Fusion Review and Bonus

Fusion Review and Bonus by Jason Fulton – Real Life Case Study Reveals How A Newbie Went From Zero To $160.43 In Just 24 Hours


WP Smart Tags is our newest WordPress plugin (over 16 developed in the past 7 years). This is most definitely the most intelligent product we’ve ever released.

WP Smart Tags is the perfect add-on to any WordPress based membership site. It allows membership site owners to not only track member activity, but also INFLUENCE member behavior and CONTROL member content based on that behavior.

Fusion Review


Fusion Review and Bonus by Jason Fulton – Real Life Case Study Reveals How A Newbie Went From Zero To $160.43 In Just 24 Hours

Fusion Review


Fusion FEATURE :

WP Smart Tags Benefits :

Increase Member Engagement
Use engagement scoring for membership gamification.

Increase Member Retention
Automatically reward members for taking specific action.

Increase Membership Site Profits
Build an active community that continues to buy!

WP Smart Tag Features :

  • Smart Tagging – automatically assign tags based on member action.
  • Automations – create automated sequences to dynamically release of content (for rewards, content scheduling, member re-engagement and much much more!)
  • Member Tracking – detailed member history file showing pages viewed, links clicked, login frequency and more!
  • Member Notes – keep a notes file on each member.
    Complete Control based on Tags – control display of widgets, navigation bars, pages, in-page content.
  • Gamification – Reward members by tracking engagement scores (display top 10 members in the sidebar widget).
  • Detailed Analytics – Graphical display of retention rate, churn rate, member engagement, login frequency, tag usage, and more!

WP Smart Tag Innovative Features :

Automatic Tagging
Create unlimited tags to track member activity. Use them to tag product purchases, refunds, page visits, clicks on download links, you name it! Then use the tags to control access to content…unlock bonuses, add engagement score points, control navigation links, widgets and more!

Powerful Automations
Use automated sequencing to engage, influence and reward members! Create if/then else conditions such as, “If member views specific page, add tag [accessed resources], else send member email”. These automations create instant interaction with your members and dynamically control content based on the custom sequence of steps you create!

Real Membership Analytics
Visual Admin dashboard provides deep insightful analytics into exactly how well your membership site is performing in terms of:

  • Retention Rates
  • Churn Rates
  • Growth Rates
  • Member Engagement Rates
  • Most Active Members
  • Login Frequency
  • Login Duration
  • Customer Acquisition Rate

Complete Member Tracking
Member History records each action your member takes…know what page they visited, when they were tagged, what automations they entered, what links they clicked on.
Includes detailed engagement scoring, IP addresses used, login details, tags, and automations entered and completed!

Keep Notes On Each Member
Use the Member History screen to record private notes on a member…perfect for tracking special instances that you don’t want to remember (or would like to forget). Have a difficult member and want to remember the circumstances? Record it here. Give them access to a product for free because you cared? Record it here.

TOTAL Control of Content Using Tags
Control display of widgets, navigation bars, pages, in-page content.

Page/Post Control
Redirect to a different page if a member has (or hasn’t) a tag. Can also control content snippets using a shortcode!

Widget Control
Control ANY widget in your sidebar. Members with a tag can view special widgets, or you can hide widgets if a tag exists.

Menu Control
Control ANY menu link in your navigation bar and custom menu links. Use this feature to display navigation links to only those members who have a certain tag.

Reward Members
Using our special engagement point system, members can earn points for taking action in your membership site. Display a Top 10 member widget in your sidebar. This is a great gamification technique to increase member engagement! Create an automation to grant access to content or a membership level once members reach a certain number of points.

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

You can try WP Smart Tags for 60 days. If you decide this powerful membership site bolt-on is not for you during the first 60 days of purchase, we’ll hand your money back with a smile. We know it won’t come to that, because this is plugin will spark the interest of your members have them coming back for more.

GRAB Fusion HERE :

Fusion Review and Bonus by Jason Fulton – Real Life Case Study Reveals How A Newbie Went From Zero To $160.43 In Just 24 Hours

Fusion Bonuses


This Is The Ultimate Software To Automatically Monitor, Control And Influence Member Behavior To Increase Retention And Grow A WordPress Membership Site.

Works With ANY Membership Site Plugin…BONUS: Includes DEEP Integration With These Premium Plugins! Create Dynamic Automations To Automatically Add Or Remove From Specific Membership Levels In Any Of These Plugins.

GET Fusion HERE :

Fusion Review and Bonus by Jason Fulton – Real Life Case Study Reveals How A Newbie Went From Zero To $160.43 In Just 24 Hours

Fusion Download


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