Turbo eCom Review and Bonus

Turbo eCom Review and Bonus by John Delavera – Create A Commision Rich Site in Just A few Clicks

Turbo eCom REVIEW

Turbo eCom is a WordPress Business in A Box plugin which you can sell and keep all the money in your pockets. The plugin allows everyone to add Amazon commission-rich products in your blog.The PRO version also allows you to add products from AliExpress and an upsell offers the eBay Module too, so you can add products from eBay too. It’s definitely a must-have tool for all Internet Marketers.This is a must-have WordPress plugin you can both use and sell – and believe me it can sell like hot cakes…because EVERY Internet Marketer NEEDS it BADLY!

The good news is that the price has been fixed now and it will stay there for less than $10 for the next 3 days + today, so you have 4 full days to think about it 1,123 times (kidding…you don’t need to think about it at all…). Listen…The guy knows what he is doing…I am referring to John Delavera…To give you a hint…he masters outsourcing and he has been doing that since 2002…I’ve seen a screenshot at his facebook account that proves he has run over 350 projects in a freelancing site… and has been praised with over 250 reviews by the coders…ALL of them rated with 5 STARS (there cannot be a 6th star – or he’d get that too.) So there is no doubt you get a killer (aka TURBO) software – and the PDF illustrated manual will help you install and use it in some minutes…and you get everything for $9.95!Yes, this is crazy… but there is logic in it…The product will be there for as long the launch is running – and it’s running NOW…After the launch the product will be GONE…

Turbo eCom Review


Turbo eCom Review and Bonus by John Delavera – Create A Commision Rich Site in Just A few Clicks

Turbo eCom Review


Turbo eCom FEATURE :

Turbo eCom OTO / Upsell / Downsell :

Front End Includes:

  • Turbo eCom Software with Private Label, Master Resale and Resale
  • Rights
  • Sales letter
  • Thank you page
  • Killer graphics
  • PDF Manual
  • Certificates for All Licenses
  • Extra Bonuses

Upsell 1 Includes:

  • The PRO version
  • Sales letter video
  • Promotional video
  • Voice scripts and audio files of both video
  • Installation PDF manual
  • Optin page
  • 5-day email series
  • PLUS the Affiliate Boost & Social Media Package
  • Five (5) Promotional Emails
  • Ten (10) killer articles
  • Banners
  • Affiliate Page
  • Ten (10) Facebook posts
  • Twenty (20) Tweets

Downsell 1 does not include the Affiliate Boost & Social Media Package

Upsell 2 Includes:

  • The PRO PLUS version

Upsell 3 Includes:

  • White Label Support
  • 10 additional languages for easily translating the software
  • All future updates

Downsell 3 does not include the White Label Support

Will You Get :

  • You get the sales letter
  • You get killer graphics
  • You get the website you need to sell it
  • Tou get the thank you page
  • You get Resale Rights
  • You get Master Resale Rights
  • You get Private Label Rights
  • …and all the certificates of all licenses

GRAB Turbo eCom HERE :

Turbo eCom Review and Bonus by John Delavera – Create A Commision Rich Site in Just A few Clicks

Turbo eCom Bonuses

Turbo eCom REVIEW

It’s the game-changing software that will make the display of COMMISSION-RICH products from Amazon INTO your blog just so much easier and effectively!You will be the person that will introduce the software to you and sell it for its amazing features and benefits! Again…every Internet Marketer, every seller needs it.You get the sales letter: Just upload it, add your order link and start selling it. Website is included, graphics are incorporated to it. Installation and usage instructions are included to an illustrated step by step PDF manual. Do you want to do more? Change it, change the title, even edit the source code, even add features to it…sign it and sell it as YOURs under your name! Because…You get the right to sell it And you get the right to resell the resale rights. AND you get the Private Label Rights.

This is the last call and chance to get Turbo eCom with all the rights you need to sell the software, pass the resale rights and even make the software yours with the Private Label Rights! Only few hours left. Will you stay behind?From tomorrow you will see a BLACK PAGE THERE with a “SORRY YOU MISSED A SUPER DEAL!” message. Remember that we are talking about a BUG-FREE software that can bring more riches to the sellers that will use it (those can be you to whom you will resell the software.). It is a powerful tool for everyone with their own businesses or blogs. Therefore, you have a wide range of customers that would need it. REMEMBER THE PRODUCT IS GONE AFTER THE LAUNCH! Take this opportunity to push your limits as an entrepreneur and target everyone in need of an anazing plugin like Turbo eCom! Don’t leave it for later because it might be too late so good luck!

GET Turbo eCom HERE :

Turbo eCom Review and Bonus by John Delavera – Create A Commision Rich Site in Just A few Clicks

Turbo eCom Download

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