Local Business Bundle Vol.2 Review and Bonus

Local Business Bundle Vol.2 Review and Bonus by Neeraj Agarwal – Introducing Business Bundle to Create Websites Quickly & Bank $1500 to $4500 Each Site From Your Clients

Local Business Bundle Vol.2 REVIEW

Local Business Bundle Vol.2 to Create Websites Quickly & Bank $1500 to $4500 Each Site From Your Clients…No Learning Curve Required…You’ll be Comfortable to Create Websites Within 10 Minutes..A 10 Minute Income Formula You Can Save Big and Earn Huge Amount With This Bundle.

Instantly create stunning ready-to-publish websites and tweak them to your satisfaction in minutes Ready Made Solution For Creating Websites Like..Fitness Care, Online Food Ordering, Car Directory, Summer Camp, Acting School, Nutrition Supplements, Locksmith Service, Tour Operator, Hair Cutting and others that you can think of…

Local Business Bundle Vol.2 Review

WATCH THE DEMO Local Business Bundle Vol.2 HERE :

Local Business Bundle Vol.2 Review and Bonus by Neeraj Agarwal – Introducing Business Bundle to Create Websites Quickly & Bank $1500 to $4500 Each Site From Your Clients

Local Business Bundle Vol.2 Review


Local Business Bundle Vol.2 FEATURE :

What’s Included in Local Business Bundle

  • 10 Local Business Themes Included
  • Ecommerce Module Included
  • Lead Generation Module Included
  • Appointment Module Included
  • Mobile Ready Websites Included
  • Latest One Page Website Included

Local Busines Bundle Is Ideal For..

  • The small business owners who want to setup their business online & start getting business for themselves.
  • Users who want to start their online business by building websites for their clients.
  • Users who do not want to run into issues like, time, budget, support to get their work done.
  • Users who want to set up websites without hiring any external developers.

Local Business Bundle Vol.2 Features :

VIDEO PRODUCTION Wp THEME – Crafted For Video Production Services, Video Games Editors & Gaming Bloggers
This video oriented WordPress theme is built in such a way, where this theme can comprise with user-generated content. In other words, this theme behaves as a video sharing site just like Vimeo or YouTube where your audience can upload and share video content with others.

CLINIC Wp THEME – For Doctors, Hospital, Medical & Health Clinic, or Other Medical Related Website.
The professionals like medical practitioners can quickly adopt the theme and build an online website for their clinic. The theme packed with an integrated appointment booking system which allows your customer book appointment 24/7.

DOG & PETS GROOMING Wp THEME – Enhanced and Flexible Theme for Pet Groomers & Animal Shelter providers
Enhanced and flexible pet grooming WordPress Theme designed not only to get your business online but also help you to achieve many other tasks like book appointments, collect payments, maintain appointment, sent appointment reminder mail, sell your services and boost your dog or pet care business.

WINE STORE WORDPRESS THEME – For Wine Shop Owners, Wine Stores, Suppliers, Pub, Bar, Clubs, Wine Cafes, etc
Organic wine service WordPress theme gives you a marvelous platform for creating an online product selling website of your wine shop. This wine store template lets your visitors to explore a new world of wines. You can set various discount or seasonal offers on any particular product via InkThemes admin panel of the theme.

BEAUTY SALON AND STYLE BAR WORDPRESS THEME – Enrich The Beauty Of Your Salon With Beauty Salons WP Theme
“Beauty Salon” is a responsive WordPress theme for beauty centers, spa salons and massage therapists, skin care center, parlor & hair care providers. The theme features have expanded further to create more productivity. Additionally, your clients are eligible to book your services or any online sales by a proper scheduling system.

FOOD TRUCK RESTAURANT WORDPRESS THEME – For Food Truckers, Fast Food Corner, Cafeteria, & Other Food Related Industries.
This theme can be the ideal solution for small food businesses, one can tell about their catering business, restaurant services, cooking methods etc. It is a most prominent way to promote your business facilities online.

CONTRACTORS DIRECTORY WORDPRESS THEME – For Architects, Contractors, Builders, & Other From The Same Fields
Online contractors directory WordPress theme is a premium website builder that allows you to create an online contractors directory website where people can quickly find and grab details about contractors.

Membership WP THEME – Grow the fame of your Music School with Musica WP Theme
This WordPress theme have been designed with many latest features because we noticed that every music trainer or music schools have own set of unique requisites. The Musical school theme works fine for a membership website to sell your music tutorials and courses online. Any paid, or premium course in the form of videos, text, e-books can be sold easily with this theme.

SPORTS COLLECTIBLE SHOP WP THEME – For Memorabilia Stores, Sports Shops & All Sporting Collectible Retailers
Sports collectible shop WordPress theme is one such responsive template enabling you to create a website for athletic relic shop without the hectics of coding. The theme has an attractive framework presenting all the news & products of the outlet straightaway on the homepage. All the collectible outlets can use this Ecommerce motif to vend their products online & expand their trade.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY WORDPRESS THEME – A Professional Photography WP Theme For Photographer, Visual Artist &Graphics Designers.
PhotoPoint WordPress theme is an innovative WordPress theme for professional photographers. Various page layouts and a large number of features make this template stand out from the crowd. The theme looks completely artistic in all types of photography aspects like landscapes, travel, nature, arts, wildlife, culture, destination and any other kind of photography.

What Comes With Local Business Bundle

10 Themes Bundle To Create Sites of any Business Niche
Get access to 10 different business themes. High quality ready to use business themes for creating amazing websites in no time. Themes like Video Production, clinic, musical school, food truck, sports collectible, wine store, photopoint, dog grooming, beauty salon, contractor directory are included.

Appointment Module Worth $4000 Included
Appointment Modules can itself sell for more than $4000 in itself. This package comes with built-in Appointment Module which you can add to your clients site easily. The appointment booking module is ideal for Doctors, Yoga trainers and tons of other businesses who want to book appointments online.

Ecommerce Module Worth $1500 Included
WooCommerce compatible themes are also included in the bundle and comes with PayPal integration for collecting paymnets online.You can easily set up your online store and start collecting payments from your customers.

Ready Mobile Websites (Responsive) Worth $600 Included
The themes are 100% Fluid, i.e. they have responsive layout and look perfect on mobile screens, tablet, i-Pad.Work finely with latest WordPress version and compatible with latest version of browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla and others…

Multisite License Worth $4999 Create Websites For Any Number Of Clients
The bundle comes with multisite license. It’s completely up to you which license bundle you want to buy for your business model.Single site license will allow you to use the themes on one site whereas with multisite license, you can use the themes on unlimited number of domains.

Lead Generation Module Worth $1200 Included
Leads are important for a business. Keeping that thing in mind, we have also included Lead Gen themes in Local Business Bundle.The themes come with inbuilt lead generation forms that comes on home page.You can customize the fields as per your requirements.

Membership Module Worth Of $1500 Included
This package is included with InkMember WordPress membership plugin to sell premium contents of your site. You can restrict the visibility of desired content and make it visible once the user paid for it.

Directory WordPress Theme worth of $5000 Included
Fully functional directory WordPress Theme is included in this bundle. You can create business website for listing hotel’s, restaurant, rental property, auto directory, contractor and more.

Awesome Customer Service Behind
We back our customers for their issues. In case of any technical queries, help or issues, feel free to contact our dedicated customer support team.The technical team will take care of your issues and resolve them timely.

Local Business Bundle Vol.2 Bonuses :

Bonus #1 : InkTweet – WP Twitter Plugin
InkTweet is a tool to increase your social shares and traffic. It only takes 5 seconds to setup. You can easily add hyperlinked text anywhere in your content and landing pages so that your visitors can easily tweet and share your content to increase your sites visitors and sales.

Bonus #2 : ColorWay – Super Flexy WP Theme
If you need to create quick business website, this is of great value. You can create your business website based on any niche with this one single theme. It presents a great example of how easily a theme can be customized in a beautiful manner.

Bonus #3 : Bonus 3 – InkTimer WP Countdown Timer
InkTimer can be used to show scarcity to increase your sales. It can be used to show high converting special affiliate products with added bonus for a limited time.

Bonus #4 : Bonus 4 – WordPress Video Training
Step by step video tutorials for beginners.Learn WordPress quickly and easily. Just in a matter of few minutes you’ll get the basics of WordPress on your finger tips.

Bonus #5 : Bonus 5 – InkAd Slide – Sliding Ad Creator
Get more sales by displaying relevant ads to your visitors. Ink Ad Slide creates a sliding ad banner to display in your blog posts and pages as suggested products.

Bonus #6
Beautifully designed 20 business Logos for your website, completely editable. All the required files of logos: AI, PNG and JPEG are included.

GRAB Local Business Bundle Vol.2 HERE :

Local Business Bundle Vol.2 Review and Bonus by Neeraj Agarwal – Introducing Business Bundle to Create Websites Quickly & Bank $1500 to $4500 Each Site From Your Clients

Local Business Bundle Vol.2 Bonuses

Local Business Bundle Vol.2 REVIEW

You are a website builder and charge $1000 per site. You can use these Ready To Use Business themes for your clients. And create unlimited number of sites..So let’s say you create 10 sites for your clients.You are gonna make at least $10000 in no time..Isn’t it cool…?Make sure you try Local Business Bundle before you handover your website project to someone else.

Complete Money Making Business Bundle…To Save You Thousands of Dollars…(In Development Costs Alone). And Bring You Instant Income In No Time.If you’re tired of struggling to get the perfect webpage. Or frustrated with hiring expensive designers and coders..Then you need this Local Business Bundle today! Get Lifetime Access Now!

GET Local Business Bundle Vol.2 HERE :

Local Business Bundle Vol.2 Review and Bonus by Neeraj Agarwal – Introducing Business Bundle to Create Websites Quickly & Bank $1500 to $4500 Each Site From Your Clients

Local Business Bundle Vol.2 Download

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