Publishing Elite 1.0 Review and Bonus

Publishing Elite 1.0 Review and Bonus by K-Ninja – Best New Self-Publishing Course How to Make money and earning a solid Passive Income through Self-Publishing

Publishing Elite 1.0 REVIEW

Publishing Elite 1.0 is an 8 module video presentation showing your audience how to make money publishing ebooks, paperbacks, and audio books. Everything from researching profitable keywords, to book creation, to obtaining reviews, to setting up a backend on books is covered in this excellent resource! I expect conversions to be extremely high at this price! We’re taking about publishing ebooks, paperback books and audio books, and learning how to rank them to make them sell. This isn’t a get-rich quick scheme, but it is possible to get rich quickly doing this, as in you could go from zero to thousands of dollars in matter of months, as many of my students have. For newbies and advanced publishers: This course holds your hand and walks you through the path as if you were a newbie, but also has some very deadly secret strategies that would benefit even the most advanced publishers. By the way: You don’t have to be an author to be able to make a profit self-publishing, you can outsource your books, but if you happened to be an author it definitely doesn’t hurt you. If you wanted to earn a passive income self-publishing, and not even have to write your own books, how would you do that? Publishing Elite 1.0 is one rare and amazing course that teaches you all of that and much, much more. The course takes you from zero to teaching you every single step you need to take to grow and profit from a self-publishing business. This is the easiest way to build a passive income coming from nothing has arrived. Enter Publishing Elite 1.0, made by the successful self-publisher who goes by the name K-Ninja who reveals all of his secrets in this course. He doesn’t even write most of his own books, and you don’t need to write books to be able to profit with this. What’s the easiest way to earn a passive income online? Self-Publishing ebooks, paperbacks, and audiobook. And K-Ninja reveals all of his secrets, everything from how to outsource writers, to how to rank your books, to how to get reviews.

Dashboards? I’ve Got That! Kindle Dashboard CreateSpace Dashboard. These are my average monthly numbers kiddo! The top one is for ebook sales, the bottom one for paperback. Seems impossible, huh? Well, I’m no rocket scientist, the only thing separating me from you is that I failed a bunch of times and spent a ton of cash making costly mistakes to get to this point! Though you don’t have to have to waste all the time that I did to get here, because this course reveals all of my secret strategies. I can’t guarantee you’ll have the same results as me, but I can guarantee that you’ll have the most effective and updated self-publshing strategies on the planet, as I’ll keep updating this course with the most effective strategies. Self-publishing isn’t rocket science, so you don’t have to be a genius to do this, and you don’t even need to be able to write books, because you can outsource them. All you need is to know is how to use a computer and have the will to will to keep publishing, and you can be successful at this. Keep in mind: those who take their self-publishing business seriously are going to naturally be more successful than those who half-heatedly approach it, just like anything else. Can results be achieved? Definitely, because I get them, and because my students get them. My dashboards speak for themselves, and the dashboards of my students are just as (if not more) impressive. Can You Get Rich This Way? It depends on your idea of getting rich, and also depends how much you’d be satisfied with. Yes, you can make $50 a month, or a few hundred dollars a month (and some people are satisfied with just that), or thousands of dollars a month (a job replacing income). I’d honestly say that anything over $10,000 a month is extremely hard to pull off, but is definitely do-able, as I’ve done it.

Publishing Elite 1.0 Review

WATCH THE DEMO Publishing Elite 1.0 HERE :

Publishing Elite 1.0 Review and Bonus by K-Ninja – Best New Self-Publishing Course How to Make money and earning a solid Passive Income through Self-Publishing

Publishing Elite 1.0 Review


Publishing Elite 1.0 FEATURE :

So What Do You Get When You Join?

Secret Strategies
You get the entire Publishing Elite course (explaining the secret strategies that I use and have taught others) giving you everything you need to make a substantial passive income capable of replacing your job, we’re talking 5 and 6 figure incomes here!

Monthly Updates
You get monthly updates, including videos on new publishing techniques and other great pieces of content that will give you the edge in your publishing business.

Secret Mastermind Group
You get membership to our Secret Mastermind Group where we discuss the latest publishing industry news, and come up with new strategies, and where I will personally answer all of your publishing questions.

I’ve worked  really hard to put this thing together for you

I give to you: Publishing Elite 1.0

After going to a mountain top, and coming back nearly dead, I give unto thee this ultimate tomb of wisdom. This is the stuff they’ll be talking about for years to come. So what’s exactly is in it:

1. Everything you need to know to be successful self-publisher, that’s what! It’s a video course that has all of my most secret strategies. Not just how to publish a book, but how you should be geting reviews, and bestseller tags, and setting up your backend to build an email list, and a bunch of other secret tactics I’m not going to mention here. It’s all in this course.
2. Not only that, you get updates for life on this thing, so you can always rest assured that when you check this course for the latest most effective publishing strategies, nothing will ever be outdated: I love publishing, it’s my passion, and keep track of the most effective way to do things in each area, and so that’s what my course gives you, the recipe for ulitmate publishing effectiveness. This thing will never become outdated and will keep your books monetized for years to come.
3. Secret Mastermind Group, this is a place where we come up with new ways to tackle any issues that stand in the way of our publishing success. It’s a place to get all of your publishing questions answered, as well as a place to brainstorm and test new methods for ensuring the collective success of our publishing businesses. You get this amazing resource as part of Publishing Elite 1.0.

Advantages vs Disadvantages

Let’s take a look at the pros joining my course versus the cons of not joining my course.

The Pros List

  • You’ll have no problems publishing books in ebook, paperback, and audio book formats.
  • You’ll learn all of my secret strategies, strategies that will save you from making costly mistakes.
  • You’ll learn my 5 Magic Methods for getting reviews (including that one “Holy Grail” method), and so getting reviews will never be a problem for you.
  • You have a life-time of updates and support, a community of like-minded publishers and all of your publishing questions answered.
  • You’re going to make a lot of money, likely building a passive income in the 5 to 6 figure range! There is no better course on self-publishing than this!

The Cons List

  • You’ll eventually figure out how to publish books to ebook, paperback and audiobook formats, though never being sure if it’s the most effective way.
  • You’ll make a lot of costly mistakes that will cost you much more than the price of this course.
  • When you launch a book, you’ll have no strategy for getting reviews. In desperation you might turn to review swapping and get your account banned Good luck with that!
  • You won’t have an expert publisher nor a community of publishers you can ask questions to. You’re on your own!
  • You could make alot of money if you keep at it, but you’re not likely to be hitting 3 figures any time soon.

Publishing Elite 1.0 Features :

  • How to find Profitable Keywords and hack the algorithm to rank your books.
  • How to create and publish your books in ebook, paperback, and audio book formats.
  • 5 Magic Methods for getting reviews that all comply with Amazon’s guidelines.
  • Advanced strategies, such as how to get besteller tags, and much more!
  • A life-time of updates to this course which reflect the ever-changing industry.
  • Access to our secret Facebook group, and all of your publishing questions answered.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Try my course and follow the instructions in each module. If within 14 days you don’t see results, and if you can show that you’ve followed the instructions, you may ask for a refund.

Publishing Elite 1.0 : Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really earn a passive income in this?
Yes you can! Thousands of people publish books and many earn a substantial income doing so. The Internet has made it so that anyone can self-publish a book, and while this takes away from the business of large publishing houses, it is an excellent opportunity for anyone who want to earn a passive income through self-publishing.

Do I need to be good at writing to do this?
No you don’t. As long as you can follow instructions and can work a computer, you’re golden!

How much money can I make?
It all depends on how much effort you put in. To make hundreds of dollars a month as a passive income is not too hard, and to make more than that you just multiply your efforts. I’d say getting over $10,000 a month is really hard, but do-able, because I’ve done it!

Can’t I learn this stuff on my own?
Sure! Well, you can try, but you’ll also make all the same costly mistakes I did before you get to a point where you figure out how you can be profitable. I wish I had a course like this when I started, it would have saved me a lot of time, headaches, and money that I didn’t have.

So do you publish fiction or non-fiction?
Both! Non-fiction is intially easier, but money can definitely be made in both areas.

How long will it take to make money?
If you follow the instructions in the course, you’ll start seeing sales within 2 weeks. It is possible to scale this business quickly if you put in the effort. It’s not uncommon for students of my methods who hit this hard to see a passive income of thousands of dollars in a matter 3 to 6 months (in rare cases it is possible to reach $10,000 a month in this period). For those that go a bit slower it could take more time.

GRAB Publishing Elite 1.0 HERE :

Publishing Elite 1.0 Review and Bonus by K-Ninja – Best New Self-Publishing Course How to Make money and earning a solid Passive Income through Self-Publishing

Publishing Elite 1.0 Bonuses

Publishing Elite 1.0 REVIEW

What Separates My Course From The Others? I activily publish books, it is my main source of income and my passion, and since it is my passion, I love teaching it, so I’m happy to answer all your questions on it and get you going on the right path. Also, I will constantly update this course to reflect changes in the publishing industry. So you’re getting a course that is constantly updated that teaches the most effective publishing methods out there. Therefore, it’s really a perfect course for anyone who seriously wants to get into self-publishing, and for those already in self-publishing who want to be part of a course that keeps things updated and that teaches only the most effective methods out there. Why would you want anything less? So if you’re looking for a course that is constantly perfecting the most effective method for publishing and constantly updating its lessons to reflect changes in the publishing industry, and one that provides you with support by answering all of your publishing questions, then this course is for you. This course is not for – those who expect to make money for doing nothing. You’ll have to put in a little work into your self-publishing business to make it successful. Though the work becomes less as you get better at the process. I should also say that we also have a Secret Mastermind group of profitable publishers that makes for a great platform to ask questions, or discuss anything related publishing. “I GET THAT, BUT WHAT REALLY SEPARATES YOUR COURSE FROM ALL THE OTHER PUBLISHING COURSES OUT THERE?” Okay, I’ll tell you what really separates my course from all of the others if you really want to know smarty-pants. It’s not only the proven methods, strategies, and process that I’ve esalbished for building a successful publishing business, but it’s even moreso the strategies I have for getting REVIEWS.

The reality is that the way that all of these other publishing courses are telling you to get reviews are wrong! I do something else. Yes, I teach 5 Magic Methods for getting reviews, but one those methods in particular is actually the Holy Grail, and it has hands down beat out any other way of getting reviews, period. My course teaches that method, and NO, it’s not reviews swapping. It’s the method that no one else is doing, but that me and my students do, and it works better than anything else! So Many Publishers Wanted Help…So many publishers wanted to know how I did it, how I was able to self-publish so many books and earn an income of over $10,000 a month. In fact, so many people have been asking me about this that it would take way to much time to explain it all to everyone one at a time, and so I decided to make a course to lay it all down. The science behind why my methods work or are the most effective methods out there doesn’t really matter. I mean I’ve friggin split-tested this stuff and went through a whole bunch of malarkey to figure it all out. You let me worry about the science of my method and why it works. All that you you have to worry about is implementing it! Buy Now Before The Price Goes Up. Look, we can talk about this all day and I can tell you all the benefits of my course, but the reality is that the price is going up soon. I’m serious, you will see the price on this thing go up and up and up, so if you’re serious, then I highly advice you to pick this thing up now while the price is still low. But Wait K-Ninja, I’ve Got Some Objections. Look, just buy the course, and thank me when you’ve got a monthly passive income going into your bank account month after month. It’s pretty much guaranteed that even if you’re an advanced publisher you’re still going to learn something in this course, and with what you’ll learn you’re more than likely to make your money back on the cover charge of this thing, so stop worrying and just come on board. I’m serious, there is truly no better publishing course out there in this day and age, you’ll absolutely love this course!

GET Publishing Elite 1.0 HERE :

Publishing Elite 1.0 Review and Bonus by K-Ninja – Best New Self-Publishing Course How to Make money and earning a solid Passive Income through Self-Publishing

Publishing Elite 1.0 Download

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