LetClicks Review and Bonus

LetClicks Review and Bonus by Team LetX – Discover How To Drive A TSUNAMI Of Traffic From Facebook With A Single Click

LetClicks REVIEW

LetClicks is a web based application (SaaS) that allows Facebook users to upload images, including GIFs (video like images), and post them on Facebook without having to create lengthy descriptions! Image Posts appear as a LARGE square post on Facebook, engaging your viewers to comment or take action. These posts are totally eye catching and can hardly be ignored since they fill the entire screen on your Facebook mobile device.

With LetClicks Image Posts, your clients can finally create Image Posts that are directly clickable in Facebook! Once clicked, the user is sent directly to any URL that your client has entered in LetClicks. The Result? More traffic to websites and offers, and you know what that means! MORE SALES! Check out the demo below!

LetClicks Review


LetClicks Review and Bonus by Team LetX – Discover How To Drive A TSUNAMI Of Traffic From Facebook With A Single Click

LetClicks Review


LetClicks FEATURE :

LetClicks Benefits :

  • Easily Posts Photo Links and GIF Links on Your Timeline, in Groups or on Your Fan Page!
  • Redirect to any Destination URL You Choose after Image Posts are Clicked!
  • Clone Links for Multiple Redirect Destinations.
  • Add Tracking Codes To Your Posts To Re-target Users.
  • Group Links Together To Organize Your Image Post Campaigns.
  • Auto Image Editor Makes Perfect Square Image Posts

LetClicks PROOF Image Clicks ROCK!

If you have any doubt that this product will be LIKED by your list, then have a look at the PROOF we have collected! See the sheer POWER of LetClicks Image Posts. Grab your AFFILIATE LINK now for the BEST PROMO you will do this YEAR!

2000+ Clicks Per DAY!

Your list will GO CRAZY when they see these results! OUR ADVICE: Jump on early during this launch! People have arleady been asking how to make these large image posts and just waiting to grab this offer when its presented! Don’t miss out…

Your Clients Will Have An Easy Usage Experience!

  • Sign up and log into LetClicks easily with your Facebook account!
  • Super Easy to Use with Clean and Intuitive Dashboard!
  • Quickly apply filters to effectively select Groups of Image Posts for any Campaign
  • Get detailed Click Reports with Browser, Device, Platform, and
  • Geological Data Per Image Posts!
  • One Click Support Desk Button Right Inside The Application.

Expect High LetClicks Pro Version Upgrade Conversions!

  • Schedule your post for publication on Facebook
  • Track Performance with Tracking Reports
  • Integrate LetClicks with other Applications such as YouZign,
  • Pixabay, Buffer, and many more…
    Complete Image Library with Image Post Templates ready for use!
  • Easy Search for Viral Images over Facebook

LetClicks Testimony

“A Great Experience As Affiliate”
“I had fantastic results promoting LetSocify which is a great product, really well developed and put autoresponder-like functionality in the hands of my customers for a whole new marketing channel. I found working with Kimberly and Danny de Vries to be a great experience as an affiliate. Since my promotion I’ve heard good things from my customers about the support and customer service they have received, I know they do things the right way.” – Martin Crumlish – Marketer

“Kimberly and Danny Have Raised the Bar”
Their products and support are some of the best out there and from an affiliate point of view great conversions are always on the cards. Working with these guys is a pleasure and because of the quality of the product and great aftersales I know customers will always consider future products and purchase time and time again. Keep up the good work guys. – Danny Walsh – Marketer

“A Team Who Cares About Affiliates & Customers”
When I first saw Kim and Danny enter the Internet Marketing scene, I knew they were headed straight for success.  Their most recent 6 figure launch proves their direction… straight to the top!  As a trusted marketer myself, its great to see a team like this who cares about their affiliates as much as they care about their customers.  I’m looking forward to their next product launch! – Cyril Gupta – CEO at Teknikforce

“Working With Kimberly & Danny Is Really Easy”
They go above and beyond to make sure your list will convert like crazy and they are happy with their purchase! And for me… that is the most important thing, to make sure that my list is happy with the products that I recommend. I strongly recommend affiliates promoting Kimberly’s products! – Bogdan Stoica – Marketer

“Highly Recommended!”
Kimberly is an awesome product creator and she really cares about her affiliates. While we were promoting her, she was in constant communication answering our customers’ questions. If you get a chance to work with her, do it!  Highly recommended. – Neil Napier – Marketer

“It’s Been A Great Joy Working With Kim & Danny”
During the product launch, these guys took care of everything and we went way past our sales target. From the beginning Kim has been brilliant with getting affiliates on board, creating the videos and Danny has been excellent with the technical stuff. Kim and Danny are a great team on a product launch and it was really stress free working with these guys. I hope to work with Kim and Danny again in the future. – Juber – Product Creator

“These Guys are Gem People!”
I know Kimberly and Danny from long time and these guys are gem people. I worked with them on my product SchemaNinja, they had given lot of insights about product launching. I was a total newbie in product launching. They setup my funnels & sales page and this was a huge turning point for me in my product business. Kimberly is an internet marketing leader, a visionary. If you want to make huge impact in your business, I highly recommend you work with Kimberly & Danny. – Jitendra Vaswani – Product Creator

GRAB LetClicks HERE :

LetClicks Review and Bonus by Team LetX – Discover How To Drive A TSUNAMI Of Traffic From Facebook With A Single Click

LetClicks Bonuses

LetClicks REVIEW

LetClicks allows you to post clickable images on Facebook that display as an image but when clicked – open ANY URL you want to open! As a marketer – you want to capture as much “real estate space” as possible on Facebook – but if you just share a link – you capture ONLY a small rectangular size – but with LetClicks photolinks – you create a large square symmetric eye catching size – the MOST you can possibly get with images on Facebook!

LetClicks enable Facebook to render your Image as an Image (not a link) and therefore sees it as a Native Post which guarantees MORE REACH (the amount of people that will see your post)!Since the images are not distorted, they capture more estate over Facebook which will get YOU more attention, more engagements and more clicks from fans – clearly – it’s a fan to customer machine!

GET LetClicks HERE :

LetClicks Review and Bonus by Team LetX – Discover How To Drive A TSUNAMI Of Traffic From Facebook With A Single Click

LetClicks Download


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