package is not worth what you pay for it, I highly suggest you think again. Dave made this super easy to put together.

Local Funnel Builder Review

WATCH THE DEMO Local Funnel Builder HERE :

Local Funnel Builder Review and Bonus by Dave Cisneros – Point… Click… And Have Killer, White-Hot Lead Gen Funnels For Your Offline Clients Super Quick

Local Funnel Builder Review


Local Funnel Builder FEATURE :

Local Funnel Builder OTO / Upsell :

Front End :

  • Online Browser Based Local Funnel Lead Page Building Software
  • 5 Local Business Niche packs that include Report, Articles, Email Autoresponder content, Video and more.

OTO #1 :

  • Additional Lead Page Building software “Video” Version.
  • 35 Additional Niche Lead Packs

OTO #1 Lite Version :

  • Additional Lead Page Building software “Video” Version.

OTO #2 :

  • Offline Pro Gold Lead Training Product
  • Step by step Video Training for landing offline clients


  • User-intuitive, easy-to-use Windows and Mac Compatible software that allows you to quickly create high-quality, impactful and high-converting led gen funnels…soon local business owners will be falling over themselves to hand you juicy checks!
  • I’ll provide you with insightful and do-this-do-that training so that you can make the most out of Local Funnel Builder.
  • Local Funnel Builder will instantly and automatically produce lead- capture pages that will convert like there’s no tomorrow, and will make local business owners SO happy that they’ll want YOU to create more funnels for them!
  • This fresh-out-of-the-box, slick software will also create enticing download pages — in mere seconds. No need to mess around with complex code or anything like that.
  • If you hate complicating your life then you’ll LOVE Local Funnel Builder — Forget about complicated user panels or using code. You don’t need that in order to create eye-catching local funnels!
  • You get 5 different in-demand niche packs to get started; Chiropractor, Real Estate Agents, Auto Repair, Home Security and Divorce Attorney. This way you can cater to different local business owners and make more money.
  • Needless to say, the high quality template that Local Funnel Builder uses is 100% responsive, which means that they will display correctly on IPad, iPhone, Android or ANY mobile device.
  • Local Funnel Builder is ready to use and brand spanking new. You only have to access the members’ area and you’ll be ready to create sizzling-hot, money-making local funnels for your clients!
  • Take a look at your local clients websites, do they do Email Marketing? If not, this is a NO BRAINER opportunity to get them hook, line and sinker into a residual income for you.
  • And probably best of all… There’s NOTHING to install!
  • This is just a tiny fraction of what you’re getting, because there’s MUCH, much more!

See Local Funnel Builder In Action!

Online Browser Software:
Our software is in the members area waiting for you. There is nothing to install, no special script to upload, works with both Windows and Macs. All you need for the Local Funnel Builder to work is a Chrome or Firefox web browser.

Funnel Template Page:
The template page is very detailed and professionally done. It has a menu at the top that is linked to various areas of the main template. You can use this to setup a “Free Report” Funnel for local businesses in your area. The template if completely customizable, and the software allows you free reign to edit pretty much the entire page.

Download Page:
The Local Funnel Builder software will build a ready made download page so you don’t have to worry about adding your download link in any messy code. Your download page is color coded to MATCH the lead page, includes a Special Offer or Affiliate button that you can use to link to anywhere you like.

Here’s What You Need to Do:

  1. Build a Lead Gen Page using our Local Funnel Building Software for a potential prospect
  2. Contact the business and tell them you are offering a FREE Local Lead Page for a limited time
  3. Explain what Email Marketing is and how you can help them build a customer base using these tools
  4. Charge them $97-$197 for monthly email marketing services that include setting up their autoresponder, writing their first five emails and monitoring all the leads.
  5. Rinse and Repeat!

Yes…It Is This Easy to Sell Email Marketing To Local Business Owners Who Don’t Have a Clue!

Offline Lead Packs:

We have included Five popular niche packs to get you started.

Each package comes with:

  • Give Away Report/Checklist
  • Ecover Graphics with PSD files for easy editing
  • Professional Video
  • Autoresponder messages to set up follow up sequence
  • Content Articles about the niche

GRAB Local Funnel Builder HERE :

Local Funnel Builder Review and Bonus by Dave Cisneros – Point… Click… And Have Killer, White-Hot Lead Gen Funnels For Your Offline Clients Super Quick

Local Funnel Builder Bonuses

Local Funnel Builder REVIEW

This online software will build professional Lead Page for any offline business in minutes. You have until Midnight eastern time tonight to pick this up, or the price will go through the roof. You see…The potential of Local Funnel Builder is enormous. Mainly because you can sell lead gen pages to your local clients for hundreds if not thousands, so it’s logical to assume that Local Funnel Builder will probably cost a fortune. Heck, some software I’ve seen out there that doesn’t contain even half of the features of mine has price tags that would make your eyes water. But don’t worry, that’s definitely NOT happening here. In fact, I’m pricing this VERY low…and you’ll probably think that it’s an absolute STEAL. Try My Unique, Powerful Lead- Building Software RISK FREE! We all love to try new things out and see whether it’s what we want or not.

That’s why I’m offering a 30-day money-back guarantee that will allow you to see with your own eyes why Local Funnel Builder is exactly what you need for your offline consulting business. So, go ahead and get access to the members’ area. Create lead gen funnels and offer them to your offline clients, for maximum profit. If you’re not completely thrilled, or even a little excited by the potential of my funnel builder, let me know…and I’ll refund your money. Every LAST penny. You’ll love my software…and it will help to take your offline consulting business to new heights. Best part? Well, you won’t have to spend tons of your precious time or shell out insane amounts of money for other lead gen software that won’t have half the features of Local Funnel Builder. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and hit that buy button to gain instant access and I’ll see you on the inside!

GET Local Funnel Builder HERE :

Local Funnel Builder Review and Bonus by Dave Cisneros – Point… Click… And Have Killer, White-Hot Lead Gen Funnels For Your Offline Clients Super Quick

Local Funnel Builder Download

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