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Paste Submit Review and Bonus by Thomas Witek – Best Unique Article Generator for best SEO article

Paste Submit REVIEW

Paste Submit is incredible, I’ve never seen anything quite like it before it’s 100% unique… Here’s what it does: It takes advantage of a loophole with Google rankings where you can use an authority site similar to press releases. First, it generates 100% unique articles… Then in one click you can upload them to one of the worlds top authority article sites. So your content is indexed and ranked quickly.

Paste Submit combines the best article generation, content spinning, and indexing software available. There’s never been anything like this before! With the pro membership you can create 300 unique articles per month (10 articles a day!). If you were to hire a content writer to create all that content it would cost you a fortune. Right now you can get Paste Submit for less than what you’d spend on 10 articles total!

Paste Submit Review


Paste Submit Review and Bonus by Thomas Witek – Best Unique Article Generator for best SEO article

Paste Submit Review

Paste Submit FEATURE :

Generate High Authority Backlinks for Top SEO Keywords Instantly in just 3 Simple Steps!

  1. Select Your Category Niche and Subniche
    We’ve integrated the most popular money making niches online into Paste Submit. And we’ll be adding more based on the feedback we get from you our customers in the coming weeks.
  2. Generate 100% Unique High Quality SEO Content in Seconds
    Paste Submit uses the best content generation and spinning sources to create content that will not only rank but make sense to search engines crawlers trying to read and understand it.
  3. Submit Unique SEO Article to Pastebin and Link Indexer
    Pastebin PRO Users can generate DO FOLLOW backlinks to their websites and web 2.0 properties in seconds using simple markdown formatting. Don’t worry we show how to do everything inside!

Content Creation is Now Push Button Easy, Paste Submit is scraped and created from only high quality sources.

  • We’ve Integrated the Best Money Making Niches Online.
  • We harvest the best content from free use sources online.
  • Articles spun with both AI and Linguistic Spinning Software.
  • Save your Article on Your Own Online Pastebin Account
  • Pastebin Pro Users can High Authority Backlinks to Boost SEO!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Does Paste Submit Work on Mac and PC?

Yes! When you purchase Paste Submit you will get access to both a Mac and PC version so you can run it on any of your own personal computers.

Is Paste Submit Supported by Pastebin?

Yes, Paste Submit creates unique, niche relevant content using all of the official software APIs. We work in compliance with all tools, and resources to ensure we’re meeting the standards for all vendors and providers.

How Many Articles Can I Create using Paste Submit?

There are currently no limitations on the amount of video submissions. We may change this and your account could be limited if usage is deemed excessive.

Are There Any Monthly Fees to Use Paste Submit?

No, the hardware and software we use requires monthly costs. However we spread those costs out over a large user base to bring them down to a low annual investment instead. We believe this pricing model is easier for budding entrepreneurs to handle over paying monthly.

How Many Computers Can I Install Paste Submit On?

You can install Paste Submit on an unlimited number of your own personal computers. However you will need to purchase additional licenses for your clients or VAs.

How Long Do I have to Test The Software?

You have a full 10 days to install Paste Submit and ensure it works on your computer and your purchase it. We feel this is more than enough time to download and try it out. Should you have any issues getting installed for any reason we will refund your money in full. You have nothing to lose by trying it out!

GRAB Paste Submit HERE :

Paste Submit Review and Bonus by Thomas Witek – Best Unique Article Generator for best SEO article

Paste Submit Bonuses

Paste Submit REVIEW

Hey There! Thomas Witek here, I created Paste Submit for a different reason. I wanted to take the best SEO article creations tools on the planet. The ones that were previously unavailable to the common marketer (because they’re either too expensive or too complicated). And bundled them into one, powerful, easy-to-use software product that would help YOU. With Paste Submit you get access to the best content generation, spinning, and indexing software available at your finger tips without the hassles and investments it would take to get it on your own.

10 Day Money-Back Guarantee. Try Paste Submit 100% Risk FREE for 10 Days! You will have full access to Paste Submit the moment you complete your purchase. Should you decide during the first 10 days of using it that you would like a refund for any reason simply send us a support ticket and we will refund your purchase in full within 24 hours no questions asked. You have nothing to lose by trying it out!

GET Paste Submit HERE :

Paste Submit Review and Bonus by Thomas Witek – Best Unique Article Generator for best SEO article

Paste Submit Download

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