LetSpinio Review and Bonus

LetSpinio Review and Bonus by Team LetX – Best New Technology That Gamifies Your Lead Generation & Converts Upto Every 3rd Visitor Into a Subscriber

LetSpinio REVIEW

LetSpinio is a Full Featured Lead Generation Platform (SaaS Web App) that Leverages the Power of Gamification to Use the Inherent Human Curiosity of Playing &Winning Gifts in a Fortune Wheel Game. LetSpinio is a revolutionary new technology that converts visitors into subscribers by LITERALLY Playing With Your Visitors Into Giving You Their Email Address. Gamify & Build Huge Lists With Fully Featured Lead Gen Fortune Wheels. LetSpinio is next-level, Einstein-clever lead generation. They Spin and You WIN – People don’t really like easy free stuff. They need to feel like they “won” something valuable. When they feel like they have the upper hand, they value that incentive 10X Times more. This ensures you bag that valuable lead – every time. Why LetSpinio is special and gets you results every time?.. Visitors Have Positive Winning Associations With Fortune Wheels. Here’s the thing, people already know that they can get extremely Lucky with Fortune Wheels. And that’s why they try it every time. To get that Lucky Prize. They feel like they are going to get something from it. They are inclined towards playing it.

When you get LetSpinio spinning life-like to your blog visitors – Winning them over. And offering them an attractive incentive. Maybe a helpful training guide or a discount to your course. Of course, they’ll have to provide their email address to receive it. They think they’re winning it out of their luck. – And before you know it – your helpful ‘real life’ spin wheel has collected their email address – And the visitor hardly even realises they gave it up. There is ZERO resistance – NOW you see how LetSpinio converts 3x better than any other tool out there. ECom Marketers: Grab More Sales At The Same Time As More Subscribers! Now that you’ve got LetSpinio, you can offer your visitors extra incentives in exchange for their email address. Why not offer them an exclusive coupon? An instant discount? Or even a combo offer…In exchange for their email address? As soon as they start playing & winning with your LetSpinio module. They’ll be drooling over their exclusive discount before you can say ‘kerching!’And BOOM! That’s an email address AND a sale. Guess what you can even Pop this up on your Shopify Checkout page. Double win!

LetSpinio Review


LetSpinio Review and Bonus by Team LetX – Best New Technology That Gamifies Your Lead Generation & Converts Upto Every 3rd Visitor Into a Subscriber

LetSpinio Review


LetSpinio FEATURE :

LetSpinio OTO / Upsell :

FRONT END : LetSpinio Elite

  • LetSpin
  • Outcome Weightage (Intelligent Wheel)
  • Fully Customizable Fortune Wheel
  • Shopify Plugin
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Express Shopify Checkout Plugin
  • AutoResponders Integration
  • Webinars Integration
  • Email Validation
  • Image Editor
  • Theme Engine
  • Customisable Form Builder
  • 5 DFY Wheel Themes
  • 5 Domain License
  • Unlimited Optins
  • Built in Library
  • Youzign Integration
  • Zapier Integration
  • Campaign Level Integration
  • Add your Brand Logo in the Wheel
  • Live Campaign/ Wheel Preview
  • Advance Show up Conditions (On Page Load, On Exit, X Time on Page, X Percentage of Scroll)
  • Display URL Targeting
  • Mobile Optimised Wheel
  • Multiple Action Types on Win (Redirect URL, Close Popup, Reirect URL in New Tab, Copy Coupon)
  • Leads Export as CSV File
  • In Depth Training

OTO 1 : LetSpinio Platinum

  • Outsourcer License with Unlimited Users & Access Level Roles
  • Reminder Widget
  • Scarcity Bars
  • Follow Up Widget
  • Countdown Timers
  • Advanced Show Up Conditions for Desktop (After X Time on Page, After X % Scroll, Load Up Widget)
  • Advanced Show Up Conditions for Mobile (After X Time on Page, After X % Scroll, Load Up Widget)
  • Advanced Display URL Targeting (Exclude URL & Referral URL conditions)
  • Detailed Reporting (Export as CSV and PDF)
  • Show LetSpin Wheel on Click and Load Up Widget
  • Customizable Floating Widget
  • One Click Clone Campaigns
  • Campaign Specific Multi Action Automations
  • Wheel Animations
  • Wheel Sounds
  • No Branding
  • Daily/Weekly Email Reports
  • Repeat Show up Conditions
  • Lead Generation Masterclass

OTO 2 : LetSpinio Jacker

  • Run LetSpin Campaigns on Any Third Party Website
  • WhitelabelDomain Name
  • Detailed Reporting and Stats (Jacker)
  • Integration with Buffer
  • Unlimited Domain License
  • Custom CSS
  • Remove Branding
  • FullContact Integration
  • Customise Branding
  • Facebook & other Social Media Sharing Customizable
  • Emoji Integration
  • Detailed User Card
  • Done for you Lead Magnet Vault

OTO 3 : LetSpinio Template Club

  • Professionally Designed LetSpinio Templates
  • 100 Templates
  • Templates with Commercial License
  • US, UK – All Major Calendar Events Covered
  • Facebook 7 Figure VIP Group

OTO 4 : LetSpinio Agency

  • Easiest Way to Earn 4 Figures Every Month
  • Upto 500 Agency Accounts
  • LockerKosh
  • We Handle the Support

LetSpinio works because of three main factors:

1. It gets their attention: (in the right way!)
(The wow factor of LetSpinio is more than any lead generation platform on the Internet).
2. IIt reminds them of all the Games they played in their Childhood bringing out the Curiosity to WIN in them!
3. You can totally customize your wheel to offer your visitors your most attractive incentives that they really want.

And All It Takes Is Just 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Select Your Preferred Wheel theme
  2. Customise your Incentives
  3. Select the Form Fields (Customer Data) you want to collect…
  4. Install the Code…

LetSpinio Features :

[Feature #1] – Get Started Right Away By Choosing one of our Pre-made Wheel Templates.

Introducing: Done For You Wheel Templates
You can choose from our library of high converting done for you Wheel designs. Moreover they come loaded with the exact set of wheel options, call to actions and helping texts. All completely automated and without you lifting a finger.

[Feature #2] – Einstein Clever Incentive Weightage feature allows you to run the Wheel & Giveaway Prizes as per your Choice

Custom Incentive Weightage
Outcome Weightage solves your 3 Most Important Goals :
1)    Choose your Incentives.
2)    Select Winning Probability (Can even be set to Zero)
3)    You can even repeat your incentives and never give away your most prized gift.
It literally couldn’t be easier.

[Feature #3] – Customize the Fields you want to collect in exchange of Incentive

Flexible Form Creator
You can choose which information you want to collect from your Visitor. You can collect Emails, Name, Mobile Number, Website URL or any custom information of your Choice.

[Feature #4] – Once the Visitor Wins the reward, show him Options like Redirect to a URL, Close Popup or Copy Coupon

Multiple Actions after Winning
Your Results will increase manifold times because of the automated Actions we are giving right after winning a Wheel game. Copying the Coupon & Redirecting to a URL (in same tab or new tab) increases the probability of your Users taking the desired action.

[Feature #5] – Automatically Send Your Leads Direct To Your Favourite Autoresponder:

Campaign Level Autoresponder Integration:
You can send your leads to the selected lists inside the autoresponder of your choice.
And you can even store all of your new emails directly inside the app and export them as a CSV file.

[Feature #6] – EUnlimited Possibilities – Select any desired Integration using Zapier

Zapier Integration
LetSpinio easily integrates with Zapier. Meaning you can select any advanced integration of your choice.

[Feature #7] – Auto-Register Your Visitors For Your Webinars:

Introducing Seamless Webinar Platform Integration:
LetSpinio seamlessly integrates with major webinar platforms including: Meaning you can take your new leads from LetSpinio and send them STRAIGHT to your webinar registration. Meaning you can be registering leads to your webinars quicker than you can say ‘let’s close the deal!’ Just imagine the possibilities…

[Feature #8] – Show different Wheel Campaigns on Different Pages

Page Specific Wheel Campaigns
Not every page/ post is same. Hence you will need different wheel campaign for all your different page needs. You can select on which Page you want to show the page and which page you want to exclude. Giving you full authority to use it your way.

[Feature #9] – Mobile First – Wheel Campaigns are equally responsive & WOW on Mobile

Mobile Optimised Wheel
Majority of the traffic comes via Mobile. We have made this keeping the Mobile First approach. Your campaign is equally responsive & WOW on Mobile as well as on Desktop.

[Feature #10] – Show wheel campaign as per your visitors Action – Page Load or Exit Intent

Advance Show Up Conditions
You can select how you want to capture that valuable lead by having the power to show the wheel on Page Load or Exit Intent.

[Feature #11] – Show wheel campaign as per your visitors Action – Page Load or Exit Intent

Advance Show Up Conditions
You can select how you want to capture that valuable lead by having the power to show the wheel on Page Load or Exit Intent.

[Feature #12] – Capture as many Email Leads as possible – No Email Lead Capture Restriction

Unlimited Optins
We don’t believe in limiting our users. Capture unlimited leads for Unlimited Profits at the Fastest Rate Possible.

[Feature #13] – Add Your Custom Brand Logo & Brand Colour for More Exposure

Mobile Optimised Wheel
Branding is one thing that gives your brand an identity to be known. With LetSpinio you can customise the look and feel of every component to customise it to your Brand Image and always be the top face on your Customers Mind.

[Feature #14] – Easy Integration with WordPress & Shopify with our 1 Click Download Plugins

WordPress & Shopify Plugin
You can easily show LetSpinio on your WordPress or Shopify sites using our easy to install plugins. No more hefty coding required to show the Magical Wheel.

[Feature #15] – Increase Sales by showing Fortune Wheel on the Checkout page of Shopify using our Deep level Express Shopify Integration

Express Shopify
You can easily double up your sales by offering Discount & Coupons via Fortune Wheel on Exit Intent of your Shopify Store’s checkout page. Only and First Ever Shopify App to show such winning game wheels on Checkout Page – Golden Opportunity for Shopify Store Owners.

[Feature #16] – Email Validation so that you get only genuine leads

Validation System
One of the major challenges Marketers face with Lead Generation is getting authentic data of their Customers. Many at times visitors try to bogus on the systems. It’s not the Case with LetSpinio, if someone tries it LetSpinio will recognize it and it will not Spin the Wheel. Only the visitors adding an authentic email ID that actually exists are able to spin the wheel and play – so you’re always covered.

[Feature #17] – Daily/Weekly Email Reports

Keep Track on Your Email
With so many automations running across different marketing channels, it’s hard to keep a track of all the campaigns and optimise them. This is the reason we have come up with Daily Reports which would be sent to your email. You don’t need to login back, we will remind you of your Performance.

[Feature #18] – Easy One Click YouZign Integration – Improve Your Campaigns

Youzign Integration
We have integrated the best graphic designing tool right inside LetSpinio. Makes it super easy to design and excel your wheel campaigns.

And Of Course You’re Always Covered By Our Rock

If customers have any technical issues while using Letspinio and we fail to resolve the issure, we’ll refund 100% of the money back. Our money back gurantee applies to technical issues only- other than that all sales are final. We do not offer a no question asked refund, Customers will need to provide a valid reason for requesting one. our team has a 99% proven record of solving customer problems and helping them through ant issues so the customer’s money is extremely safe & protected.

LetSpinio : FAQ

Q: Does it work on mobile?
A: YES – of course. This is 2018. We’d never let you miss out on those over 50% of users who view your sites on a mobile device. (StatCounter)

Q: Is Wheelio compatible with all Shopify themes
A: Yes, Wheelio works with all themes.

Q: Can I change the colours/texts?
A: You can customise the Wheel to reflect your brand look.

Q: Can I use LetSpinio on a non-english site?
A: Yes, you can translate all the texts to your desired language.

Q: What can I choose to collect?
A: You can choose to collect names, emails and telephone numbers or any custom text. Whatever best suits your business. You’re in control.

Q: Does LetSpinio Intergrate With My Autoresponder?
A: LetSpinio seamlessly integrates with all major autoresponders including: Aweber, Getresponse, Google Sheets, Mailchimp, MailerLite, ConvertKit, Drip and even Zapier.

Q: How can I export the mails?
A: If your email software is not one of those mentioned above, you can export them manually from the backend with a click of a button.

Q: Does LetSpinio Integrate With My Webinar Platform?
A: LetSpinio seamlessly integrates with major webinar platforms including: GoToWebinar, WebinarJam and EvevrWebinar – meaning you can take leads with OptinChat and send them STRAIGHT to your webinar registration. Just imagine the possibilities…

Q: Are there any bonuses?

Q: Is there any training?
A: Yes we have included easy to understand step by step training.

Q: Is there a money back guarantee?
A: Yes – Insert Technical Guarantee Text Here.

GRAB LetSpinio HERE :

LetSpinio Review and Bonus by Team LetX – Best New Technology That Gamifies Your Lead Generation & Converts Upto Every 3rd Visitor Into a Subscriber

LetSpinio Bonuses

LetSpinio REVIEW

Stand Out From The Crowds Of Affiliate Marketers: Put LetSpinio on your bonus or affiliate page and offer your visitors an irresistible discount in exchange for their email address – Or maybe even offer them an extra bonus for buying through your link (which you can put directly as Winning Reward!). You’ll be selling WAY more than the next affiliate. And they’ll be left wondering how you did it – Whilst all you need to do is to worry about how you’re going to spend your extra profits. Use LetSpinio To Massively Boost Your Offline Sales: Put LetSpinio on your website to offer exclusive discounts for your new products (or things you want to get rid of!). Sigh them up for your mailing list, Or invite them to a special VIP event. You can even get your exciting LetSpinio worker to give your visitors an immediate offer – Of course they’ll have to give in their email address to receive it! And BOOM! Another easy sign up. Your visitor gets what they want. You get their email address. And they go away thinking that your business is SUPER helpful and personal. THEY SPIN YOU WIN!

But this is your ONLY opportunity to get LetSpinio for a one time price. A genuine SAAS – LetSpinio will be sold as a subscription service to the future buyers – the second this exclusive launch period is over, LetSpinio will start selling at monthly pricing. Get in today and you will be grandfathered in at the low one-time offer – And will never have to pay another cent ever again. One-Time Offer Will NEVER Be Available Again. We are Marketers ourselves. With over a decade’s experience between us. We created LetSpinio to help us with our own lead generation – And after testing and refining LetSpinio with over 250 satisfied beta users. We are now pleased and proud to bring LetSpinio direct to you. For a one-time offer – for this exclusive launch period ONLY. So you COULD carry on as you are…converting at just 3%. With the same old landing pages that are just WAY too easy to ignore. Or annoying your visitors with intrusive exit pops that no longer ‘surprise’ them. Or you could simply click below – And start collecting subscribers with 3x more success and 3x faster today. Just imagine how much cash you are loosing every time one of your visitors clicks thatbig red X on your optin page. With LetSpinio you’ll be able to rescue 3 extra subscribers for every 9 visitors you would normally frighten off. Now THAT turns the odds in your favor.

GET LetSpinio HERE :

LetSpinio Review and Bonus by Team LetX – Best New Technology That Gamifies Your Lead Generation & Converts Upto Every 3rd Visitor Into a Subscriber

LetSpinio Download


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