Video Producer PRO Review and Bonus

Video Producer PRO Review and Bonus by Jimmy Mancini – how to make Intros, Titles, Outros and other effects to videos

Video Producer PRO REVIEW

Video Producer PRO is a Video Editing & Making software that allows anyone to create professional looking videos by adding Intros, Titles, Outros and other effects to videos created with the software (screen recording or video merger), any regular video you have on your computer or even any YouTube video that you could download using the software.Video Producer PRO is a All-in-one Software that includes all the necessary tools to allow you to create high quality videos in minutes!

With Video Producer PRO add an Intro Animation video or logo stinger with background music (included) in 1 click.There are 2D and 3D options available. Add a Title Animation video in one click. Edit your own videos or download using the software,ANY YouTube video you want or make a screen recording!Add Captions, An Arrow, Blur parts of your videos,Add Images, logos (No, this is not Camtasia). Add an Animated Outro video (to engage your viewers).and much, much more!

Video Producer PRO Review


Video Producer PRO Review and Bonus by Jimmy Mancini – how to make Intros, Titles, Outros and other effects to videos

Video Producer PRO Review

Video Producer PRO FEATURE :

What is Video Producer PRO?

Intro & Logo Stinger Maker
Create amazing 2D and 3D* animations, Select your favorite one and customise your settings.

Title Maker
Additionally you can add titles to add that extra bit of information & to keep things tidy.

Micro Video Editor ©
We are using the latest video edition technology, designed to make things easier and faster.

video producer pro software box
Outro Maker
Ready-made templates designed to engage your viewers and to increase their loyalty

Video Merger
To allow you to mix video and images to create a unique video that you can improve.

Screen Recorder
Capture your important screen actions to edit them and later share them with the world!

What can you do with Video Producer PRO?

Create Info-Products
You can create your own products and make them look professional without investing any money, just a bit of time!

Training Courses
Now you can add your training course(s) on Udemy or similar sites and make an extra income, over and over

Improve Non-Converting Videos
You can improve any video you have on your computer or any YouTube video and profit from them by increasing its conversions

Charge money to create or edit videos
You could offer your services on freelancer sites or social media and get an extra income by creating professional videos!

3 Steps to create a video using VPP

STEP 1: Choose an Intro and/or Title
On the INTRO Tab, You can select from many 2D or 3D* animations included on the software, you can customize most of the options, like the copy, font color, logo, you can add intro music.On the TITLE tab, you can select from several Title Animations, titles are useful to allow your viewers know what they are watching, maybe you are creating a training course? or telling a story? ie: Part 1 or Chapter 3 or Episode 4

STEP 2: Choose a Video Source & Edit it
You can add videos from several sources. You can add your own videos, video stored on your computer or hard drive, you can create your own videos using videos and/or images (Merge Tool), you can download ANY YouTube video or you can use the Screen Recorder.
We’ve added a music player to allow you to preview the songs included in the software or to preview your own songs before adding them as a new layer on your video.

STEP 3: Choose an Outro Video Style
You can choose from 4 of our templates and several social media icons, you can customise the background and add your own music.
Adding an OUTRO to your videos will engage your users, increasing the traffic to your channel and it will increase your rankings and authority.

The Software will MERGE those 3 Videos (Beggining + Central + Final) and create a NEW video that includes your Intro and or Title + Main Video + Outro, and the software will give you the option to watch it locally or upload it to YouTube!

Here are some of the things you’ll get:

  • Video Producer PRO Software – Works on PC & MAC
  • Intro & Logo Stinger Maker including 20 2D Animations
  • 10 Music Tracks (3 mins in average/each) – Royalty Free + 10 Intro Tracks
  • Video Merger (pre-editor), mix your images or videos in minutes.
  • Title Generator including 20 Animated Titles.
  • Micro Video Editor ©, Add annotations, an arrow, blur or any
  • Outro Maker, including 4 templates and social media icons.
  • Screen Recorder, to record any activity on your screen.

Some Questions You Might Have Before Getting Video Producer PRO:
Not sure yet if you should get VPP now?

The Price is a bit high! : Not Really
Not really, if you compare other video making tools on the market they cost $100s of dollars, you are getting Video Producer PRO for less than 50 bucks! and please take a look at all the features you are getting, you won’t find a software with some many features as VPP at this price, ever! (Price going up soon!)

I don’t want to learn to use a new software, it is too hard! : VPP Is So Easy to Use
There is nothing hard to ‘learn’ it is just applying a few instructions/steps (Step-by-Step Training video included); if you know how to use your mouse, watch a video on your computer (double click) and type on your keyboard, you are more than qualified to use Video Producer PRO.

What if I have a problem with the software? : You shouldn’t have any problems if you do just contact us
Video Producer PRO took 2 years to develop and we build it in a way that will minimize problems on most computers (if not all), for sure if you have any problem, just contact support, We’ll be happy to help you.

What If I wait and I buy it later? : You won’t be able to get it at this only-once LOWERED Price!
You won’t find it at this lowered special price anymore, you better take action now! as we are increasing the price soon!

What happens If I try it, test it and I don’t want it? : You Get Your Money Back
No problem, you just contact support and they will give you a refund (30 days money back guaranteed) or tell us what your challenges are, we are ready to help!

Video Producer PRO Features :

  • Animated Intro & Logo Stinger Video Creator (with Music).
  • Animated Title Video Creator.
  • Micro Video Editor, Add captions, Arrow, Blur, Images, Logos, Music on your Videos.
  • You Can use Local Videos, Donwload ANY YouTube Video Yoo want (with the Software).
  • Screen Recorder, records your screen.
  • Animated Outro Video Maker (with Music).
  • Comes with 20 2D Intro Animations y 3 3D Sample Intro Animations.
  • Comes with 20 Title Animations.
  • Comes with 10 Intro Music Tracks.
  • Comes with 10 Original 3 Minutes Music Tracks.

Video Producer PRO Benefit :

  • You can create your own product.
  • You can do screen recordings and create training videos for your own product (or someone else’s).
  • You can offer a video improvement services and make a profit from it.
  • You can edit old videos and make them look better.
  • You can download ANY YouTube Video so you can make them better.
  • You can create professional branded videos for your company or services.
  • You can create profitable videos by making them look more professional.
  • You can use it just for fun to impress your neighbours, friends & family!

Let’s take a look at all what you are missing, if you are no acting now!

  • Access to the exclusive The Video Producer Software at a low price
  • An Animated Intro Video Maker
  • A Animated Title Video Maker
  • A Micro Video Editor (Easy to use)
  • An Animated Outro Video Maker
  • A Screen Recorder
  • An Image & Video Merger
  • A YouTube Downloader
  • A YouTube Uploader
  • 20 Intro 2D Animations
  • 20 Title Animations
  • 10 HQ 3 mins Music Tracks
  • 10 HQ Intro Music Tracks
  • BONUS: 5 Extra 3D Animations
  • BONUS: YouTube External Link Training Video

Video Producer PRO BONUSES :

1. 5 Amazing 3D Intro Animations – (Included in the software)
2. Training Video: How to add external links (Clickable) on YouTube.

Video Producer PRO OTO/Upsell :

Front End
Includes Video Producer Software, several animations and songs
Several animations (Intros (2D,3D), Titles, Music)
VPP CLUB: Several animations EVERY MONTH (Intros (2D,3D), Titles, Music)

GRAB Video Producer PRO HERE :

Video Producer PRO Review and Bonus by Jimmy Mancini – how to make Intros, Titles, Outros and other effects to videos

Video Producer PRO Bonuses

Video Producer PRO REVIEW

The best part is that you can see in real time how your video will look like (in front of you).A Professional video includes an Intro,includes a logo (branding) and finallyan outro video.Now, just by clicking on a couple of buttons,you can get all that done in minutes.

You can create Review Videos or Training videos, your own product or Sell your services as a professional video editor, the possibilities are unlimited!Creating professional videos using expensive and complicated tools are a things of the past.Get Video Producer PRO at a lower price NOW! (Limited).

GET Video Producer PRO HERE :

Video Producer PRO Review and Bonus by Jimmy Mancini – how to make Intros, Titles, Outros and other effects to videos

Video Producer PRO Download

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