Easy App Cash Review and Bonus

Easy App Cash Review and Bonus by Scott Talbert – How to make money on iTunes, Google Play & Amazon with app

Easy App Cash REVIEW

Easy App Cash a The Counter-Intuitive & Drop-Dead Simple System Used By A Tech-Challenged Lawyer, Turned Rural Recluse, To Bank $44,763.55 (And Counting) In True Hands-Free, Residual Income. It’s Not A Piece Of The Puzzle…It’s The Whole Thing: A COMPLETE Money Making Method.

While Many Online Entrepreneurs Keep Secret Their Real Money Makers, We’re Gonna Show You – In Broad Daylight – Precisely The App That Had Thousands Of Smart Phone Users Pulling Out Their Wallets & Purses…In A World Where People Are Spoiled By A Sea Of FREE Apps, No Less. We’ll Start Methodically With App Identification.

Easy App Cash Review


Easy App Cash Review and Bonus by Scott Talbert – How to make money on iTunes, Google Play & Amazon with app

Easy App Cash Review


Easy App Cash FEATURE :

Easy App Cash OTO / Upsell / Downsell :

FRONT END: Easy App Cash – Proficient Level (“Imitation Edition”)
The Proficient Level gives your subs, well, proficiency. You will have the proficiency to “Imitate” our results because we hold nothing back and give you the core ingredients that served as the building blocks for our successful & wildly profitable app. You get to:

1.) discover the software we used
2.) to tap the niche we’ll explore with them
3.) by creating an app we’ll introduce to them
4.) which generated nearly $50k we’ll prove to them
5.) using a free advertising method we’ll disclose to them

LEGIT COUNTER WARNING: These are literally the core building blocks we used to knock down $50,000 in app sales (when others are trying to give their apps away). So the $7 price is not intended to make for a lengthy decision. Accordingly, a Deadline Funnel countdown timer will expire 15 minutes after visitors hit the page. When it does, it literally redirects to the $27 regular price page. Seriously, unlike all of the crap timers & B.S. scarcity out there, the $7 sales page will actually disappear from their web browser & be replaced with a $27 version. If it’s not worth $7 to get the low-down on something that’s been paying us since 2014, I’m just not sure what to say?

UPGRADE #1: Easy App Cash – Professional Level (“Replication Edition”)
The Professional Level takes them to the next level and, for a few more bucks, we get a bit “deeper in the weeds.” We call this the Replication Edition, because we’re giving you some precise details about our exact implementation and also broadening your toolbox (beyond what we had available). Some neat little twists in our “marketing” should help you create a replica of not only our app, but also our sales results. You get to:

1.) see our actual “ad” campaigns, and not just learn where we got free publicity
2.) discover new app creation software options that weren’t even available when we began (while they can use what we used, there are more choices today – and we’ve just completed a project using a new platform)
3.) exploit a twist on our free ad method that not only garners free, fresh content, but also makes our users our best (unpaid, mind you) sales force
4.) BONUS: since social media is our free ad workhorse, we’ll amp up their ability to leverage it full with a free 9-volume social media master video library (thanks Jeremy Gislason from Product Dyno!)

Upgrade #2: Easy App Cash – Premier Level (“Duplication Edition”)
The Premier Level shoots them to the top and is geared for the go-getter who wants as many “guiding lights” and as much DFY & mapped out as possible. We call this the Duplication Edition, because we’re giving away so many little details that now it’s more like making a duplicate – or “xerox” copy of our results. These are all the “little things that make a big difference” that I could compile once the core, essential offer was assembled.  You get to:

1.) check out how we used eCover images to promote & sell our app better
2.) learn how we managed to fast-track going live & pre-sell a product that didn’t exist
3.) experience our “idea generator,” allowing them to see how our app was no fluke; no, it’s nothing special and the possibilities are HUGE
4.) uncover the “content hack” that made us info heroes and kept our app relevant to our users on an ongoing basis
5.) be blown away on how we made our “free ad” method even easier… without the risk of using the wrong words
6.) come face to face with the traffic source that’s near limitless… and “they” come to us wanting us to simply receive the new users
7.) BONUS: take a tour of what could be the most important part – what we do with app customers “after the sale” (which then has nothing to do with apps necessarily) that bumps our “lifetime customer value” by over 1,700%
8.) BONUS: tap into yet another source of excellent content that’s so simple it shouldn’t both useful & free!
9.) BONUS: Thrive Product Group, LLC $100 Flight Check

DOWNSELL: Easy App Cash – Professional/Premier Level (“Replication/Duplication Edition”)
Front-end buyers who decline Upgrade 1 are shown a “Combo” that includes Upgrade 1 free with Upgrade 2 (at regular price), so sales potential is maximized since there’s a “second bite at the apple” on selling Upgrade 1 to folks who may have regretted just passing it up!

EXIT OFFER: Easy App Cash – Preview Level (“Investigation Edition”)
Exit offer actually pays you the $1 for the trial, plus 100% of first $16 payment, followed by 50% of the 4 remaining $16 payments (totaling $49, rather than $44). So, the exit offer not only gives the missed customer a lower barrier to entry, but also gives you 11.

Unconventional Dude’s App Moves Like Crazy On iTunes, Google Play & Amazon…And Did I Mention:

1. He’s Witnessed THOUSANDS of Downloads,
2. With ZERO Dollars In Ad Spend,
3. And Has Never, EVER Even Owned A Cell Phone In His Entire Life!!!

Easy App Cash Modules :

I’ll break my silence & identify the exact app that’s resulted in thousands of downloads, generated tens of thousands of dollars in pure profit, and continues to produce respectable residual monthly income with NO ongoing effort whatsoever (despite being launched in 2014 & being largely ignored completely ever since!).

I’ll take you on a highly insightful journey, investigating the precise niche we so easily exploited and now extract cash from on auto-pilot. Your mind will spin with possibilities as you parlay what I’m about to tell you into a near-infinite list of app ideas. This niche is hiding in plain sight…and you’ll wonder how you’ve missed it.

I’ll pull back the curtain & let you peek over my shoulder as I cruise through my accounts. Far from being restricted to screenshots, we’ll take a live video screencapture as I move through the app accounts…nothing secretive, nothing hidden – you’ll get to see it just as we do!

I’ll next de-mystify the app-creation process. Now knowing my app by name, and appreciating the niche that’s ripe for the picking – not to mention cruising thru our app accounts like you own them – we’ll discuss software. Ironically, I’ll tell you exactly what software allowed a guy (who’s never even held an iPhone in his hand) to create an app…that thousands of people would download using one!

30-Day Risk Free Trial

Easy App Cash has a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee. If you aren’t happy for any reason, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you’re even the least bit worried if this is as promised, then put your mind at ease.

Easy App Cash Bonus :

Profit Maximizer

  • We literally spent nothing on advertising – NADA, ZILCH…
  • Not only did it save us a ton of money, but it also saved us a truckload of time (there was NO CAMPAIGN TO MANAGE)
  • So we’re gonna tell you all about the method we used to generate nearly $50,000.00 from more than 5,000 people so you can imitate not only the app MANUFACTURING, but also the app MARKETING!

Here’s the bottom line:

  • I’m one of only 3 people in the U.S. without a cell phone…(even my parents have one), so it’s likely you have a smart phone
  • I’d also bet you have one or more apps on your smart phone
  • Chances are that, regardless of whether you have an Apple device or an Android or whatever…you are at least aware the others exist (and thus won’t have to bug your sister for an education on the foundational basics)
  • So, unless you’re only phone is plugged into a wall & you spend your day chasing foxes down by the creeks, you’re 95% of the way there to Easy App Cash
  • So, unless you’re only phone is plugged into a wall & you spend your day chasing foxes down by the creeks, you’re 95% of the way there to Easy App Cash

Easy App Cash OTO Upsell Upgrade

Front End – Easy App Cash By Matt Bush
OTO 1 – Easy App Cash Professional: Replication Edition
OTO 2 – Easy App Cash Premier: Duplication Edition

GRAB Easy App Cash HERE :

Easy App Cash Review and Bonus by Scott Talbert – How to make money on iTunes, Google Play & Amazon with app

Easy App Cash Bonuses

Easy App Cash REVIEW

But Wait! We Promised Ongoing, Passive Residual Income, Didn’t We? While moving 1,000 units in under 2 months is great, there’s nothing like moving on with your life knowing that your 100% FREE “Advertising” methods are spawning download after download after download…all on auto-pilot, all effortlessly in the background!

Still Not Sure? Let Me Invite You To Click On The Strawberries I’m Holding. I’d Like To Have A Word With You In Private. See, This Is Really About More Than Building A Profitable App. It’s Actually About More Than Money Itself. Seriously, Just Click The Berries…I Shot A Fox & I Want You To See It.

GET Easy App Cash HERE :

Easy App Cash Review and Bonus by Scott Talbert – How to make money on iTunes, Google Play & Amazon with app

Easy App Cash Download

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