BlogaShop Pro Review and Bonus

BlogaShop Pro Review and Bonus by Bill Hugall – Best New WordPress Plugin That Generates Tons of FREE Profit Producing Traffic For Your Shopify Store and, or WordPress Site With A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse

BlogaShop Pro REVIEW

BlogaShop Pro Is The #1 WordPress Plugin That Generates Tons of FREE Profit Producing Traffic For Your Shopify Store and, or WordPress Site With A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse! “Needless to say, you really won’t find a better resource to help you generate free traffic to any Shopify store or WordPress site.” We personally guarantee that BlogaShop PRO is hands down the #1 resource to help any aspiring Shopify or WordPress site owner generate a ton of free traffic effortlessly and efficiently. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what one of our good friends and BlogaShop PRO Power Users Frank Keeney had to say. All of these elements are incredible on their own, but when you add them all together, you have a profit pulling Content Creation powerhouse without all the hassle. And with BlogaShop PRO, you’ll be able to use this with a Shopify store AND a WordPress site of your choosing. “Did I Also Mention That BlogaShop PRO Works With Any New Or Existing WordPress Site You Own?” So we know that you can use this for Shopify blogs, but what about WordPress sites? Well did you think we’d let Shopify blogs have all the fun? Absolutely not. We’ve set this up so that you can use it with WordPress as well. Why? Because while we want you to get a ton of traffic to any Shopify blog and convert that traffic to paying customers, we also don’t want you to think we’d treat WordPress sites like the ugly step sister. Every option you see within BlogaShop PRO can be utilized for any WordPress site as well. Just plug BlogaShop PRO into your new or existing WordPress site and get ready to start generating a ton of free traffic for you to monetize! Really this is a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you’re going to waste this year on ineffective Shopify courses and on paid traffic. Plus, When You Sign Up Today – You’ll Receive Some Incredible Bonuses For Being One of The First Charter Members To Invest In BlogaShop PRO.

Personal Message from the founders…”Hey, we really appreciate you for learning about BlogaShop PRO, and all of its features it has to offer. We know there is a lot. It’s because we wanted to makes sure we could pack you with all the tools you need to be successful in your WordPress and or e-commerce business. You have taken the time to read this far, and that speaks volumes about you. You must either be someone that is ready to take their business to the next level or someone who is looking for extra streams of revenue. Well, you have found us. Myself Karl Schuckert or my business partner Keith Gosnell have a combined background of over ten years of online success. We both believe the internet is just an adolescent with only 43% of the word population online. As we are moving more towards convergence we will see a ton more opportunity. It will only be the people who take an opportunity when an opportunity is knocking. And right now it is loud and clear. We both hope you take us up on our offer. We want to see you successful as one of our success stories within the BlogaShop PRO Community. BlogaShop PRO is in its early phase, and we have a long-term plan for it. Let’s take Ricky and Johnny. Over the last 90 days, they both have been working to promote their stores. Johnny has been doing all the Facebook stuff that people rave over and pounds his chest about how he’s ‘grinding and killing it’. He posts screenshots of his stores and they have some pretty high figure numbers. Everyone responds to his posts with so much praise: “Boom!”, “You da man!”, “Scale that…” “You’re killing it!” Now we switch back to Ricky. Over the last 90 days, Ricky hasn’t done as much as Johnny has. As a matter of fact, Ricky has only been using a very seldom used option within Shopify that most store owners NEVER take advantage of. He spends a little time every day on his store and then just oes about his business. Right now Shopify and e-commerce is all the craze. Well, it’s been that way for about a year now and you can’t help but see people posting screenshots of their stores online with how many sales they’ve made. I for one am happy for them. And I also kind of feel bad for them as well. Why? Because I also know the amount of money they spend on ads just to make a sale. A sale that they’ll make one time without ever having the ability to follow up with that customer. Now don’t get me wrong. There are some smart guys who build funnels doing that stuff, but they are the exception – not the norm. Listen, if you’re in the e-commerce game or thinking about getting into it, let me disrupt your thinking for a moment. I’m not saying you shouldn’t use paid traffic as a way to promote your stores or sites online. Not by any means. What I am saying is though, if you’re not taking advantage of the blogging feature within Shopify, then you’re leaving a lot of money and traffic on the table. Traffic that doesn’t cost a dime and takes very little time to setup and generate. This is so good that blogging and Shopify together is like burgers and fries. Sure, you could have one without the other, but you’d just feel incomplete if you did. And when you wash it down with a nice icy Coke, that’s kind of the same satisfaction you get from all the profits you make and KEEP from your Shopify stores. (wow…I’m getting hungry!). But I won’t belabor the point. I wanted to let you know that there is a simple way to do the above by using a brand new resource called BlogaShop PRO.

BlogaShop Pro Review


BlogaShop Pro Review and Bonus by Bill Hugall – Best New WordPress Plugin That Generates Tons of FREE Profit Producing Traffic For Your Shopify Store and, or WordPress Site With A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse

BlogaShop Pro Review


BlogaShop Pro FEATURE :

BlogaShop Pro OTO / Upsell :

FE: BlogaShop PRO
In our Front-End BlogaShop PRO is a WordPress Plugin which gives your subscribers access to over 66,000+ Articles, Categories and Subcategories to inject into their Shopify Store Blog or WP Blog. Finally exposing the Shopify Blog Network that nobody uses until now. Making it super easy to SEO the heck out online properties in no time flat sending heaps of FREE targeted traffic. Let’s break down exactly how BlogaShop works and how your customers can start profiting fast.

  • Grab Fresh Articles from our Ever Growing Database of 66,000+ Articles.
  • Grab Royalty FREE Images from 3 built in Sources
  • Grag Youtube Videos with our YT keyword search feature.
  • Spin Articles from inside the app. Changing synonyms in text and making the content unique so when large search engine like Google crawl sites they see it as great content readers will love and enjoy.
  • Schedule/Publish Unique Spun Articles to WP and or Shopify blog (Spin again for each type WP or Shopify)
  • Plus if you have your own spinner we integrate with Spinner Bros and SpinRewriter adding more as we grow (Based on Request from users).
  • Optimize Subject lines, Headlines, Meta Data, Image Data and then just schedule publish.
  • Rank and sit back watching loads of new traffic hit your customer’s site and Shopify Store.
  • 3 FREE Workshop Webinars teaching SEO and Ecom
  • FREE Shopify Training Course from Ben Malol FB™ and Shopify Expert

It’s that simple. We included training as you go right from the inside of our WP plug-in or from our training membership site where you will find all of your training, downloads, bonuses, webinars and support. We feel 100% confident you will absolutely love this plugin and so will your subscriber base.

OTO1: BlogaShop PRO+Auto-Blogger & Shopify CTA Builder

  • Push button automation for Blogging Does all the same as the BlogaShop Pro yet now it will do it automatically or use the 3 step option so you can run though the cue and make any adjustments before post go live. This is highly recommended and something you can do once a week or once a month. Set it and forget it.
  • Now you can add Shopify Product Call-To-Actions on both WP and Shopify. Works just like a native ad that is content driven. Readers search wanted content they find your content and boom right in front of their face are complementing products and buy buttons from the shopify store. That is where the magic happens and buyers buy and your customers profit. You do not even have to subtract ad cost because there isn’t any. (THIS IS BIG AS THERE WAS NO CURRENT WAY TO DO THIS BEFORE BLOGASHOP) As a Shopify store owner if you are using the blog now you can add CTA’s Just buy picking up this plug-in.

OTO2: BlogaShop Unlimited
This upgrade allows users to use all the features they bought on to unlimited Shopify Stores and Unlimited WP Sites. Most people who use either of these usually have more than one and this will be an easy upsell for anyone.
BlogsShop Unlimited.

OTO3: BlogaShop Agency
This gives them access to Agency and allows them to sell this as-a-service to other WP and Shopify Store Owners. They can now profit from selling this as-a-service on UpWork, and This allows them access to PRO and PRO+ if they purchased it and install it onto any customers stores or sites and sell as-a-service. SEO Agencies will love this as they have clients now who could never do this on Shopify Stores. Now they can and they can make a lot of money selling it as a SEO service.

Integrate With All Your Favorite Tools

BlogaShop is easy to use with all of these tools. Have all the options you need at your fingertips. Here are all the tool in no particular order.

  • Shopify for adding products to your blogs and to post on Your store’s blog. A very small percentage of store owners ever use blogs until now.
  • WordPress plugin. 1. So you can access it from WP and 2. So you can post on your wordpress site.
  • YouTube so you can find relevant topics on what you are selling in your Ecom store or digital product.
  • SpinRewriter and SpinnerBros so you can easily Spin Articles for unique content. When big search engines find you they will rank you high.
  • Pixabay, Pexels and Wikimedia for Royalty Free Images.


  • ECom store owners
  • Free Traffic
  • WP Store Owners
  • Digital Product Sellers
  • The Need for Blogging
  • Local Marketing
  • Make Money Online
  • SEO Services for Sale
  • Flipping Ecom Stores or WP Sites
  • Online Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

“So, Exactly What’s Included In The BlogaShop PRO Vault? Get Ready To Have Your Mind Blown!”

The Premium BlogaShop PRO Exclusive Content Library
Within BlogaShop PRO, you’ll find access to over 66,000+ articles sorted by 200+ category and subcategories for you to choose from. With this option, you can easily grab content for any Shopify store you’ll ever need. Why is this important? Because now you’ll NEVER have to figure out what to write exactly because all of the content ideas are done for you. Just this alone with another component of BlogaShop PRO (which you’ll see in a moment) will give your Shopify store SEO super powers while gaining a ton of FREE Traffic in the process.

The BlogaShop PRO YouTube Snatcher
Did you know that YouTube is the 3rd largest search engine online? Yep. That’s right. People now go to YouTube to research products they are interested in and to find help for a problem they may have. How? By searching the entire YouTube database and snatching any video and inserting it into your blog post. Just think about it. Let’s say you were selling a product that regrew hair. Add a hair loss video to your existing blog post and viola! You’ve established validity for purchasing your product. Can you say cha-ching?

The BlogaShop PRO Membership Vault
We’ve included a training membership vault where you will find all of your training, downloads, webinars and support. Never be stuck. We’ll get you up and running fast…

The BlogaShop PRO Royalty Free Image Library
So not only can you spin unique content to any Shopify blog as well as add relevant videos, but we’ll also set you up so you can make your content stand out with access to over 1,000,000+ high quality royalty free images. Yep. That’s right. We’ll give you a backstage pass to 3 different sources to add images to your Shopify blog. Plus you can change the metadata on those images for even more SEO juice and uniqueness for your Shopify blogs and WordPress sites.

The BlogaShop PRO Spinner Vortex
Now remember, earlier I said you will gain access to over 66,000+ articles right within BlogaShop PRO’s dashboard. Add the power of the BlogaShop PRO FREE spinner…That’s right…FREE spinner and you’ll have a ton of unique content at your fingertips on demand! And if you’re a little bit picky about the type of spinner you use, we understand. Hey, we know that having a good spinner is like having a fine wine. Not just any selection will do. That’s why we’ve also added support for two of the major spinners online (with more coming as we grow) which is Spinner Bros and Spin Rewriter. Use any of these options to turn regular content into highly unique spun content and inject a ton of flavor into your Shopify blog or WordPress site.

The BlogaShop PRO Comment Moderator
Now you won’t have to worry about useless spam bombarding your sites. With the BlogaShop PRO Comment Moderator, you’ll be able to protect against ruthless spammers while at the same time use canned replies that helps reply to any user comments fast! Plus you can use those same canned replies to link back to your sales pages thus bringing you more sales! This feature works both on WordPress and Shopify.

BlogaShop PRO SEO Optimization
Take full control of your SEO with this feature as it strips descriptions, keywords and meta data and gives you control to set them based on keywords of your choice. Giving your sites a ton of Search Engine Optimization value that you won’t find anywhere else.

“Friend, You’re Just One Click Away From A…Boatload of Server Melting Traffic To Your Shopify Store And WordPress Site…”

  • If you’re still skeptical or a bit on the conservative side, think about this – if you keep doing the same things over and over again – you’ll only succeed in getting the same results, which is the definition of insanity. If you’re spending an arm and a leg promoting your Shopify store with little to no results, then you need to change that.
  • Maybe you’re just getting started or an Ecom Super Star, then this would just add another revenue stream to your bottom line with little to no out-of-pocket when you invest in BlogaShop PRO Charter Member today…That’s why I want to let you try out BlogaShop PRO – completely and totally risk-free! (I’ll tell you about my unique guarantee in a moment.)
  • Let’s do a quick comparison – having all of these resources in one place would easily set you back $1,000 dollars or more per month which equates to $12,000 per year minimum. Just to have all of your articles written for you. Not to mention the amount of time consuming, gut wrenching processes of finding developers and writers. Which could take months alone.
  • So I figured out a way to provide you with all of this value at a rock bottom investment. But, you better hurry as this offer is only good for Charter members.  I’ve taken the best of my resources when it comes to using this method with Shopify and WordPress and bundled it into an incredible highly valuable yet insanely affordable resource that allows anyone to start taking advantage of all the free traffic they can handle.

And to sweeten the pot, I’m going to take on all the risk. HERE’S MY ‘LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT ALONE’ RISK FREE GUARANTEE

You will have up to 30 days to review the software, and if you honestly believe I haven’t delivered on our promise then let me know and I’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund. The burden to deliver is entirely on us. All I ask is that you give BlogaShop PRO a fair shake by utilizing the training to help you and if BlogaShop PRO isn’t everything I promised it would be, I honestly want you to ask for your money back. Really this is a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you’re going to waste this year on ineffective Shopify courses and on paid traffic.

BlogaShop Pro Bonuses :

BONUS 1 – 3 FREE Workshop webinars

  • SEO

BONUS 2 – FREE Shopify Training Course from Ben Malol FB™ and Shopify Expert

BONUS 3 – All BlogaShop PRO Members are invited to join our Private VIP Facebook Group

So with that being said…“Let’s Get You Started Today…” (Follow These Steps To Start Using BlogaShop PRO Charter Member In The Next 5 Minutes!)

Yes! I understand as a BlogaShop PRO Charter Member, I’m getting an incredible deal at an extremely low investment that includes:

  • The BlogaShop PRO Exclusive Content Library
  • The BlogaShop PRO Spinner Vortex
  • The BlogaShop PRO Membership Vault
  • BlogaShop PRO SEO Optimization
  • FREE Workshop Webinars (Fast Action Bonus!)
  • The BlogaShop PRO YouTube Snatcher
  • The BlogaShop PRO Royalty Free Image Library
  • The BlogaShop PRO Comment Moderator
  • FREE Shopify Training Course from Ben Malol FB™ and Shopify Expert (Fast Action Bonus!)
  • Just added FB™ Private Group! (Fast Action Bonus!)

So Here’s What You Need To Do Next:

Click the button on this page to claim access today

Use the 100% secure order form for your investment

Get access to the members area and follow the easy to use setup

Start generating traffic


Can I use BlogaShop PRO just for WordPress?
Yes! You can utilize all the BlogaShop PRO features for WordPress posts as well as Shopify posts. Works for both platforms!

How many WordPress sites & Shopify Stores can I use BlogaShop PRO with?
BlogaShop PRO works with 1 WordPress site and 1 Shopify Store. There is an Unlimited option available.

Will BlogaShop PRO work on Mac and PC’s?
Yes. BlogaShop PRO is a WordPress plugin, therefore it is web based and will work on any system.

Does this work with Shopify?
It sure does! You will be able to post to your Shopify Blog at will.

Is this a WordPress Plugin?

Is the Free Spinner Unlimited Use?
Yes, you can use the free spinner at will. However, you are limited to 50 spins each day.

Will there be support available after launch?
BlogaShop PRO is a long-term vision and will continue to be supported. You can reach us at anytime!

Are there any limits to the number of Posts I can create?
Absolutely Not! You can post as much as you want.

GRAB BlogaShop Pro HERE :

BlogaShop Pro Review and Bonus by Bill Hugall – Best New WordPress Plugin That Generates Tons of FREE Profit Producing Traffic For Your Shopify Store and, or WordPress Site With A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse

BlogaShop Pro Bonuses

BlogaShop Pro REVIEW

If you want to use a very seldom used method to generate a ton of FREE traffic when it comes to your Shopify stores, then I’ve got some good news. Now you’re probably wondering, “what is it?” Simple. It’s blogging. Now I know you’re probably saying, “I already know about blogging…” and I’m sure you’re right. But are you using it effectively within Shopify to drive truckloads of traffic with credit cards in hand? If no, then why not? I’m sure one of the main reasons is because it takes content to blog effectively and quite a bit of it right? And then you’d have to find all of the images, videos, and more to go with the blog post to make it look super incredible. After that, you’d need to have some sort of SEO option to make sure you can rank in the search engines. Am I right or am I right? Well what if there was a simple solution that lets you skip pass go and do all of them above in only a fraction of time? It’d sound like a dream come true right? Well it is true. And when you see it in action, you’ll be wondering, “where has this been all my life?” Everything you need is included and ready to go so you can drive hoards of free traffic to any Shopify store or WordPress site you desire. But my words don’t do it justice. Hop on over to the link below and see it for yourself. You won’t believe the ease of use and power of this incredible tool. You’ll breathe new life into any Shopify store or WordPress site you have. And all without spending a dime on advertisements. If you spoke to most online entrepreneurs you’d think that it was like the missing key to the universe or something. Listen, if anyone tries to make it seem that getting traffic to your sites is anything more than a set formula then you need to get away from them as quickly as possible. Because that’s what it really is. A step by step formula that you have to follow to get results. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself…There are actually two types of traffic. Paid and free. And while paid traffic can bring you results quicker, having traffic that doesn’t cost out of pocket can be a stable foundation for any WordPress site or Shopify store online. The question is though, “how do you get that type of traffic?” Or better yet, “how do you get that traffic without spending all day slaving away at the computer?” Well, you’d have to use SEO. (dun, dun, dun,…)Now, SEO (search engine optimization) can also seem like a chemical equation you have to solve in order to balance the universe if you let some people tell it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. As a matter of fact, there’s a way that you can plug into an existing SEO system and start generating truckloads of free traffic to just about any Shopify store or WordPress site there is. And the best part? You don’t have to spend all day at the computer to do so. You’ll be able to tap into an exclusive 66,000+ article database along with over 1 million royalty free images that can help you SEO the ‘shiznit’ out of your site. But you’d need to follow the formula to know how to do it exactly. And my good friends over at BlogaShop PRO has come up with the exact way to do so that anyone can tap into. Newbies included. Listen, if you want to generate streams and streams of traffic to your sites, then you need to see what they’ve put together. You won’t believe how simple this is. And get ready to generate a steady flow of traffic to your Shopify stores and WordPress sites with ease.

So if you’re doing anything on the e-commerce front, you probably have a few questions that go something like this: “If I’m already using Shopify, then why should I use WordPress to manage a Shopify blog?” Or…“I’m already busy enough using the Shopify e-commerce platform, what the heck do I need with some blogging stuff that’s going to take up more of my time?” I get it. I honestly do. See, when we all started this ‘online thing’ it was for the purpose of true freedom. And society is so fixed that you can’t have that without money and resources. So that’s why you started your very own e-commerce business right? However, by not adding the power of WordPress with Shopify is like having a nice rich piece of chocolate cake drizzled with hot fudge, topped with a heaping of decadent whip cream and a cherry on top. But when you get it, someone has eaten half of it and left the same fork. (I can’t stand that…). Sure, you’ll enjoy the cake, but you’ll never have the full experience of ALL of the sweetness of that cake could provide for you and your tastebuds. Now imagine every time you ordered cake or bought it from the store, half of it was already eaten. So now you’re stuck forever knowing that no matter what you do, you’ll only enjoy the benefits of half of the cake. And that’s what this is like. Just using the Shopify platform by itself is sure to provide you with some riches and even ‘sweet’ success here and there. But friend, you’re only getting half the cake. And that’s why you need to combine WordPress and Shopify together so you get the FULL benefit of what your Shopify store could really be. See, whether you’re using YouTube ads or even Facebook ads, you’re sure to get some instant traffic and can even see if a product is selling on your Shopify store. But when you add the WordPress component and attach it to your Shopify store, you now go into something that an ad can never do. And that’s add a bit of a personal touch. A personal touch where you can actually communicate with your potential customers AND have a ‘stickiness’ where they repeat coming back to your site and purchasing new and related items. Once they see or click on the ad, they’re gone forever. But on a blog? They get it edged in their mind and in some if not most cases, come back for regularly updated content that helps them with a need in the market. And when you connect with them that way? Profits are sure to follow. Plus, it’s all traffic you’ll receive at no cost so your ROI goes through the roof. But doing all of this can take a ton of time and money to get it just right. Until now. I want to show you how you can still add that personal touch to your e-commerce store and increase your traffic and sales in the process.

GET BlogaShop Pro HERE :

BlogaShop Pro Review and Bonus by Bill Hugall – Best New WordPress Plugin That Generates Tons of FREE Profit Producing Traffic For Your Shopify Store and, or WordPress Site With A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse

BlogaShop Pro Download

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