Motion Mascots V3 Reviews

Motion Mascots V3 Reviews and Bonus by lucas adamski – Make Highly Engaging, Profit-Generating Videos With 150 Copy-And-Paste Animated Characters

Motion Mascots V3 REVIEW

Motion Mascots V3 features 150 premium quality, conversion-boosting animated characters to make your video more ENGAGING & ENCHANTING, so it will make you MORE MONEY! Many top brands use characters as their “brand representatives” to create better brand loyalty and recognition.

These done-for-you animated characters will give you an “extra” edge over your competitors for a FRACTION of the actual cost! All of these mind-blowing video assets are compatible with popular video creators, like: VideoMakerFX, Explaindio, VideoScribe, Powerpoint and more!

Motion Mascots V3 Review

WATCH THE DEMO Motion Mascots V3 HERE :

Motion Mascots V3 Reviews and Bonus by lucas adamski – Make Highly Engaging, Profit-Generating Videos With 150 Copy-And-Paste Animated Characters


Motion Mascots V3 FEATURE :


Motion Mascots V3 Features

  • MODULE #1 – Basketball Guy “Mike” – Animated Character 15 $27.00
  • MODULE #2 – Basketball Guy “Mike” – Static Character 15 $27.00
  • MODULE #3 – Basketball Backgrounds 4 $27.00
  • MODULE #4 – Curious Boy “Anthony” – Animated Character 15 $27.00
  • MODULE #5 – Curious Boy “Anthony” – Static Character 15 $27.00
  • MODULE #6 – Public Areas Backgrounds 4 $27.00
  • MODULE #7 – Handsome Chief “George” – Animated Character 15 $27.00
  • MODULE #8 – Handsome Chief “George” – Static Character 15 $27.00
  • MODULE #9 – Restaurant Backgrounds 4 $27.00
  • MODULE #10 – Fire Fighter “Joseph” – Animated Character 15 $27.00
  • MODULE #11 – Fire Fighter “Joseph” – Static Character 15 $27.00
  • MODULE #12 – Fire Station Background 4 $27.00
  • MODULE #13 – Friendly Fellow “Andrew” – Animated Character 15 $27.00
  • MODULE #14 – Friendly Fellow “Andrew” – Static Character 15 $27.00
  • MODULE #15 – Living Area Backgrounds 4 $27.00
  • MODULE #16 – Police Officer “Richard” – Animated Character 15 $27.00
  • MODULE #17 – Police Officer “Richard” – Static Character 15 $27.00
  • MODULE #18 – Police Station Backgrounds 4 $27.00
  • MODULE #19 – Careless Student “Tim” – Animated Character 15 $27.00
  • MODULE #20 – Careless Student “Tim” – Static Character 15 $27.00
  • MODULE #21 – College Backgrounds 4 $27.00
  • MODULE #22 – Cyclist “Roger” – Animated Character 15 $27.00
  • MODULE #23 – Cyclist “Roger” – Static Character 15 $27.00
  • MODULE #24 – Cycling Backgrounds 4 $27.00
  • MODULE #25 – Golf Player “Harry” – Animated Character 15 $27.00
  • MODULE #26 – Golf Player “Harry” – Static Character 15 $27.00
  • MODULE #27 – Golf Backgrounds 4 $27.00
  • MODULE #28 – Cheerful Lady “Carol” – Animated Character 15 $27.00
  • MODULE #29 – Cheerful Lady “Carol” – Static Character 15 $27.00
  • MODULE #30 – Generic Backgrounds 4 $27.00

Motion Mascots V3 Benefit

  • 150 Animated characters in dynamic poses & fabulous look for your videos!
  • 150 Static characters to boost your website engagement & conversions!
  • Start creating profit-pulling videos that stand out from anyone else
  • All the graphics are ready-to-go, copy-and-paste & done-for-you!
  • Forget about paying expensive outsourcing prices, or relying on ‘always late’ designers

Why Should I Use Animated Characters?

  • Boost Your Sales & Conversions – Notice a quick boost in conversions & sales after swiping these engaging animated characters
  • Save A Ton Of Money On Video Guys – Forget about spending horrendeous money on outsourcing the videos. Using templates is smarter!
  • Create Videos Much Faster & Easier! – No more delays, waiting or endless revisions. Take a full control over your business!
  • It’s As Simple As Copy & Paste! – No customization required. Just drag & drop your favorite object to your favorite video creator and you’re done! So simple!

Motion Mascots V3 Bonuses :

  • FAST-ACTION BONUS #1Youtube Marketing Made Easy CourseVALUE: $197.00
    Youtube Marketing Made Easy is a step-by-step training is going to take you by the hand and show you how to sky-rocket your business using simple youtube videos. Here’s what you’ll discover inside:
    – Discover 7 little-known ranking factors to rank video on page one on Google
    – How to safely gain a massive numbers of followers doing ______
    – Proven strategies how to optimize your videos to get more free traffic to your website
    – 4 Easiest ways to start making money on Youtube (it’s easier than you think!)
    – Time-saving cheat sheet, mindmap & resource guide with super useful links to save you time & money!
  • FAST-ACTION BONUS #212 Months Of Free Updates & Free Tech SupportVALUE: $47.00
    Did you get stuck at any point? Don’t know how to edit your videos or graphics? No problem! Our dedicated team is here to help you with any technical problems.
  • FAST-ACTION BONUS #3Step-By-Step Video Trainings How To Use Your Video AssetsVALUE: $47.00
    I’ll show you behind my shoulder, step-by-step how to quickly load & use your video assets in top video tools. It’s going to be a lot of fun!
  • FAST-ACTION BONUS #4Graphics Mystic VIP Facebook GroupVALUE: $47.00
    Hang out with other video & internet marketers to share ideas, money-saving resources and get inspired! You’ll also get 50+ new graphic templates right inside the group. Now you’ll be never left alone with other like-minded individuals ready to connect with you!
  • FAST-ACTION BONUS #5Easy Animator Software – Lite VersionVALUE: $147.00
    – Animate Multiple Images With A Few Clicks
    – Create fun and engaging animations for your videos in seconds!
    – Import SVG, SWF, and PNG files, export as SWF or animated GIF
  • FAST-ACTION BONUS #650 Animated ObjectsVALUE: $197.00Comes With Developer’s Rights
  • FAST-ACTION BONUS #710 Full HD BackgroundsVALUE: $27.00 

Here’s What Others Have To Say About My Products

  • “I’m Always Super Impressed”Lucas has been producing graphics products for a long time now and I’m always super impressed with what he puts out there. Not only are the graphics top quality, but the value he gives is just insane. Graphics of such high quality, and quantity, at truly affordable prices don’t normally go hand in hand, but with Lucas it’s absolutely the norm and I hope he keeps doing what he does because everyone benefits, especially his customers. – Chrissy Withers
  • “Always Impressed With His Graphics Finesse” I’ve known Lucas since he came on the scene and we first promoted him via our “Wacky” sites several years back. Always impressed with his graphics finesse – he also always gives such great value on all the packages he puts together! When you want professional graphics that are easy to work with and always of the highest quality, I can’t think of a better “go to” guy than Lucas Adamski and his team (plus I like the name too – known as my “other” son)! – Kathe Lucas

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What License Does It Come With?
    YES! All the graphics come with a personal license. You can use all the content freely, customize them and implement in your own projects. If you’re interested in a developer’s license to do work for your clients, you’ll be able to get it in an upsell offer.
  • Do You Provide Any Support/Trainings?
    YES, absolutely! Once you get your package you’ll receive a video training were I’ll show behind-my-shoulder how to edit the templates. Also I’m always here for help, just send me a ticket and I’ll answer any issues in 24-48h. You will never be left alone. I’m here to help.
  • Do You Own A Full License To All The Graphics & Videos?
    Yes! You can feel safe using these video assets.
  • Does It Work On Mac/Windows?
    The graphics work on Mac and Windows. You can use the graphics and create own presentations in Keynote or use them in your favorite video creator.
  • Can These Graphics Be Used In WordPress / OptimizePress / LeadPages?
    Yes! You can use these graphics literally anywhere. In WordPress, basically select the graphic you want and use a WordPress upload option.
  • Is There Any Recurring Payment?
    No. You’ll get instant access to the full graphics package for just a small one-time investment.
  • How can I edit these graphic templates? What formats do they come with?
    All files come in 4 different formats: 3 animated (MOV, SWF, GIF) and 1 static PNG. Almost any video editor in the globe uses at least one of those formats. Anyhow if you’re serious about making videos, we recommend professional video software like Camtasia, Final Cut, Premiere Pro…

GRAB Motion Mascots V3 HERE :

Motion Mascots V3 Reviews and Bonus by lucas adamski – Make Highly Engaging, Profit-Generating Videos With 150 Copy-And-Paste Animated Characters


Motion Mascots V3 REVIEW

You can charge premium prices, like $197, $297 or even $497 for a simple video creation gig. And now with these 150 animated characters you don’t have to create video graphics yourself, or even outsource! It’s ready for you to PROFIT! Imagine how much money you’d be able to save. Now it’s possible with this done-for-you solution.

“Love It Or I Pay You $50” Money-Back Guarantee. Guarantee #1 – Try Motion Mascots risk-free for 60 days and if for any reason you won’t be absolutely thrilled with this jaw-dropping animated chracters bundle, just send a support ticket to http://www.killermarketing.net/support and I’ll refund you every penny. No questions asked, no hassle! Guarantee #2 – If you actually use these video assets and you won’t notice any significant changes (in increased sales or conversions), I’ll refund all your money, PLUS give you $50 for your wasted time. I would feel bad taking your hard-earned money without giving you 10 TIMES the value what you paid for!

GET Motion Mascots V3 HERE :

Motion Mascots V3 Reviews and Bonus by lucas adamski – Make Highly Engaging, Profit-Generating Videos With 150 Copy-And-Paste Animated Characters


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