Lincover Review and Bonus

Lincover Review and Bonus by Momen Khaiti – Best New Authority Jacking Cloud Based App How to Drive Traffic, Build Your List and Collect Data Through Polls While Building Your Authority On Complete Autopilot

Lincover REVIEW

Lincover is Your most comprehensive cloud-based software that allows you to place your CTA on authority and viral pages of your choice! Lincover (pronounced Link-Over) will not only drive tidal waves of traffic to your offers on autopilot thanks to the fact that people share viral content like crazy, but it will also build your authority because Lincover allows you to put your photo and name on those popovers! Adding links on an authority page is amazing by itself. But Lincover doesn’t only do that. You probably already know, money is in the list. Which is 100% true! Lincover will also build your list for you…because it allows you to place your opt-in form on the top of those authority/viral pages, while still driving traffic to your offers at the same time! This is great for times when you want to promote affiliate offers but want to capture leads emails before sending them to the offer and lose them forever. That way, you can follow-up with them or promote other offers to them, over and over again. But if that’s all not enough, Lincover takes things to a whole new level!

It has a powerful technology where you can add polls on the top of those “borrowed” pages. The way that works is very easy. You can pick a question, add a few answers and you will have yourself a nice CTA (Call to action). Now go ahead and share the link. Now sit back and watch the poll results coming in and yes while driving traffic to your offer because when people hit that submit button, Lincover will take them to your offer! Polls are a great way to not only engage people, but also collect important data that will help you improve your offer and deliver exactly what you are looking for. But for Lincover to be a complete business suite. It needed to have tracking capabilities in place. Which is why Lincover has a built-in tracking technology that gives you complete analytics with graphical illustrations and maps to show you where your traffic is coming from and how long they are spending on your pages! But don’t let that technology fool you, because if you think doing all that is difficult, just see for yourself how easy working with Lincover is in the demo video below.

Lincover Review


Lincover Review and Bonus by Momen Khaiti – Best New Authority Jacking Cloud Based App How to Drive Traffic, Build Your List and Collect Data Through Polls While Building Your Authority On Complete Autopilot

Lincover Review


Lincover FEATURE :

Lincover OTO / Upsell :

Front End: Access to the app including all future updates with tips and tricks bonus training on how to research and find viral content and where to post the links created by Lincover for maximum effectiveness. With the front end offer, you will have access to all the features of the app, nothing will be left behind. This includes adding buttons/links to your website (backlinking) or to an affiliate offer, adding an optin form which integrates with any autorespondor that offers HTML code for an optin form and a poll where you also get to capture the results and at the same time direct visitors striaght to your offers/websites/links.

UPSELL #1: Every month, we provide you with DFY researched viral links in various niches, which you can use inside Lincover to drive lots of traffic to your offers/website and ensure that the links created with the app are shared for maximum effect. As a bonus, you who take this offer will also have access to closed Facebook group to discuss and share ideas where I will also have freebies you can use as lead magnet to drive even more traffic and grow your lists even more.

UPSELL #2: Access to Super Jacker SAAS by Brett Rutecky, which provides similar functionalities to Lincover but with built-in drag and drop designer.  (Limited to only 300 licenses, so there is a real quantity scarcity). Brett has never launched this but only sold reseller license to it. Super Jacker complements Lincover since it offers bigger layover for the times when needed.

UPSELL #3: Reseller license on the entire funnel of Lincover given straight to you, including UPSELL #3

Why should you grab Lincover?

  • High quality product that you will love to get your hands on.
  • Packed with amazing features
  • Brand new cloud based app, nothing to install
  • Legally hijack others’ authority
  • Place your button/opt-in form/poll on the top of any link
  • Get more viral clicks to your offers from organic traffic
  • Complete analytics module included
  • Newbie-friendly – Easy to use

Lincover Bonuses :

Now what if I told you that I have something cool for you as a bonus? I created a video-based over-the-shoulder training course that gives Lincover users tips and tricks on how to find viral content in any niche and the best places to post your Lincover links to get the maximum amount of sharing. To be very honest with you, I was going to have that course as an upsell to Lincover, but since you are here today you are in luck, because you will get access to this course as a thank you bonus from me.

With developer license you not only have access to Lincover for your own offers with a limited number of campaigns, but you will also get license to create UNLIMITED number of CTA’s and campaigns for you and for your clients!!! What does that mean to you? This means that as a proud owner of Lincover, you can go to your local business whether it’s a restaurant, a dentist, a legal firm, a plumber, a roofing company, a landscaping business or anything really and offer them campaigns to build their email list for them and drive traffic to their websites/promotions/offers at the same time. You can easily charge them a minimum of $199-$1299 monthly depending on the type of business! Trust me, they will happily pay you that much and more because the cost is covered with only one sale in some cases. In fact, for some businesses, they cover that with only 1 customer! And the best part is…it didn’t cost you anything but a few minutes of your time once a month! Now we are talking business!


My passion is to create world-class products that add value to you as an online entrepreneur. I believe that YOU, the buyer, are my #1 priority and any products you purchase from me should work the first time and every time. If within 14 days of purchase you experience any issues or problem where you can’t get Lincover to work. Simply file a support ticket and give me 48 hours to remedy your problem. If I can’t deliver a working copy back to you within 48 hours, or I can’t resolve any issues with the app you might have…I’ll gladly refund your money without questions…I will even pay you double what you paid for wasting your time and causing you trouble…That’s my better than 100% money back guarantee. What could be MORE fair than that? No questions asked, no hoops to jump through and no hard feelings…

Today’s Deal!

Full access to all the amazing features of Lincover
This includes the ability to add links, opt-in forms and polls on the top of authority/viral pages in any niche.

Full access to all future updates and versions of Lincover

Full access to all the over-the-shoulder training videos
Tips and tricks on where to find viral content and where to share your links for maximum efficiency

Developer License with UNLIMITED campaigns and CTA’s
You can carry out campaigns for you and your clients and charge them high recurring fees for them

My ironclad better than 100% money back guarantee

Lincover : FAQ

Question: What exactly is Lincover?
Answer: It’s a software that allows you to legally hijack other websites’ authority to build yours. You can place your layover that includes your name, photo, link, message and button, opt-in form or poll.

Question: Does Lincover work on Mac?
Answer: Lincover is cloud-based, which means it works on PC, MAC or any other computer/laptop as long as you have access to the internet. Nothing to install.

Question: Is Lincover difficult to use?
Answer: No way! Lincover was created with easy of use in mind. It’s newbiew friendly and if you can fill up a small form, you can use Lincover. Your purchase also includes step-by-step video tutorials.

Question: Are there any upsells/OTO’s?
Answer: Yes, but none of them is necessary to make Lincover work. With your front end purchase, you will gain full access to the entire software and all its features and future updates. You can create your first viral link within minutes after your purchase

Question: Is the current price going to increase?
Answer: The current one-time price you see on this page is only valid during the launch period. After the launch, Lincover will cost you $37 monthly. I don’t do false scarcity, if you don’t believe me, come back after the launch and see. But please don’t say I didn’t warn you or get mad at me. I can’t do anything about it.

Question: Does Lincover work with any website of my choice?
Answer: Lincover works on most websites. However, there are some websites that have special code that doesn’t allow embedding by third-party apps suck as Lincover. But don’t worry, the internet is so vast you will always find something amazing to use.

GRAB Lincover HERE :

Lincover Review and Bonus by Momen Khaiti – Best New Authority Jacking Cloud Based App How to Drive Traffic, Build Your List and Collect Data Through Polls While Building Your Authority On Complete Autopilot

Lincover Bonuses

Lincover REVIEW

But to make it even easier for you, I created detailed video tutorials that will explain every corner of Lincover and all the features that it has. By now you see how Lincover can be your ultimate machine for creating unlimited laser targeted traffic and leads to your offers and how it can build your list for you. Not only do you get to place your link and get viral traffic, you can get lots of optins and build your list. Right now during the launch period, Lincover is selling for a one-time low price of $17. You will also get a bonus training with lots of tips and tricks on how to maximize the effectiveness of Lincover. So don’t wait and endup paying recurring monthly fees of $37+ for it and grab it now. My good friend Momen has been secretly using a cloud-based software called “Lincover” to drive traffic to his offers. Now he’s putting it in your hands so you can duplicate his and his friends’ results…check it out.

It doesn’t just stop at driving traffic. How about growing your list? Lincover got you covered! But just when you think that’s already amazing, check this out. You can collect valuable stats using polls and direct traffic to your offer all at the same time! How do I know people will click those links? I know because people like to buy but they don’t like to be sold. When you share an useful link, people will view you as the authority and that makes them interested in your recommendations. Want even more authority? Use the poll feature in Lincover…collect valuable stats and direct them to the offer. It’s that simple…it’s that powerful. Start posting authority links with your call to actions on the top of them. Drive viral traffic to your offers…which brings sales and grows your list.

GET Lincover HERE :

Lincover Review and Bonus by Momen Khaiti – Best New Authority Jacking Cloud Based App How to Drive Traffic, Build Your List and Collect Data Through Polls While Building Your Authority On Complete Autopilot

Lincover Download

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