Videobold 2.0 Review and Bonus

Videobold 2.0 Review and Bonus by James Okeke – Discover how to Create STUNNING Macro Film Style Videos in Minutes that Sell for Top Dollar and Convert Like Crazy

Videobold 2.0 REVIEW

Videobold 2.0 make you Get Full Developer Rights!…plus you get access to OVER 200 “Storyline” Videos for Pennies on the Dollar!That’s right, with this exclusive offer you get complete developer rights as a bonus (details below)…Plus you get access to OVER 200 Premium Macro Films! You can sell these videos for top dollar, use them to drive tons of cheap traffic or anything you can think of with unlimited usage!

In addition to giving you access to this amazing collection of macro films at a FRACTION of what the would cost you to create…we’ve also included several bonuses to give you a massive advantage when it comes turning these videos into serious profits!

Videobold 2.0 Review

WATCH THE DEMO Videobold 2.0 HERE :

Videobold 2.0 Review and Bonus by James Okeke – Discover how to Create STUNNING Macro Film Style Videos in Minutes that Sell for Top Dollar and Convert Like Crazy

Videobold 2.0 Review

Videobold 2.0 FEATURE :

With this Exclusive Offer you Get Full Developer Rights!

…plus you get access to OVER 200 “Storyline” Videos for Pennies on the Dollar!

  • Stunning Style Makes You Stand Out
  • Sell Videos for Top Dollar to Clients
  • Convert Like Crazy with Compelling Videos
  • Unlimited Usage to Profit Over and OVer

How it Works – 4 Simple Steps…

  • Take Advantage of this Exclusive Launch Special to get our Grandfather pricing and access to the collection for pennies on the dollar!
  • Once you create your account you’ll have instant access to the entire collection and start downloading any videos you would like to use!
  • Then simply upload the video into your favorite editor (or use the one we provided for you) to customize and publish your video!
  • From there you can use these videos to run high converting Video Ads (see bonuses below), convert buyers, close local clients or sell the videos directly to them for an easy $1500 and up! It’s that simple!

Exactly What You’ll Get When You Buy Today…

Over 200 “storyline” videos
WIth Videobold You get Over 200 Videos to choose from in a WIDE VARIETY of Niches. You can even sell multiple videos to the same clients or offer a recurring model for new videos regularly.

20 different editorial styles
There are all types of “styles” you can choose from in addition to the variety of niches. Pick the style that works for you and easily customize to match almost any niche you can think of!

Ready to Go “Out of the Box”
We crafted these “storyline” videos specifically with generic voice overs so that you can easily use them right out of the box! Just simply add your clients info to the video and your done, it’s that simple!

Easy to Customize
If you would like to customize these you can do anything you need to from adding or removing the voice tracks, text overlays and more. Plus they are compatible with all the popular video editors If don’t own one of those, we’ve got you covered with an exclusive bonus editor!
See below…

Videobold 2.0 Bonuses :

Instuitive User Interface
It’s never been easier to make videos. Just choose the clips you want to use. Insert titles, add effects, and create a high quality video with powerful tools that are as easy as drag and drop. The new interface features improved control and readability on all monitors.

Advanced video Editing
From beginners to super advanced video editing. This editor has you covered. Trim, cut, split, merge, rotate and mix videos with ease. Select from tons of innovative video effects and transitions. Insert audio, text comments and subtitles and lots more.

Save Money
You no longer have to worry about overpriced video editors that make you jump through hoops to buy and use. With this editor there are no unrealistic video production limitations. No royalties to pay and no per video creation fees. It’s all covered.

Plus We’ve Included Some Additional Bonuses To Give you a Massive Advantage…

Bonus #2 – Live Training “Adwords for Video for Clients”
Once you get these leads you are going to want to sell them high end monthly marketing services and YouTube Ads is the HOTTEST SERVICE you can offer right now.On the Live call you willu00a0 learn everything from prospecting, setting up the campaigns with Geo-targeting, pricing and delivering the service to the client.You’ll even get to a look at some behind the scenes case studies of exactly how I’ve used this system to blow up my clients YouTube Channels!

Bonus #3 – Videobold V1
Not only do you get access to over 200 premium Macro Films when you pick up Videobold 2.0 but you also get an additional 200 from Version One! That gives you a total of over 400 videos for one crazy low price!This bonus is only available during this special launch period so make sure you take advantage today and literally double your Macro film library!

And Now for the Icing on the Cake We’ve Included TWO More Bonuses you are going to love…

Bonus #4 -VideoBold Developer License
During this launch youu2019ll get a full u201cdeveloper license for all of the videos. No limitations on the number of clients you use it for.No restrictions on the number of views. No limitations on the places or applications you use them for. Use these videos over and over at no additional cost!This Grandfather special gives you 12 months access to the collection which you can download immediately or whenever you need to!

Final Bonus -Robert Dickson’s Offline Marketing Lab
To give you one final advantage we convinced our good Friend and Local Marketing Expert Robert Dickson to include his killer offline training.In this training Robert shows you everything from getting your agency set up to building your network, several killer lead generation methods and clever outsourcing tactics.He even shows you his “secret weapon” which you can actually use the videos in this collection to deploy!Robert breaks down everything you need to build a consistent Six Figure income selling services to local businesses.

GRAB Videobold 2.0 HERE :

Videobold 2.0 Review and Bonus by James Okeke – Discover how to Create STUNNING Macro Film Style Videos in Minutes that Sell for Top Dollar and Convert Like Crazy

Videobold 2.0 Bonuses

Videobold 2.0 REVIEW

We’ve included everything you need to be successful with the VideoBold Premium Collection including your very own Video Editor!You get unlimited access to our entire collection of videos and can sell these videos over and over!Not only that but you can use them to create sales videos, advertisements even create content with them…it’s completely up to YOU!To get just one video created like this it would cost you WAY more than what you can get this package for today.

This complete package gives you everything you need to dominate the video market starting with OVER 200 FRESH ‘Macro Film Style’ videos to use as you please!We could easily sell this collection for $297 and it would be a STEAL!For a limited time during our grand opening launch we are allowing you to get instant access for just a FRACTION of that…Our Premium Macro Film Collection is Backed by our Rock Solid, no Questions Asked 30 Day Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with these Stunning Videos for Any Reason Simply Send Us an email and we will promptly refund your purchase.

GET Videobold 2.0 HERE :

Videobold 2.0 Review and Bonus by James Okeke – Discover how to Create STUNNING Macro Film Style Videos in Minutes that Sell for Top Dollar and Convert Like Crazy

Videobold 2.0 Download

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