Easy Offline Continuity Review and Bonus

Easy Offline Continuity Review and Bonus by Jim Shirley – Best New Method How to find 10 clients will bring you $2000 a month and that’s for 5 hours work

Easy Offline Continuity REVIEW

Easy Offline Continuity is my brand new course that shows you how to offer WordPress maintenance and optimization programs to small and mid-sized businesses…for an ongoing monthly fee! I know, I know, it doesn’t sound glamorous or sexy…but it works like gangbusters. While most offline agencies are going after the ‘more clients, customers, and money’ appeal…I’m tapping into the ‘other’ driving need business owners have. Saving Time. One current struggle businesses face is finding good help…so the owners can barely deal with all the work they have…

Which is why this service is so appealing – what I’m sharing with you today hands business owners the one thing they don’t have enough of right now TIME. It’s Proven-Businesses Are Already Paying. Now You’ll Discover…Inside the course, I’ll explain exactly how I sell the service how I find ideal prospects who are primed and ready for this offer. Then I take you by the hand and show you every task you’ll need to take care of. Plus you get my full video training where I show you exactly what to do to onboard a new client and how to keep them happy for years to come. How Much Will This Cost? Before I get to the price…There’s more. The other night I was laying in bed thinking “…what if it was me buying this today? what would make this even better – even more bullet proof so anyone could do it? That’s when I came up with a couple ideas to make it even easier for you to start offering this service as soon as possible! And rather than making this into an OTO – why not just give it to you? That’s what I’d want!

Easy Offline Continuity Review

WATCH THE DEMO Easy Offline Continuity HERE :

Easy Offline Continuity Review and Bonus by Jim Shirley – Best New Method How to find 10 clients will bring you $2000 a month and that’s for 5 hours work

Easy Offline Continuity Review


Easy Offline Continuity FEATURE :

Here’s What Your Getting

  • Training – I show you exactly what I do – unedited! So you’ll get to see every step and listen in while I talk through all the important details that keep customers happy and make your life easy!
  • The free WordPress security plugin that I’ve been using for years to lock hackers and malware out…I show you all the right settings to choose so you (and your client) can rest assured the site is protected 24/7 …and you get notified if there’s any issues.
  • Watch over my shoulder while I show you how to take care of the simple tasks clients need help with. Plus, I’ll show you what to do if a client needs help with something that you don’t know how to do!
  • Getting 20 or more comment spam emails per day? One client was…I’ll show you exactly how to stop comment spam dead…your clients will LOVE you for taking care of this!
  • Warning! Do this first with every new client in case something accidentally goes wrong (and if you does, then you can fix it before they even notice!)Failing to take this step could kill your reputation.
  • How I get prospects and then turn them into clients – Businesses do not want a sales pitch for yet another service…that’s why I always position my offer so it solves one immediate problem.
  • You need to know FTP and SQL and HTML, right? WRONG! If you can login to WordPress and click your mouse a few times, then you’ve got what it takes to offer  you’ve got what it takes!
  • Afraid you’ll get overwhelmed with work from pesky clients? I was! I’ll show you how to set the right boundaries that protect you and your time and still be cool with your clients.
  • Here’s what I do to prepare for the inevitable hacked site…plus how I get the client back online fast without having to hire expensive malware removal services.
  • Watch while I show you exactly what tools and software I use and how to set things up so everything works on autopilot while I go out and get more clients.
  • How to set up a recurring charge button in PayPal so your clients get billed automatically every month and the money goes straight to your account.
  • My Promise: I give you everything you need to get up and running with this business.

Easy Offline Continuity Bonuses :

Early Buyer Bonus #1
This bonus alone is worth at least $199…Because until I started using this, getting customers was A LOT harder. What I’m giving you as Bonus 1 is your very own white label copy of the client-ready document that describes this service…The trick to making this service fun, easy and profitable is setting boundaries…and my service description is the ‘secret sauce’ for doing just that. You don’t want to be on the hook for all kinds of stuff you don’t want to do…The service description makes it explicit what the client gets…PLUS it makes it crystal clear what is NOT included and costs more…and you get this document as a free bonus! I send this to every client and have them sign it! On top of setting boundaries…this service description just makes you look like a pro! Clients like having stuff in writing…and you should to!

Early Buyer Bonus #2
Afraid you’re not organized enough to handle all this? I’ve got you covered with my step-by-step task list and client intake form…Here’s the deal. The task list only has 5 steps on it – that’s how simple this service is to deliver. Follow along and check off each item every time you bring on a new client. One of the tasks on your list is filling in the client intake form which I’m also including here. The intake form has all the client information you need to collect up front to handle everything. And just so everything is crystal clear on how to use the task list and intake form, I’ve recorded a walk through video where I talk you through how to use them.

Easy Offline Continuity : FAQ

Q: Will I need to buy plugins or software to make this business work?
A: No need to buy software or plugins to make this work. Everything I show you can be done free. It does help if you have your own WordPress website and hosting so you can practice some of the tricks I show you.

Q: Isn’t WordPress easy enough clients wouldn’t need help?
A: Put yourself in the typical middle-aged business owners shoes. Yes, if they really wanted to master all this stuff, they could. But they won’t. To them it can be daunting. They’re always looking for ways to spin off projects to others…NOT to add to their to-do list.

Q: Can I do this with non-WordPress sites?
A: This training is focused on helping businesses with WordPress.

Q: What percent of businesses use WordPress?
A: WordPress, the #1 content management system (CMS) online now powers 27% of all sites on the web. That’s means 1 out of every 4 sites is WordPress. It’s expected to reach 33% by 2018 (according to the latest research from W3Techs Research)

Q: How much competition?
A: Almost none, since most consultants have never even presented this option to business owners.

Q: Do I need to be available 24/7?
A: No way! In fact, you can simply specify that any ’emergency issues’ outside of business hours are billed at your customary rate.

Q: Will I need to check in on the client sites frequently?
A: Nope! I show you in the training how to set everything up so you get notifications by email if any issues come up. I do make a point to check in on client sites once or twice a month just to make sure everything is cool.

GRAB Easy Offline Continuity HERE :

Easy Offline Continuity Review and Bonus by Jim Shirley – Best New Method How to find 10 clients will bring you $2000 a month and that’s for 5 hours work

Easy Offline Continuity Bonuses

Easy Offline Continuity REVIEW

Recap Of What You Get…You get 9+ training videos where you can sit with me while I show you how to get clients and operate the business. Everything is covered with over 1.5 hours of training. PLUS…You get the bonus service description so you can literally start selling this service later today knowing that your clients will be crystal clear on what they get. And I’m giving you my client intake form along with the task check list so you know exactly what to do…All of the knowledge and experience I have to share…Want to get 2018 rolling the right way? Imagine getting paid $199 a month by local busiess owners…for a service you can provide in just 30 minutes!

Sound too good to be true? It’s not…Every business with a WordPress site needs this unique service…And Jim reveals everything including…his secret for finding clients and offering this easy service…how to set everything up (including how to set up your payment button!). And the best part is…businesses LOVE this because it saves them time. It’s not like anything you’ve seen. With so many offline services – like SEO – you have to be an ‘expert’…Not with this unique service…Jim shows you everything – and its easy to do yourself. But the price goes up January 1st…so you have to be fast.

GET Easy Offline Continuity HERE :

Easy Offline Continuity Review and Bonus by Jim Shirley – Best New Method How to find 10 clients will bring you $2000 a month and that’s for 5 hours work

Easy Offline Continuity Download

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