Super Logo Pack Review and Bonus

Super Logo Pack Review and Bonus by Sorin Constantin – Best New Great Collection Of Professional Logo Design Templates And Vector Elements

Super Logo Pack REVIEW

Super Logo Pack is super important because it’s the image of your business, it’s Your brand identity, and it’s what will make people click and connect with you. The problem is that in order to create a professional looking LOGO you have to pay a couple of hundreds of $$$ . And it’s not like you will use the same LOGO all the time, you have to create a new one each time you start a new Venture. Well, here is the cool thing, my friends Sorin and Justin worked with a professional designer to create a collection of 500+ LOGO templates that you can use for any business or project you will ever start from now on. The best part is that means that you get access to a HUGE collection fo LOGO templates for well under 0.036$ per piece. That’s crazy low, right?! This means that from now on you will never have to worry again about spending hunderds or even thousands of dollars on logos for you new business, website, product or service. You just pick a template, customize it and you are done.

All LOGOs are professionaly designed and come with source files (psd and vectors) so that they are easy to customize for your needs. Now hurry up and grab this Amazing LOGO Collection right now, till the price increases. These were a good graphic designer comes in. And I bet you’ve noticed that quality graphic design is NOT cheap. You pay through the nose to get quality graphics work when you need it. Either that, or you save money but it takes FOREVER. You sit and wait and wait and wait for your design, just so you can save a few bucks. What if you could get that graphic design done cheaply AND quickly…Without skimping on quality…And what if you could offer those services to OTHER businesses. WAIT: What If You’re Not A Photoshop Guru???? You might be thinking to yourself, I don’t know Photoshop…I don’t even HAVE Photoshop…How can I possibly create logos for myself? Well, that’s a very good question. The good news is…You Don’t HAVE To Be A Photoshop Whiz! (And you don’t even need to own Photoshop!).

Super Logo Pack Review


Super Logo Pack Review and Bonus by Sorin Constantin – Best New Great Collection Of Professional Logo Design Templates And Vector Elements

Super Logo Pack Review


Super Logo Pack FEATURE :

Super Logo Pack OTO / Upsell :

Over 500 Professional Logo Templates

Over 100 Professional Mockup Templates

OTO 2:
FE + OTO1 Edit Design Offer

OTO 3:
Design Consultation Offer

One Final Question…What If You Could Do All Of That With Little Or No Experience…AND EVEN NO EXTRA WORK ON YOUR PART?

Premium Products
High quality Logo Design Templates for you and your clients.

Instant Download
This pack is provided in one bulk zip file which contains all files. You can be downloading 2 minutes from now!

One Time Payment
No monthly recurring charges! This is a one-time payment for this awesome package!

Super Easy To Edit
These files are vectors and editable so you can edit with just two clicks.


Over 500 Pro Designed Business Logo Templates that you can modify an use for your own businesses.

Here Are Previews

Of the Professional Logo Design Templates CONTAINED IN SUPER LOGO PACK…

All packs are fully editable and vectors. Files like PSD and AI can be edited in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator or any other software that accept these files. All Logo Design Templates packs contain Free Fonts for personal use. These are listed in the main download.

  • PACK #1: 170 Logo Design Templates
    PACK #2: 200 Logo Design Templates
  • PACK #3: 60 Logo Design Templates
  • PACK #4: 200 Vector Elements

Super Logo Pack Bonuses :

  1. More Editable Vector Logo Design Templates
  2. Vector Stationery Templates
  3. Business Card Templates

These are the “PRO TIPS” I promised earlier…

Suppose you want to do the work yourself and you own Photoshop, but you just aren’t very good at it…
No problem! These files are very easy to modify. Just pick the template you want to use, load it up, and change the text to the business name. Output as a PNG file and you’re done! (Of course, you can change the font, resize the graphics, etc., and you SHOULD do that to make a completely original logo. I’m just telling you how easy it CAN be.)

Suppose you want to do the work yourself but you don’t own Photoshop…
No problem! You can use free software like GIMP or online editors like Pixlr to edit these templates!

Suppose you want to do the work yourself but you don’t own Photoshop…
You guessed it… No problem! These template files are super easy for anyone with Photoshop and/or Adobe Illustrator experience to modify. Go to Fiverr and you’ll find a huge number of people willing to do small edits for $5. Hire 3 or 4 of them to do your first job and see who does the best. Then use that person for every new logo. You’ll pay $5 for something you can easily charge a client $50 or more for…and do no work! Or, for guaranteed high quality work, use Super Logo’s own modification service. It’s a tiny bit more expensive, but you KNOW you’ll get quality original work done…by someone other than YOU.

What Makes These Professional Logos Unique From Any Other Graphic Pack?

100% Unique, Fresh Looking
With these unique professional logos you have the ultimate fresh style of improving your brand.

Unlimited Personal Use
You can create as many personal use without limiting you.

You Don’t Need To Be A Guru In Photoshop
You can simply edit these logos with just few clicks. Just add your company name on it, save it and done.

Based on Design Trending
These logos are made with trending style in mind. These are monogram, brandable and iconic version.


I strongly believe that my products are high quality and well crafted that can improve your presentation more than 100%. Try this deal risk-free for 30 days and if for any reason you won’t be absolutely thrilled with these professional templates, just send a support ticket to info@smartylogo.com and I’ll refund you every penny. No Questions Asked, No Hassle!

Super Logo Pack : Tetsimony

I’ve been using all kinds of template services, especially stationery. This is the one I’m really happy with. I will highly recommend you. Keep up the great work. – Amanda

Just wanted to come back and say thank you for the good work that you do. I wish I could tell you what logo design referred me when I was first starting my blog, but I am glad I found it. The template fits nicely with my site, and it will look even better once I select a logo. The stationery looks clear and help me with marketing communication. Keep good job! – Tracer
I discovered Super Logo Membership for some days now and i am very pleased with what it offered me. I found the logos quite useful and easy to use. So far i am very happy with this membership and I can’t wait to see what other useful materials and articles i’ll find here! – Kittya

I am really happy withe Super logo Members. The design of template is clean and easy to modify and also ready to print. There are no such services now that offer such quality and especially for such a low price. Many thanks! – George

I am a webdesigner and Super Logo provides me a full gallery with professional logo, business cards and stationery for my clients. This membership is all I need for my business. Now I can offer beside a website, a full package of branding with Super Logo Membership package. Peacock Art, professional webdesign with a professional logo design from Super Logo. – Peacock Art

I chanced to discover Super Logo while searching the Internet for a branding idea for the company I am about to start. The logo gallery instantly caught my attention and I spent a certain time enjoying the neat, professional, creative design of the samples. I signed up – I was offered free books explaining the “why” and the “how” of branding. I submitted a request – I got exactly what I needed: a professional, customized logo meeting my company needs and great design business cards and stationary. What did it take? Two emails and a couple of days waiting. And that is not all – there are monthly updates available to members and, based on the good experience I had with Super Logo until now, I am sure they will be interesting – I am eager to discover them. – Manuela KHEROUF

I was looking for a good logo design for my websites and stationery. These ready made designs are very good for me, I saved time and money with Super logo Members. – Enny

Super Logo Pack : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Which file types are provided in the Super Logo pack?
Super Logo Pack comes in multiple file types like .psd, .ai.

Are font files included in the pack?
Yes, all used fonts are free to use for personal and commercial use and are listed in the main download.

Can I use these logos in personal projects?
Yes, you can use these logo design templates in personal projects.

Do I need to have knowledge about Photoshop or Illustrator to modify these logos?
Yes and No. If you have knowledge about using Adobe Photoshop and or Adobe Illustrator, you can edit these logo designs very easily. But if you don’t have knowledge about Adobe Photoshop and or Adobe Illustrator, you can modify these logo designs using the Free Online Photo Editor provided by http://www.pixlr.com. You can also hire someone to edit them very inexpensively.

Does Super Logo come with a PLR or Resale License?
Reselling, sharing, redistributing or giving away the original template files is NOT permitted. Super Logo Pack do not include resale or private label rights. You can sell the results of editing the templates, but you cannot sell them or give them away as-is.

GRAB Super Logo Pack HERE :

Super Logo Pack Review and Bonus by Sorin Constantin – Best New Great Collection Of Professional Logo Design Templates And Vector Elements

Super Logo Pack Bonuses

Super Logo Pack REVIEW

These vector logo design template packs are going to be ones you use for your logo design projects. I mouse made a collection of vector logo design templates in a simple shape, clean and minimal way. You can find minimal, monogram, corporate, brandable idea for various business and projects. Just add you project / company name to the new iconic shape to get a full logo with a simple and clean design or play with the elements from logo design kit pack and create tons of new and combined shapes. This pack includes all vector file type, like eps, ai and psd for each logo design. Also a listed used fonts document is available for you to download all fonts that I use for these vector logo designs. Of course, all fonts are free to use for personal use.

How would you like to get instant access to over 500+ Professional Logo Templates? That would be pretty cool right? You’d never have to worry again about Paying 50$+ per logo every time you create a new website or product. Well, the good news is that my friends Sorin and Justin worked with a Professional designer so that you will not have to worry about LOGOs Ever again. They just launched the “Super Logo Pack”, a collection of over 500 Top notch quality LOGO Templates! With this super pack you will never be again in the situation of spending days to find a good logo designer just to pay him 200 or 300$ for a LOGO that. It’s not what you thought it will be. To make things even better the guys added in some extra resources for FREE, Resources that will turn out to be super handy, like business cards and letterheads. So, make sure to grab your collection of LOGOs right now at an incredibly low price!

GET Super Logo Pack HERE :

Super Logo Pack Review and Bonus by Sorin Constantin – Best New Great Collection Of Professional Logo Design Templates And Vector Elements

Super Logo Pack Download

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