Postblazer Review and Bonus

Postblazer Review and Bonus by Fletcher Prescott – Best New Social Media Automation Tool Software Suite, The only all-in-one social media scheduler that finds and tailors viral content to your brand and makes passive income 24/7

Postblazer REVIEW

Postblazer is a full social media automation suite that gives you everything you need to schedule, grow and profit with Facebook and Twitter all under one roof. You can easily schedule entire months of branded, viral Facebook and Twitter content in just 1 hour with our drag and drop interface, meaning you can sell 24/7 without even being online. It’s like having your own agency promoting your offers round the clock. Postblazer is The Complete Automation Suite to Dominate Your Social Media Empire. Join 1000s of successful businesses around the world who’ve switched to Postblazer’s automation suite, put their social accounts on high-quality autopilot and made tons more $$$. Postblazer isn’t just 1 software, but 3 unique softwares rolled into a complete suite. Unlike other automation softwares which bombard users with low-quality, poorly formated posts. Postblazer has a few unique tricks up its sleeve so you can blast past 10,000s of other automated posts and sell fast. With our exclusive Find Viral Content and Image Editor features, you can provide a constant stream of BRANDED viral content, products and promotions with a few clicks and never be left wondering what to post for maximum returns. Posts are high-quality and look human. Postblazer is a complete social media scheduling and content creation tool built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. With Postblazer, you’ll never have to worry about your Facebook audience moving to your competition or forgetting about your brand. You’ll have your very own marketing agency in a software that never stops selling for you.

Postblazer is a social media automation suite that gives you everything you need to grow and profit on Facebook under one roof…which we’ll show you exactly what makes us different soon. You can easily schedule whole months of branded, viral Facebook content in just 1 hour, meaning you can spend more time with your customers without even being online. With Postblazer, you’ll provide a constant stream of CUSTOM content, products and promotions with our easy-to-use scheduling software, content finder and image editor designed with maximum profit and growth in mind. Our simple and intuitive automation suite doesn’t require any boring lessons or complicated tutorials, and you get every key feature right off the bat. But before we get into all the cutting-edge features you get with Postblazer, let’s talk more about you. “I’m tired and frustrated managing my social media automation is ruining it.” Maybe you’re fed up constantly logging onto social media to check your results and seeing that everyone and their dog is bombarding your audience with trashy automated posts. Maybe you’re tired of feeling ripped off with other automation softwares which constantly stretch their hands out, asking for more of your cash to unlock features you should of had from the very start. Maybe you’re brand new to automation software and you’re incredibly fortunate to have found the most complete one on your first time. Here’s the thing, automation isn’t the problem, the problem is incorrect use, abuse, and not scheduling content your audience wants! Or maybe you simply want to have more free time outside your business, spending more time with family and friends, travelling the world or doing your favourite hobby you sacrificed to grow your business. All that would be possible if only you could break through the noise with social posts your market would love, meaning you could sell a ton more products. This is how simple it is to begin dominating your social marketing. You can rapidly set up 5000 posts per month, per social account you decide to add. Did we mention you can add 50 of those? Yeah, crazy we know. Simply click any posts you’ve set up, tap to reorder, fine tweak any posting details such as scheduling link-only posts on certain days and times to ensure you’re not spamming your audience with affiliate links, or schedule video posts for certain times of day only for maximum engagement. The options are endless. With Postblazer, you have 100% control over how much/what types of content your audience sees and how they see it, bringing us onto your next unique feature.

Postblazer Review


Postblazer Review and Bonus by Fletcher Prescott – Best New Social Media Automation Tool Software Suite, The only all-in-one social media scheduler that finds and tailors viral content to your brand and makes passive income 24/7

Postblazer Review


Postblazer FEATURE :

Postblazer OTO / Upsell :

FE : Postblazer Lifetime Access

OTO #1 – The Ultimate Agency Upgrade
With this powerful one-time-offer, your subscribers will have the opportunity to expand the number of users they can bring in to 10 under their lifetime PRO account. This unleashes FULL potential for those who want to bring in friends or freelancers to get their own agency off the ground. They’ll have the entire power of Postblazer’s features in their arsenal so they can bring in 7 account managers, one business outreach person and one team leader – they can almost remove themselves from the business entirely if they choose to! This angle has been heavily incorporated into our marketing material so your audience is fully aware of this potential – they’ll be itching to buy it and we can’t blame them.

OTO #2 – Postblazer VIP Video Course
With all this potential for massive success, your audience may feel overwhelmed with all the options at their fingertips. Not anymore.
That’s why we created the VIP Video Course – designed to show your audience EXACTLY where to get started with social media automation for the best results.

We’ll teach them:

  • How to build a brand new social media account from 0 followers to 1000s
  • How to turn a raving audience into customers the RIGHT way
  • How to automate their entire social growth
  • How to manage high-paying clients and potentially earn $1000s on the side
  • How to avoid the BIGGEST mistake 99% of social marketers make
  • And much more…

Again, the huge value potential has been conveyed by our team’s PRO copywriter with both our high-converting VSLs and sales pages.

You probably spend more time just LOOKING for great content and setting up posts than you do working on your business. Time you could spend:

  • Improving your current products or finding new ones to promote
  • Optimizing your sales funnel for maximum long term profit
  • Improving your sales material to boost conversions even further

Let’s look at what you get as soon as you sign up:

  • Schedule upto 5000 posts per month, per social media account months in advance (145 posts/day) to sell products as you sleep
  • A powerful “Find Content” feature so you can quickly search for the most viral, engaging content and schedule it with one click, saving countless hours of work
  • An integrated Photo Editor so you can customize and brand any image you upload or find through the Find Content feature for maximum exposure
  • All the metrics needed to track the success of your posts, likes, comments, shares…displayed simply so you’re not overwhelmed
  • Bulk upload images, links and CSV files saving you even more hours of frustrating, individual file uploads
  • Advanced queueing filters for fine tuning post types which aren’t available in other automation softwares
  • Requeue your most successful posts (or any previous post) from your “Published Posts” section with a single click
  • Drag and drop interface which lets you quickly rearrange your posts to match seasonal promotions, product themes and offers
  • Video files and GIF scheduling, as well as your standard posts months in advance. Saving last minute large file uploads
  • Human-looking posts (and not robotic like other softwares), inspiring your audience to engage with your brand and buy
  • Accessible on any device, no download required. Simply sign in using a computer or mobile phone
  • Access from any social account so you experience no downtime in case of blocked accounts, potentially saving you $1000s
  • And we’re always adding more…

Postblazer Features :

UNIQUE FEATURE #1: Viral Content Finder
Postblazer is the first scheduling software in the world to offer this kind of content sourcing functionality directly within the tool itself…

  • Struggling for ideas of what to post? You’ll never face that problem again. Quickly search millions of royalty free images, animated gifs, and trending content for maximum user engagement.
  • With 1 search you can find the highest converting content to simply click and add to your queue, saving you massive amounts of time and finding the most viral content which has been proven to sell.
  • This way you can cut through all the low-quality automated posts and truly set yourself apart from thousands of other marketers ‘hitting and hoping’ with their standard automation softwares.

UNIQUE FEATURE #2: Integrated Photo Editor

  • Take your brand’s exclusivity and profits to the next level. Easily add text, brand logos and effects to your own images or the ones found using our “Find Content” feature!
  • The combination of viral content and watermarking means your brand could be exposed to millions more users, creating a snowball effect of sales. Also add text ‘call to actions’ to drive traffic and boost overall sales. All done without leaving Postblazer and messing around with complex editors.
  • These two groundbreaking features alone will transform the way you use automation. With Postblazer, you literally have everything you’ll need under one roof in order to schedule the best content and crush it with social media in 2017!

Postblazer Testimony

“I run tons of profitable pages with Postblazer, it freed me from my hectic life whilst boosting profits far beyond what I thought possible. I got it. You need it. – Tim Stokes, Internet Marketer

“I love it.The multi-scheduling feature is powerful and intuitive, making money online is a whole lot easier. My accounts have never been more engaging and, more importantly, prosperous!” – Jill Hunter, Active Facebook Page Admin

“Postblazer grows my accounts on autopilot so I finally get some welcome time away from the computer. My wife’s happy about that. I’ll never go back to my old ways” – Zack Kidman, Social Media Strategist

Postblazer Bonus :

Bonus : Twitter Automation
That’s right, as a special for launch week we’ll also give you the ability to unleash all these incredible features on Twitter! Schedule tweets months in advance to a further…328 million users! This dual-flanked attack means you’ll get a synergistic sales effect that will boost your overall following, brand exposure and passive income beyond Facebook alone. This way you’ll be miles ahead of your competitors. But hurry, this incredible bonus is only open.during launch week. After that, It’ll never be available again!

What Are Your Other Options?

You can have all these cutting-edge features and benefits we’ve talked about, rocket your business into new heights of profits, and even transform your personal life with an abundance of free time and passive income. You can have complete control over your social media accounts, without worrying about not posting frequently enough, posting low-quality content or lacking the time and energy to post enough manually. You could make this one-time cost back in the space of a a day or even one sale out of hundreds/day depending on how often you use Postblazer. One thing is for sure, your social media presence and overall financial freedom will grow faster than you could ever do by yourself.

Or you could:

  • Log onto social media 20 times/day to grow your accounts manually
  • Sell less products, make less money and spend a fortune on advertising
  • Waste precious business time you could otherwise use improving your products, sales funnels and exploring new niches
  • Miss out on hundreds of potential customers because your competitor stole them from right under your nose when you weren’t posting
  • Guessing when you think your customers are online, when you could simply post 24/7 with Postblazer
  • Have anxiety over whether your audience will keep following you, engage with your content and buy whilst you rest
  • Pay a clueless virtual assistant to mess up your posts on your behalf, and have to spend even more time correcting them yourself

Let’s Not Forget Your Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We’re so sure of this incredible social media automation suite, we’re willing to put everything on the line. That’s why if you’re not 100% satisfied with Postblazer, for any reason at all, simply let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund every last penny, no questions asked.
That means if your social media account doesn’t explode, if you don’t boost your traffic or build your passive income, let us know and we’ll send your money back instantly. We know Postblazer performs as well as we say it does (if not better, we’re humble dudes), so we have complete confidence in your success. 100% no risk or hidden terms, only huge benefits to you and your business…So you either boost your following, make money and save time, or get every last penny back…you literally cannot lose!

Postblazer : FAQ

Do you restrict key features like bulk upload and metrics like other automation software?
No. We give you everything you need right off the bat to start crushing it with social media marketing. No hefty $50/month fees for bulk upload, advanced queue settings or metrics with Postblazer.

What about all the competition you mentioned?
Believe it or not, competition is GOOD. It means other people have done the work and validated the market for you. You just need to swoop in under the radar and dominate. Postblazer does exactly that with amazing content.

Why don’t you include Instagram like other software?
This is simple, we don’t mislead and disappoint our customers. How so? Because other softwares don’t offer true instagram scheduling, they can’t. Without getting too techy’, Instagram doesn’t reveal their API publicly (the code we need to schedule), so the “Instagram scheduling” offered by other softwares is nothing more than a glorified reminder to manually post. We don’t believe in gimmicks…

But I don’t know what products to promote for instant profits?
That’s fine. You can simply get paid $1000s to manage other business’ social media accounts with this exact tool, leveraging their audiences whilst you build your own with just an hour’s work per week.

I advertise on Facebook, how can scheduling help me?
You’ll be well aware of Facebook’s laser-like targeting abilities. Specifically, other marketers can target fans of your page. Meaning if you aren’t in constant contact with your audience, they aren’t seeing your posts. And if they aren’t seeing your posts, they’re most likely seeing your competitors posts. Not so great for business, right? With Postblazer, you can schedule up to 5000 posts per month, per account, meaning your audience won’t have a chance to fall into your competitors wallets…And importantly, the amount of increased social proof on your posts will further increase engagement on your ads, driving your cost-per-clicks down and ad relevancy score up = More bang for your advertising buck.

Do I need any training to use this tool? Is is complicated?
Not at all. For the less tech-savvy business owners out there, have no fear. Our interface is clean and simple, meaning you can get scheduling as soon as you sign up and start making more money today.

GRAB Postblazer HERE :

Postblazer Review and Bonus by Fletcher Prescott – Best New Social Media Automation Tool Software Suite, The only all-in-one social media scheduler that finds and tailors viral content to your brand and makes passive income 24/7

Postblazer Bonuses

Postblazer REVIEW

This is the easy part. Simply hit the buy button below, fill out a few details and you’ll be sent your unique promo code instantly which you can use to redeem your lifetime account. From there, you can start scheduling your posts today and begin making absurd amounts of money, building your brand and saving hours with Postblazer! Just a simple, easy-to-use and effective automation software built to take your social media from empty to empire, just like thousands of other businesses using Postblazer. Remember, you get all these amazing benefits as soon as you sign up below, meaning you can get automating and dominating your social media for profit right away. It gets even better, you ready? The awesome guys at Postblazer are offering a lifetime account until Friday! That means you can get Lifetime Access to all these awesome features for just $47. And you get a full 30 day money-back guarantee! You literally can’t lose. I could go on about how vital this tool has been for my social media success. But you’ll find out more by visiting the guys themselves. Going with Postblazer was a no-brainer. I mean there’s literally no risk whatsoever, You either try the software for 30 days, make tons more profit and grow your social media accounts for maximum passive income. You enjoy countless hours of extra time, more energy, mental bandwidth and less frustration. You can even build your own marketing agency with this $47 (one time!) software, talk about low startup costs! Or you can have all the frustration and failure we spoke about earlier. I know you’ll make the smart decision, you can’t afford not to. Want to know the secret behind how all the big social media influencers are making TONS of profit, growing their passive income and crushing the competition? How their accounts seemingly blow up out of nowhere, gathering thousands of followers? How they have infinite time to constantly post high-quality content? Here’s the thing (and it might surprise you), Most of them don’t have a team professional social media managers posting for them, or bottomless budgets for advertising, or years worth of special social media knowledge reserved for the pros, and they definitely don’t have all the time and energy in the world!

Imagine…If you had jumped on Postblazer when they did, you’d probably be in the same position as them right now. It’s hard to believe those who were just like you when I first sent the Postblazer offer a few days ago are killing it already! The only difference between you and them? They’re taking action. Or maybe you are, but is it REAL action? The kind that drives you further towards your goals? It’s the secret to success after all. It’s about getting the best work done fast, and using every resource you have to maximize your chances of success. These guys had the right mindset and work ethic, they just needed the right resource. That’s where Postblazer came in and completely changed the game for them. Now, after just 4 days, they’re rapidly building their social media accounts and scaling for maximum passive income. Most aren’t even promoting their own products or services, they’re promoting other people’s! Meaning they didn’t have to spend time or money creating and setting up their own stores, payment processors, domains and hosting, or any of that complicated stuff. They market others’ products as an affiliate and keep a chunk of each sale as commission! Quick, simple and stress free. Why aren’t more people doing this? It won’t surprise me if we see these guys building their own agencies, bringing on teammates and dominating their niches in a matter of weeks. After all, that’s all possible with Postblazer. Oh and by the way, your Lifetime Access offer expires tomorrow. You can still get Postblazer until then, hurry though! Will you be an action taker like these guys? Or keep on dreaming about living, instead of living the dream? “Don’t be so busy making a living that you forget to make a life”. Do yourself a favour and put your social media business on autopilot. I’ll see you on the other side.

GET Postblazer HERE :

Postblazer Review and Bonus by Fletcher Prescott – Best New Social Media Automation Tool Software Suite, The only all-in-one social media scheduler that finds and tailors viral content to your brand and makes passive income 24/7

Postblazer Download


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