Tube Architect Reviews

Tube Architect Reviews and Bonus by Adam Payne

Tube Architect REVIEW

Tube Architect is a 50 video course on how to really rank videos on Youtube and Google in 2016 and beyond. It came about from a survey to my list. There seems to be a lot of misinformation as well as a plethora of gimmicks in the marketplace. People wanted a blueprint with nothing left out. Tube Architect is what came about from that.

My friend Adam is an underground Youtube guy who’s spoken at some big events. He’s also anti-guru and not part of the big product launching scene. Tube Architect is his 47-video course that covers every single aspect of YouTube ranking you could ever imagine. From the basics to more advanced stuff. A few of the strategy, I’d never heard of. And it’s all about offering value to your audience, not ranking crappy powerpoint video that e all know don’t convert.

Tube Architect Review

WATCH THE DEMO Tube Architect HERE :

Tube Architect Reviews and Bonus by Adam Payne


Tube Architect FEATURE :

Imagine having this traffic directed to your:

  • E-com store
  • Affiliate or CPA offers
  • Your website
  • Your products
  • Or send it to a local company and rent the leads.

Tube Architect Modules :

  • Module 1- The Right YouTube Mind + Quality Vs Quantity
    + Common Sense Conundrum
    + The Bamboo Method for Ultimate Success
  • Module 2- Channel Materclass + Secret Channel Authority Boosting
    + In Video Programming Mastery
    + Optimize Your Channel For Ranking Success ( a course in itself)
  • Module 3 – Super Style Epionage + How to Use Your Competition to Help you
    + The Snowball Effect Video Length
    + 007 Spy techniques ( Sorry, No bond Girls available)
  • Module 4 – Before You upload – Must do!
    + Meta data Mastery – Not as scary as it sounds
    + Cannot think of anything witty to type here 🙂
  • Module 5 – The Secret Sauce + How to Get an Amazing Ranking Boost
    + The Secret Link that is not Online Anymore
    + Why Regular Uploads do not cut it…. Usually
  • Module 6 – Ultimate On-Page Blueprint + Never have to write Descriptions Again
    + How to get SRT Files in minutes ( for captions)
    + The Tag Technique no-one tells you
    + Annotations for Rankings and Results
    + Much More…
  • Module 7 – Simple Off Page Starter
    + Simple Steps you Must do everytime
    + Get traffic and links from the Big Players
    + Secret ‘frame Embed trick for More Ranking juice.
    + Automation – Be Careful
  • Module 8 – Off Page Explosion
    + Legal Link Wheel Mastery
    + How to use THE most powerful resource you have
    + Sublime Social Bookmarking
    + Plus Much More…
  • Module 9 – Playlist Perfection
    + Little known techniques for creating highly connected playlists
    + How to piggyback off of huge videos
  • Module 10- Advertising Secret Sauce
    + Why Paid Views are THE way to go
    + How to get views from ultra-targeted viewers
    + How to get Google Display Planner to give you its secret Intel on a plate

Tube Architect Bonuses :

  • Bonus # 1- YouTube Ranking Checklist
    + Download this and either sue it yourself or give it to your Virtual Assistant to use. Never Miss or forget a step in the process. Value: $47
  • Bonus # 2 – Superstar Interviews
    + Interviews with 4 underground YouTube Ranking Superstars. Real people who are Ranking and banking daily on YouTube. These are not your typical product creator. These are the REAL DEAL. Value: $197 Total Bonus Value: $147

GRAB Tube Architect HERE :

Tube Architect Reviews and Bonus by Adam Payne


Tube Architect REVIEW

Tube Architect shows you exactly how to rank Youtube videos fast and have them stick. When you do that, you will naturally get more views aka leads. It’s like a snowball effect. Like attracts like. Views have a higher perceived value which causes more folk to watch.

This is the best and most complete YouTube training I’ve ever seen. 50 over-the- shoulder videos of everything you’ll ever need to rank videos in any niche. Tube Architect is now here and ready to buy but it’ll not stay at this cheap price for long.

GET Tube Architect HERE :

Tube Architect Reviews and Bonus by Adam Payne


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