DFY Chief Review and Bonus

DFY Chief Review and Bonus by Joshua Zamora – Best New Pre-Made Niche Site Templates in over a Dozen of the Hottest Niches


DFY Chief is one of the easiest ways for you to profit BIG from ANY local area you can think of. We’ve done ALL the hard work for you and are delivering it to you on a silver platter! DFY Chief is our powerful bundle of over 12 done-for-you Website Templates that your customers will be able to quickly publish and sell to their clients for $1,000 or MORE, EACH! And they’ll also be able to edit these templates as much or as little as they’d like with the powerful Website Builders That Comes Built-in! A brand new membership site has just opened up that is going to do ALL the heavy-lifting for you so that you can just focus on what matters…which is PROFIT! Yup, this membership site is going to give you access to 12 high-converting, pre-made website templates in over a DOZEN of the HOTTEST niches…that you can sell for 500-1000, EACH…And be able to do that over and over and over and over AGAIN!! BUT, it get’s even BETTER. Because you’re not just getting access to the 12 pre-made website templates. Talk About An Amazing Package, Right? We couldn’t agree with you more. And today, you get instant access to this package at a HUGE discount and you’ll be getting full agency rights to sell them to your clients as well. Talk about awesome, right? This is easily one of the BEST page builders and libraries of ready-made websites that you’ll ever get your hands on. You’re Just Minutes Away From Being Able To Access Any Of Them And Sell Them For A Massive Profit!

Hey there, my fellow marketer! It’s no secret that providing marketing services to local businesses is one of the FASTEST and most profitable ways for ANYONE to make a profit online. New businesses are being started EVERY SINGLE DAY! And all of these businesses know how important it is to have an online presence. Getting a website is now one of the FIRST things NEW businesses seek when first starting out. It used to be that having a website was a “yea we don’t really need that” kinda thing. But now, if local businesses don’t have a website, they’re missing out on A LOT of profit. If you’re not able to follow through on the above, you’ll get lost in the sea of struggling local agencies – And you don’t want to lose out on potential sales because of any of those reasons, right? Of course not! What better way to ensure you truly capture your clients attention then using templates that are PROVEN to convert and designed by a high-end graphics designer with all the proper software and website skills, right? And with our done-for-you websites inside of DFY Chief, You have a nearly guaranteed way to go out there and profit your first $1,000 check by the end of the week!

DFY Chief Review


DFY Chief Review and Bonus by Joshua Zamora – Best New Pre-Made Niche Site Templates in over a Dozen of the Hottest Niches

DFY Chief Review



DFY Chief OTO / Upsell :

Front End
The FE is going to be our main DFY Chief membership. Here you will be able to get full access to DFY Chief and be able to create and sell our pre-made website templates to your clients and keep 100% of the profit. Plus, we host all the sites for you too.

Here you will be able to join our template club where we’ll be adding new templates every single month that you can continue to sell.

Here we’ll be offering out SyndLab product which will allow you to immediately start offering SEO services as an upsell to the clients you’ll be selling websites to.

DFY Chief Benefits :

  • 100% unique done-for-you niche sites
  • Powerful Page Builder with over a DOZEN pre-made websites in the HOTTEST niches
  • PLUS we host ALL the sites for you!

Our Irresistible and Simple 3-Step Process:

1. Select Template
Browse and select a template from our template library, we have templates in over a DOZEN of the hottest niches that you can sell for $1k or more

2. Customize Your Pages
Quickly & easily edit and customize your  pages as much or as little as you’d like using a powerful drag and drop page editor

3. Publish And Profit
Easily publish your pages and collect your profit. PLUS, we host the sites for you and you can have it show ANY domain you’d like!

Inside of DFY Chief You’ll Be Getting:

A Complete, Drag-n-Drop Page Builder
You’ll be getting instant access to a VERY powerful, but yet VERY simple page builder that you can use to build ANY kind of website you can think of. You can use our pre-built templates OR get as creative as you’d like and charge a premium for your sites.

Over 12 Agency Website Templates
You’ll also be getting access to our ready-made-website templates spread across more than a dozen of the hottest niches that you can quickly for ANY client in just 3-CLICKS and sell for over $500-$1000. Or Rank-N-RENT them and generate MASSIVE monthly checks in these niches.

Fully Hosted Service
We wanted to truly make this a business in a box. We wanted to not only provide you with COMPLETE websites that you can quickly customize and SELL, but we wanted to eliminate you having to host the sites as well. So with DFY Chief, you’ll be getting access to CRASH-PROOF hosting VIA Google Cloud Engine. This is Google PREMIUM hosting service and you pay NOTHING extra for this.

Instant Domain Masking For a Professional Look
We all know how many page builders limit you to having to have a subdomain instead of being able to display your OWN domain, right? Well with DFY Chief, you’ll be able to have ANY website you sell show up on ANY domain you’d like in just a few mouse clicks! This will allow you to REALLY look like a professional agency.

Full Editable Options
You can customize each template as much or as little as you’d like. Either way you can rest assured you’ll be profiting from some AMAZING websites. Use our full templates as-is OR customize them with our simple, drag-n-drop editor. This requires ZERO design skills.

Access to 12 website templates in the HOTTEST niches
We wanted to make this as EASY as possible for you so you’ll have access to 12 templates in some of the HOTTEST and most profitable niches out there. Niches like Attorny website, Restaurant website, Wedding website, Healthcare website, Petcare and MORE!

Step-By-Step Video Tutorials
We all know how important it is to have clear, step-by-step video tutorials. Well, we’ve got you covered. These tutorials will show you how to customize our templates as much or as little as you’d like.

Fast and Friendly Customer Support
If you still run into any issues at all, we’ll be hear to clear up any problems you may face inside of our dashboard. We’re here to help you succeed.

So, How Exactly Do You Cash-In On This Booming Market?

Because you see, not ALL local agencies are created equal. With so many people competing to offer local businesses website services…

  • You have to make sure you stand out
  • You have to make sure you can provide quality
  • You have to make sure your websites are professional
  • You have to make sure your all of your graphics are of the BEST quality
  • You have to make sure you can deliver your service ON TIME! (you have no idea how tired local businesses are of being over promised and undelivered to)

If you went out there and created these types of websites yourself, you’d have to worry about:

  • Making sure you hire the right designer. (will easily run you over $2k-$3k and this is assuming you find the right designer the first time around)
  • Making sure you have the right person to slice the graphics and get them ready to code. (another $500-$1,000 and again many times the designer doesn’t know how to slice the Photoshop file to turn it into a workable website)
  • Making sure you have the right programmer to actually CODE the sliced images ($1000-$3000 – yup, if the person that slices the images doesn’t know how to code, you need ANOTHER person to code the sliced images.)
  • Making sure you have the right hosting set up to deliver the websites and ensure there’s no downtime ($300/month or more: you don’t want to go cheap here when client checks are at stake)
  • Making sure you can easily go in an edit a website at ANY time (Priceless – especially with our simple drag-n-drop editor)
  • AND being able to invest 3-4 months of your time to ensure you put ALL of the moving pieces above TOGETHER just to make ONE WEBSITE! (remember, you’re getting TWELVE ready-made websites inside of DFY chief so multiply everything above by 12)

30 Day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

And of course, you can’t forget about our 30-day no questions asked, money back guarantee. Get Full access to DFY Chief for a full 30-days and if for some reason you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll give you a FULL REFUND! But Wait, we’re not done yet!

DFY Chief Bonuses :

Bonus #1 – The Secrets of The $500k/month man
In this incredible interview you’re gonna hear from a guy who makes over $500k per month through his marketing agency! You’re gonna get a full insiders view into his entire process. Plus you’re gonna get some amazing mindset training and some BADASS sales training that you’ll be able to use to generate some BIG paychecks. This training alone will allow you to close more deals and collect more checks.

Bonus #2 – Client Sign Up and Proposal Contracts
Here you’ll be getting the EXACT contracts we use to easily get clients signed up and pay us anywhere from $500-$3000 a month. And also the EXACT contracts we use for one-time services (like selling a website to a client). Having a proper contract allows you to look a lot more professional AND truly commits your clients to working with you.

Bonus #3 – 3 Fastest Ways To Find Clients To Sell Websites To
Prior to going full-time online, I used to run the SEO department for 2 web design companies here in Miami. One of my roles was sales. In this bonus, I’ll be sharing with you our 3 most profitable ways to attract clients that were ready to pay us. And that’s just the beginning of what’s covered in this bonus training.


DFY Chief Review and Bonus by Joshua Zamora – Best New Pre-Made Niche Site Templates in over a Dozen of the Hottest Niches

DFY Chief Bonuses


You don’t have to waste ANY time finding a designer. You don’t have to waste time finding a programmer that can slice and code the design. You don’t even have to get your own hosting to deliver the websites. We Provide You With The Proven Website Templates. And We Host Everything For You! All you have to do is login, quickly edit a template and PROFIT! But at this point you may be wondering: “Josh this sounds amazing, but how much is it gonna cost me to access this amazing software and the templates?” I’ll be 100% honest with you. It cost a TON of money and effort to put together this entire package together for you. And let’s not even get into the amount of precious time and effort that was put into creating EVERY single template that comes built-in the DFY Chief. I hope you can now see just how valuable having all of this work DONE FOR YOU is. Now normally, we will be charging a monthly fee to get access to DFY Chief, however, for the next few days ONLY, you’ll be able to secure access to ALL TWELVE templates AND our powerful Page builder for just a one-time fee. But you have to act fast we couldn’t possibly keep this discount offer open forever. It’s just too valuable of a resource to sell at such a low price.

You’re getting the ready-made templates. You’re getting the ability to edit them if you’d like (or sell as-is). You can point the sites to ANY domain you’d like AND you don’t have to worry about having your own hosting account. Plus, you’ll be getting all the sales contracts needed as a free bonus to make the whole process a lot easier. And the best part is, you can get access to this amazing membership for less than the cost of lunch for two! These are professional, high-quality sites, created by some of the most talented graphic artists and websites designers that would normally cost 2k-3k, EACH! And today, you can access TWELVE of them at a whopping 81% off! Well it is! And right now you can secure this crazy offer at a whopping 81% discount. But this discount will only be active for a few days because they can easily be charging 997 for this package.


DFY Chief Review and Bonus by Joshua Zamora – Best New Pre-Made Niche Site Templates in over a Dozen of the Hottest Niches

DFY Chief Download


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