Summer Journal Packs Review and Bonus

Summer Journal Packs Review and Bonus by Skyla – Done for You Spring & Summer Journals with PLR Rights

Summer Journal Packs REVIEW

Summer Journal Packs comes with themed photos and quotes in a ready to use PDF or with editable Powerpoint Templates. 3 Sets of Ecovers are included for each journal as are journal prompts. Each journal comes with its own Powerpoint template for easy editing. What could be easier? This is truly a Done for You Solution and the perfect way to enter and profit from this amazingly popular niche.Journaling is a wonderful tool, it has numerous benefits, including helping you to relax and reduce your stress levels. All kinds of coaches, and business professionals recommend keeping a journal. Whether you run a business or are a stay at home mom, they all have a need for some type of journal.

Our Spring journal can be used to help track your allergies, track your plans & goals for the summer, and for recording your diet & exercise routines + more. Use this journal pack to create your own spring and summer themed journals that you can sell directly from your website or via your email list. We have included 30 photos in each journal, but you can easily customize your journal by adding your own photos to match your audience. Also included are spring and summer themed motivational quotes. Use as is or switch out with your own tips. Can you see how quickly you can have a ready to go Journal created with our PLR? This is an amazing niche to have a business in – get in on it now!Sue has also included 3 different ecovers for each journal, along with 30 Spring & 30 Summer Journal Prompts.

Summer Journal Packs Review

WATCH THE DEMO Summer Journal Packs HERE :

Summer Journal Packs Review and Bonus by Skyla – Done for You Spring & Summer Journals with PLR Rights

Summer Journal Packs Review

Summer Journal Packs FEATURE :

Summer Journal Packs OTO / Upsell :

Front End Pack

  • 30 Page Spring Journal – Powerpoint Template
  • 3 Spring Themed Ecovers + PSDs
  • 30 Page Summer Journal – Powerpoint Template
  • 3 Summer Themed Ecovers + PSDs
  • 30 Spring & 30 Summer Journal Prompts
  • Bonus 1 – Ecover Powerpoint Template – Create new ecovers without Photoshop
  • Bonus 2 – Summer Celebrations Powerpoint Template – Fun way to track birthdays!

Upsell – Summer Coloring Journal

  • Beautiful Garden Themed Coloring Journal
  • Journal Pages for Thoughts + Designs to Color in
  • Includes Editable Ecover
  • Mini Version with 3 Designs – Lead Magnet
  • Editable Ecover with Partial Colored Design

Journals are the perfect tool for all niches

  • Create food and diet journals
  • Exercise trackers & journals
  • Affirmation Journals
  • List journals & planners
  • All types of business planners
  • To Do Lists
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly planners
  • Appointment planners
  • Social Media planners
  • Real Estate Planners
  • Goal Setting Journals
  • Diary journals
  • Pet training Journals
  • Children’s Journals
  • Journals & Planners for your coaching clients
  • and the list goes on….you are only limited by your imagination

How to Use Your Journals

  • Create unique custom journals to suit your business or niche
  • Coaches, teachers, therapists – give customized journals to your clients & patients
  • Create personalized journals to give to your friends, family and co-workers
  • Create an online Journal & Planner Club or membership site
  • Use for gifts
  • Giveaway as a bonus to your published  book
  • Create one page journals or notebooks
  • Create themed journals for Christmas, Easter and Birthday Cards – or for any occasion

Why Journals?

  • Journals are quick and easy to create
  • Journals are a great outlet for reducing stress
  • Writing out your thoughts helps you unwind and relax
  • Journals & Planners are great for both personal & business use
  • Once someone has a journal or planner they are going to want more!
  • Creating journals is a great business model to get into, or to add as an additional income stream

This is what you will receive with your purchase today:

  • 2 Journal Templates with 30 pages
  • 2  Editable e-cover in 2 styles + PSD Files
  • 60 related journal prompts
  • PowerPoint Ecover Template
  • Bonus Holiday Celebration Template
  • PLR rights to the entire package. This allows you to edit them and use as your own.

Entering the Journal niche has benefits for both you

  • Super easy to compile
  • Allows you to cash in on one of the hottest trends of the year
  • Sets you up with a repeat buyer
  • Use as a bonus or gift with your other books
  • Create a community around journals & planners

GRAB Summer Journal Packs HERE :

Summer Journal Packs Review and Bonus by Skyla – Done for You Spring & Summer Journals with PLR Rights

Summer Journal Packs Bonuses

Summer Journal Packs REVIEW

Creating a journal on your own from scratch can take a good deal of time – depending upon your experience level – it can also be extremely frustrating if you are a beginner. If you were to hire someone to create a custom journal, you could expect to pay upward of $200. You can save yourself all that time and cost by using our Done For You Journal Pack instead. There’s also a Bonus Celebration Page that you can use to note down important birthdays and anniversaries. This journal pack is running on a dime-sale so the price does increase with every few sales.

Just wanted to send a quick reminder that the Spring & Summer Journal Pack from Sue Fleckenstein is increasing in price every day. This is a super pack that can be used in many different ways.Create New Journals Follow the Basic Design and create sub niched themes such as Weddings, Gardening, Hobbies etc. Sell these journals as your own and collect all the profits. If you are looking for some new content, a product to sell or even a list magnet then this pack could be just what you are looking for.Thanks for reading and have a great day.

GET Summer Journal Packs HERE :

Summer Journal Packs Review and Bonus by Skyla – Done for You Spring & Summer Journals with PLR Rights

Summer Journal Packs Download

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