10k Vid Code Review and Bonus

10k Vid Code Review and Bonus by Dexter Paglinawan – Copy How I Generated Over $10K In Three Days By Telling Stories Anyone Can Make

10k Vid Code REVIEW

10k Vid Code showcases how a small town IM rookie, dad of two, generated $10,299.92 in three days (and stole Deal of the Day award from gurus)…with the help of a 6-min homemade story video. 10k Vid Code” comes in a generous in-depth video course (over 26 videos) which guides your customers how to use simple “fill-in-the-blank” stories to sell more goods and services, and be extra memorable in the marketplace…even if they’ve never written stories for marketing before. “Easier, waaaay cooler method of selling more stuff.“ A regular person would have an easier time telling a story, rather than “hard selling” – thus, making this course a great way for people to sell… without being some ninja copywriter or salesman. In a crowded marketplace, a powerful brand story could be the factor to survival, domination, or a simply “standing out..”

As a sales tool, story selling is as stealthy as freaking C.I.A or K.G.B. You don’t get off as a weird obnoxious “used car salesman”. Instead, you become magnetic when you use stories in your presentations or sales material. Ask a seasoned marketer, public speaker, or an organization leader and they’ll tell you that telling stories are part of their arsenal. So, to make things easier for your customer, I even give my technique on how. NOW, this is what I call a “a deal you can’t refuse”. As this bonus software is being sold for $97 in the public right now…this alone should be enough reason to snatch 10k Vid Code. Yes, you are correct for feeling that this deal is swaying favorably on your side. But if that’s not enough, let me make you feel more at ease…

10k Vid Code Review


10k Vid Code Review and Bonus by Dexter Paglinawan – Copy How I Generated Over $10K In Three Days By Telling Stories Anyone Can Make

10k Vid Code Review


10k Vid Code FEATURE :

10k Vid Code OTO / Upsell :

UPSELL 1 – “10k Vid Code” Case Study Walkthrough + Templates + “Closing” Masterclass
This package contains the walkthrough of my “first ever” story selling video which helped make over $10k in three days. I thoroughly dissect the parts, characters, scenario and their respective marketing psychology, so that your customers get an even clearer picture of how the method works. They’ll be given a “story template” as well, so they don’t have to start with a blank page. And finally, they get another perfect add-on to the front-end offer: a masterclass on “closing” a presentation like a boss. This quality of information in this video is so valuable that it could be sold on its own as a standalone product… but for this launch, your customers get this for free.

UPSELL 2 – “Moolah Magnet Monthly”
This recurring offer delivers your customers “done-for-you” money promos on a monthly basis. They get everything needed to “build a list and make money immediately from a corresponding affiliate offer” – from an optin-page, optin-video, optin-gift, the corresponding affiliate offer on the topic, as well as the email promo campaigns. As a powerful launch bonus, people who become members will get our MMMM (Moolah Magnet Monthly Masterclass) where I produce an “insiders only” lesson about advanced tactics, tricks, and news relevant to growing a lifestyle business. Launch period buyers will be “grandfathered” to the low price membership promo (…meaning, whatever they pay today will be the same price they pay even after we increase price in the future)


Business owners, video creators, copywriters, email marketers, online and offline marketers, salespeople, public speaker, educator, info-marketers, branding and public relation people, organization leaders — basically anybody who wants to sell more products, services, “ideas, cause, or message”.


At least 26 core training video, mp3 versions of the training, actionable exercises with printable PDF worksheets, mind map


“Never be left out of words and impact again…even on your first try.”

Never feel a cheap, sleazy businessman again. Instead, tell a good “value giving” story and watch sales pour in. No need to worry about wasting money on half-baked, outdated courses… because this is “high quality” information… fully usable even by newbies. Just take action, and results follow.


“I promise you this — you’ll be PROUD to show this course even to your family members.”
Forget about “Tricks of the Month” and get rich quick hypes ‘n lies. The skill your customers get from 10k Vid Code will continue serving them for the next 5, 10, 20… even the next 50 years to come. Bold claim, I know. But this is just the plain truth about this “evergreen money generation skill” they get in this course. Selling thru stories a fun and useful skill that that has surpassed the test of times. Story selling is universal marketing skill whether you do YouTube, podcasting, VSL/video sales letter, sales copy, big marketing campaigns, local or offline marketing campaigns, or even the very basic about-me page. One thing is certain – good stories sell and great stories even become viral. So, stories are pretty powerful stuff and today you’ll learn how to create one even if you’ve never tried anything like this before.. This is really a bang for the buck kind of product that doesn’t rely on fads nor shiny object shenanigans. If you’re looking for a course that’s totally evergreen, unique, and would give BIG value to your customers – this course would do the trick.

How Can You Trust That This “10k Vid Code” WORKS WELL FOR YOU AS WELL?

There’s no guesswork here. This thing that I’m going to teach you is based on principles that are hardcoded in humanity…and this is the reason why a properly told marketing story works so well. You can trace this back to hundreds of years ago, when people relied on stories to pass on messages and spread lessons, doctrines, and history…this means you know that selling thru the use of stories is a safe “route” even for newbies to follow. What you get today is practical knowledge that you can apply immediately even if you are a newbie. Best part is, not only does the system work for videos, it also can be applied to branding, email marketing, public speaking, webinar marketing…even in simple “about me” page. But you have to be careful, because…

“Not All Marketing StoriesARE CREATED EQUAL”
You see…There are different kinds of stories…and there are different ways to tell them. You could probably find lots of tutorials in YouTube now. BUT – a lot of the tutorials you find online are just aimed at entertaining at not really selling. And that’s what make 10k Vid Code unique – because the kind of storytelling you get here is the kind that pulls people emotionally, helps them remember you, and makes people take action. The stories & videos you’re about to create with this training are…

“…Not Something Fancy Push Button Softwares Can Do…”
Although softwares make our lives easier…they lack the emotional ingredient that packs the punch when in comes to marketing. And whether you like it or not: people buy thru their emotions, and simply justify their action thru logic later on. Now…don’t worry.
You don’t need fancy softwares to create your kickass story anyway. Because with the process of how I teach you this, the end result would be you, simply filling in the blanks.
So, it’s really that easy at the end.

10k Vid Code Modules :

MODULE 1 : Saga Story Selling (11 videos)

  • Discover how I came across this story selling system that helped me generate $10,299.92 in just three days while watching anime…so you’re confident that this is something you could easily copy (and that this method works), even if for you’re the “new guy”.
  • Unravel the 4-Step process that make up this simple “story selling” system, which helps bring out the David in you to equally compete with the Goliaths in your industry. So you finally tell the world of your amazing product or service in a truly exciting and special way without sounding like a douche and add more figures to your business bottom line, become a impirational model in your industry and have greater confidence living a more fulfilling life.
  • Discover how a Master Storyteller from Hollywood makes so much profit by using “story selling” and how you can use it to your advantage so you feel like the tricks you use to sell with stories have masterful lineage, putting you in an advantageous position, thus giving the confidence to take over your market.
  • And a lot more…

MODULE 2 : Saga Story Recon (5 videos)

  • Discover how to make your story align with your product and marketing goals, whilst being more compelling and relatable to your target audience. So that your story becomes a $$$ generator, that gets you closer to financial freedom, in order for you to have more time with your loved-ones, and do the things you really like.
  • Unsheath my secret “7-Deadly Sins Drivers” formula that shows you how to make your audience glued and likely to act on your favor… so you know the deepest desires of your target audience whilst maintaining their interests, giving you an insane advantage reading their “psyche” so that you feel relatable to them… which in turn results in selling more stuff.
  • And more secrets…

MODULE 3 : Saga Story Hooks (10 videos)

  • Dive into eight time-tested storylines & themes that evoke response, cultivate trust, and initiate super glue-like bonding to your audience, so that you refine a genuine connection with your clients. Allowing you to create your own stories, with diverse and widely engaging themes that moves you closer to your prospects hearts and therefore their wallets (in a good way).
  • Discover how a simple “kind” of story turned a flunking beer brand into number 1 status in just months, and how you could apply the same to your product, so that you could stand out from the competition and attract more attention towards your business.
  • Uncover a classic “bible” based theme perfect for the “little guy” to emerge in a competitive market, so that you have the tools to promote new companies, brands or products with courage. This in turn helps your brain to focus on positive business mental attitude despite the existence of major competition.
  • Master how to “fill-in-the-blanks” your way to your first moolah making story with these “pre-constructed” story themes and game-changing tips to get your clients craving for you, your product, or your brand. So you can instantly attract profit for you and your family’s better quality of life in exchange for providing something useful and life changing for your customers.
  • And many more…

MODULE 4 : Production

  • Discover my 3-step super easy video production formula anyone (even with limited budget) can do. So you don’t let technology stand in your way of producing life changing story selling videos. So you’re able to create high-quality, sales generating videos while spending on your growth and development, so you can learn and improve new skills at your own pace.
  • Steal my “no writing” script generation hack, so you have no excuse not to get your story done if you’re someone who hates writing. This makes you confident that the script you use in your video will definitely catch your audience’s attention, so you can finally start making those badass videos for your products or services almost any suitable time and any place.
  • LAZY OR BUSY? Discover how to “outsource” video production for peanuts. From where to get audio, voice artists, video creator, etc… You get low cost options, and the flexible ones so you can have choices.
  • And more production secrets and hacks that makes you save time, money, and effort in the long run…

MODULE 5 : Monetization

  • Discover the four easily replicable ways on how I’ve personally made thousands of dollars in profits using the 10k Vid Code system. These are different business models you can do on your spare time, and sell a lot of using your newly acquired story selling skill.
  • So you build positive relationships with clients you’re able to give value to thru your products… while giving you the business leverage you need that opens up precious time you can use for things that matter to you.
  • Discover how to use your new story selling skill to print money on demand selling other people’s’ products. So that you don’t have to bother creating your own product when you’re just starting out, which in turn gives you a stepping stone to do greater things as you grow online
  • And many more…

10k Vid Code Bonus :

Easy Sketch PRO

  • Yes! This is the real deal. This is the same software used by over FIFTY FIVE THOUSAND people.
  • Get full working access to #1 doodle software that allows you to create amazing and new interactive sketch videos. Skyrocket your engagement and boost sales by 337% for any business.
  • Create Sketch Video with ‘drag n drop’ interface. Add Interactive hotspots LIVE in video linking to Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud & many more. Click ‘Build’ and Upload. Your sketch video is ready… it’s that easy!
  • And holy cow, it comes with DEVELOPERS RIGHTS!

Here’s A Recap On Why You Should Use “10k Vid Code” Story Selling System In Your Business Today

  • Increase your profit dramatically by using a cooler way to sell, without sounding like an annoying salesman… so you can practically tell stories to engage more customers into buying your products or services even if your just the “new guy in town”.
  • Produce epic video contents even if you suck at writing, so you still get that “chance” to attract the target audience you desire. This is applicable even if you’re still working on a day job, meaning, you can start working your way to your financial goals no matter what your state in life is.
  • Never get jealous about gurus’ proofs and achievements (especially when you’re starting out), because they can never have your personal story. This gives you a confidence boost in your business (which is really important to get thru the thick and thins of the industry).
  • Maximize the leads, traffic, and advertising costs you spend using a system that’s closely related to your brand. This complete step-by-step guide you can easily understand and apply will help you out. The bonus “hacks” included in this course allows you to finally create that awesome, high quality, and original story of yours to have a fair chance with the pioneers in your industry.
  • Have your audience crave for you (your product or your brand) because your stories are connected to them in a deep way, so that you constantly build loyal customers ready to act on your favor.
  • Build strong relationships and network in your industry by touching your peers’ curiosity and emotions through your stories. Attract people to fully support your goals and dreams, so you can share ideas and collaborate with their products (to not only drastically improve your presence online but make you more money, and save you more time effort as you grow your business).


I’ve bought other marketing and business courses in the past…what makes this different?
Forget about “Tricks of the Month” and get rich quick hypes ‘n lies. The lesson you find in this package will remain serving you for the next 5, 10, 20 even the next 50 years to come. Bold claim, I know. But this is just the plain truth about this “evergreen money generation secret” you’re about to get – it’s something that has passed the test of times.

Will this still work if I’m not technically savvy?
Absolutely. If you can write simple sentences, or if you have your fair share of campfire or bed time story sharing you can do this. You can get started with this even without fancy equipments, high-end computers, and crazy priced softwares.

Why should I get this today?
Because this is one of the best trainings I’ve personally produced ‘till date. Just like the my personal “underdog” experience (mentioned above), “10k Vid Code” could be a game changing factor and advantage giver in the marketplace. You’ll be in a tough spot if your competitor got his hands on this and you don’t. Besides, you’re getting this at a very low public launch price, along with fast action bonuses. In the future, the price would be raised to at least $97 and the fast action bonuses could be removed. Implement this and this package pays for itself. It’s a no-brainer.

Am I safe to purchase this? What if I don’t like what I see inside?
Yes, your purchase is safe and encrypted. You have 45-days to test this out as well and see if you like it…if not, our customer service department is on standby and would grant you a refund. There’s NO risk.

How much for all of these?
It all starts at just $12-17. This is structured as a dime sale, so the price is increasing… After 7 days, the price will be $97 (which is still a GREAT deal but you save a lot today)

Are there any ongoing fees?
None. Just a one-time investment is required to get started.

I understand concepts and take action better whenever I get case studies, and templates on the courses I buy. Where can I get those?
Although you already get everything you need to understand and start implementing the 10k Vid code system, I understand that some people tend to look for more content. In that  case, you can grab the “upgrade package” on the next page (you’ll be lead to the upsell page after this purchase).

How do I get started?
Click the button below to get INSTANT ACCESS

What’s the deal/catch with the bonus software?
Like mentioned above, you’re getting the full working version with developers rights. A friend of mine hooked me up so I could give this to you for this launch. So just to be clear, we are not the developers of this awesome software (how I wish we were lol). You get it as is – awesome and super useful.

How do I get a refund?
Contact us thru our helpdesk: nextlevelpreneur(dot)com/helpdesk

GRAB 10k Vid Code HERE :

10k Vid Code Review and Bonus by Dexter Paglinawan – Copy How I Generated Over $10K In Three Days By Telling Stories Anyone Can Make

10k Vid Code Bonuses

10k Vid Code REVIEW

Let Me Take All The Risk Here For You…Feel safe and secured. You don’t have to worry if you take action today. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve had a fair share of buying worthless products in the past. Maybe, you, too. Now, I don’t want those bad decisions to prevent you from making one of the best ones you’ll make in your life. I’m very much confident that our product is of top quality that I’m going to give you a 45-day period to test it out. If you ever feel like it does not add up to your expectations, in anytime within the period, just send me an email, your word that you’ve actually gone thru the training and put the system into work… and I’ll process a full refund of your tiny investment. It’s that simple. As you can see, I’ve done all I can to make this package as practical, useful, easy to follow… and safe for you.

If you’re ready to take your video scripting, creation, branding and overall marketing to the next level, then go ahead and take action now without worry. Get access to the “10k Vid Code” package at the lowest price now, and start your amazing story-selling journey today. With my hand on over my heart, you won’t regret it. I promise. If you wait until tomorrow, the price could have gone up, and the fast-action bonuses could have already been taken out. But more importantly… your hopes, dreams and your motivation in becoming a successful marketer may probably be all gone by then. That’s why I can’t stress enough the importance of taking a step forward right at this moment since you’re covered by our money back clause anyway.

GET 10k Vid Code HERE :

10k Vid Code Review and Bonus by Dexter Paglinawan – Copy How I Generated Over $10K In Three Days By Telling Stories Anyone Can Make

10k Vid Code Download

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