VidBuilderFX Platinum Review and Bonus

VidBuilderFX Platinum Review and Bonus by Abhi Dwivedi – GET MORE VIDEOS CREATED AUTOMATICALLY

VidBuilderFX Platinum REVIEW

VidBuilderFX Platinum is no limit on how many times you can use VidBuilderFX, how many videos you can create every day and on how on how many computers. With VidBuilderFX Platinum, you can create UNLIMITED number of videos, without any limitation at all. 100% control over every single thing. No catches! Once you upgrade to VidBuilderFX PLATINUM today, you will have the ability to use VidBuilderFX to create as many new viral and trending videos as you like, every single day, without having to worry about limited license keys or lame restrictions that other similar tools put on you. Want to create 1,000 videos today? Sure, go ahead. With PLATINUM version you have no restrictions! The desktop software version that you already possess, gives you the capability to create up to 500 videos per day, and you know you’ll run out of that in no time at all. Get the PLATINUM and you can create unlimited videos with a push of button PLUS also publish them, all on autopilot.

OUTSOURCERS & VIRTUAL ASSISTANT LICENSE…With these 2 licenses, you can let your team do all the work!VidBuilderFX PLATINUM comes with the developers & outsourcers license. That means you can let your employee/team member do all the work. There’s no limit to the number of videos you can create and no limitation on how many videos your employees creates. Go crazy! You will recoup 5x, maybe 10x, and maybe 30x, what you invest in VidBuilderFX Platinum! PLUS we are also throwing in “Virtual Assistant license” where you can install VidBuilderFX on your VA’s computer and let them do all the work for you. Sit back and watch, while this little piece of amazing technology makes you money. Can’t beat that!

VidBuilderFX Platinum Review

WATCH THE DEMO VidBuilderFX Platinum HERE :

VidBuilderFX Platinum Review and Bonus by Abhi Dwivedi – GET MORE VIDEOS CREATED AUTOMATICALLY

VidBuilderFX Platinum Review

VidBuilderFX Platinum FEATURE :

VidBuilderFX Platinum Benefits :

  • Auto Publish on Instagram & SnapChat via Dropbox
  • Create UNLIMITED Videos every day
  • Developer License
  • Outsourcers & Virtual Assistant License
  • Publish Videos automatically on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & more
  • Automatically create new Titles, Descriptions & Keywords for different videos when uploading
  • Add & Manage Unlimited Facebook Pages,Groups &Profiles.


Quickly and easily spin and create multiple titles, description and keywords forthe videos you upload!
Uploading and publishing 1,000s of videos is not easy.You have to create videos, you have to start the upload Platinumcess for each one of them and then you have to write UNIQUE Titles, Descriptions and Keywords for each video manually.That’s a lot of work!With VidBuilderFX PLATINUM, it’s all taken care of. Simply select all your videos, enter spin-text data and the app will automatically create unique titles, description and keywords for each and every video it will upload and publish.Totally hands free, saving you hours and days of writing work.


Schedule to Publish your videos on as many Facebook Groups, Pages & Platinumfiles as you like!
Do you have 10 different accounts? No Problem. With VidBuilderFX you can connect and add unlimited number of Facebook accounts where you can publish and upload unlimited number of videos. No catch, no cap, nothing held back. Simple click a button and add a new account to upload and publish videos.

VidBuilderFX Platinum Bonuses :

FAST ACTION BONUS #1 : Easy Video Sales Pages
Create video sales pages using a proven, winning formula! Simple sucessful formula for quick sales pages all the time!
Sales page plays a very big role in converting your website visitors into buyers.

FAST ACTION BONUS #2 : Freelancer Search Engine Script
This Freelancer Search Engine does exactly what it says — it lets you setup your own search engine for freelancer jobs.
This script has designed and perfected for SEO. The script generates unique and related meta tags for every page. It automatically pulls projects from Freelancer.com and allows you to input your affiliate code to make commission.

FAST ACTION BONUS #3 : WP Viral Rater Plugin
Google And Social Signals Results In Huge Opportunity For The Savvy Internet Marketer!Google quitely, announced the new feature for the search engine, called Rich Snippets. Using microformat or RDF you can add pieces of code that will Google find and use with search engine results.

FAST ACTION BONUS #4 : Azon Profit System
Get Azon Profit System Step By Step Video Series Now!
There are many ways to make money online and depending on your current skills and understanding about internet marketing the choice is all up to you.

FAST ACTION BONUS #5 : Super Affiliate Success
Discover the effective methods used to increase your earnings and become a Super Affiliate!Wondering how people make money online and how marketers take their online business to new level and gain huge profits? Most people never make it in the online marketing world or affiliate marketing because they don’t use a specific method and practice it until they move on to the next. Every time someone sends out an email about a new product launch or a new way getting more sales they lose focus and try that out.

FAST ACTION BONUS #6 : eCover Monsters 10 Premium Header Pack
Header & Graphics Blowout! If you have been banging your head against the wall trying to figure out how to make the perfect header, then YOU need this Header Pack!

FAST ACTION BONUS #7 : Website Templates Pro
6 ready-to-use website templates in a niche professional pack!

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GRAB VidBuilderFX Platinum HERE :

VidBuilderFX Platinum Review and Bonus by Abhi Dwivedi – GET MORE VIDEOS CREATED AUTOMATICALLY

VidBuilderFX Platinum Bonuses

VidBuilderFX Platinum REVIEW

Well, that’s exactly what VidBuilderFX PLATINUM solves for you. With the PLATINUM version, you get the ability to automatically publish your videos to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other popular video sites. As soon as you create a video, you can uploadand publish the videos right from inside the VidBuilderFX PLATINUM.No need to save the video, open website, upload, render, customize and publish. Simply hit the DzUPLOADdz button inside VidBuilderFX PLATINUM and your video will be live in a matter of minutes.PLUS there is no limit, no catch. You can publish unlimited videos, as many times as you want. No holding back!Want to publish on Instagram or SnapChat? No Platinumblem! Simply connect your dropbox account and VidBuilderFX Platinum will upload the video to your dropbox and give you a link to download the video on your mobile phone, from where you can publish the video on those platforms.

With all these POWERFUL features and new usage rights that you’ve just seen, you will not only be creating videos on the fly, optimizing them, getting them published to different Facebook pages, groups and Platinumfiles BUT also using VidBuilderFX Platinum to make you 10X more money. We are prepared to give you all these vital and powerful features for a very special price because we’ve already cleared the chaff, and we can see that you are committed to dominating video marketing on Facebook and create trending viral videos! VidBuilderFX Platinum ttttwill be writing your success story today!

GET VidBuilderFX Platinum HERE :

VidBuilderFX Platinum Review and Bonus by Abhi Dwivedi – GET MORE VIDEOS CREATED AUTOMATICALLY

VidBuilderFX Platinum Download

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